Hows this then? With the release of the new Dropkick Murphys album ‘This Machine Still Kills Fascists’ due in a few days Matt Kelly has kindly taken the time to take part in our regular feature – The Celtic-Punk Q And A. Turns out he had ‘Rainy Night In Soho’ as his first dance at his wedding too and we have the same favourite Pope but he’s also sadly West Ham! 
So with out further ado…

Name / Nickname : *** Matt, MK, Kelz, Kel, Mutt, Magic, etc.

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 47

Status : happily married

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Leominster, Massachusetts. American.

Where do you live : New Hampshire

Occupation : Musician

First job : worked for the family business that did vinyl tops, pin striping, and auto care stuff.

A job you would have loved to do : Philologist

What / Who makes you laugh : Regional comedies, gurning contests, atheists

Favourite movie star : Patrick McGoohan

Favourite film / TV show : Only Fools and Horses

Favourite band/s : Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Stiff Little Fingers, the Who, Agnostic Front, Judge, the Chieftains, Straw Dogs, Bull the Buffalos, Strong Style

Favourite Celtic-Punk band : The Pogues

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : Blood Or Whiskey.

First and last record you bought : Led Zeppelin II in 1980; more recently(two weeks ago), I found a nice clean copy of Iron Virgin’s “Rebels Rule” single.

How many instruments can you play : Play well? One. I also play bass guitar, bodhrán, and murder the guitar once in a while.

How many bands have you been in : Ten. Late ‘80s/early ‘90s: GSP, Common Sense, Dive, Pressure Point, Mid-‘90s: Bound, Hatchetface, Grade H, Fit For Abuse, Late ‘90s: Get High, Dropkick Murphys.

Favourite venue / gig attended : W.A.S.T.E.D. festival in Blackpool at something-Gardens in 2006. Filled in on drums for East End Badoes. Saw most of the top UK Punk and Oi! bands all in one weekend and my liver fell out. Hell of a time!

Favourite venue / gig played : Dropkick Murphys at Voorst National outside of Brussels in 2019. Absolute magic.

Describe yourself in 5 words : Annoying, flippant, serious, quiet, foolish.

Most embarrassing moment : Most nights when I drop a drumstick in the most obvious of spots.

Favourite song and why : That is tough. It can vary. Sometimes it’s “A Rainy Night in Soho”, which was my and my wife’s first dance at our wedding reception; sometimes it’s “Nothing” by Negative Approach; sometimes it’s “Heaven and Hell” by the Who; sometimes it’s “A Day in the Life” by the Beatles; sometimes it’s “Because You’re Young” by Cock Sparrer; sometimes it’s “Warrior’s Law” by Bull the Buffalos; sometimes it’s “Moanin’” by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers…. Dunno, extremely difficult to answer.

Favourite album and why : AC/DC “Powerage”. It’s the pinnacle of perfect rock and roll.

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: when Dropkick Murphys recorded a cover of Angelic Upstarts’ “Never Again”.

Team/s supported as a kid : Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, New England Revolution, West Ham United

Favourite sportsperson : Patrice Bergeron

Favourite sport : Ice Hockey

All time hero : G.K. Chesterton

Favourite book : Tie between the poem Lepanto by G.K. Chesterton and The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Best friend : My Wife

Biggest influence on career : Probably my Dad. He’s a drummer and that influenced me to take up the sticks.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : “Try out! What have you got to lose?”— Dave Pratt, upon telling me I should try out for the Dropkick Murphys.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Right where I live, in the mountains, with my family and our dog.

Your five dream dinner guests : My Grandfather Bill Kelly, my other Grandfather Bob Lucier, my Grandfather’s Bill’s Aunt Tessie, St. Pope John Paul II, and Hilaire Belloc.

Your favourite quote: “A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it” —G.K. Chesterton

Anything to plug / promote : Dropkick Murphys have a new, acoustic, album coming out Sept 30, it’s a bunch of unpublished Woody Guthrie lyrics put to music by the boys. it’s cheekily called “This Machine Still Kills Fascists”…. Guthrie’s guitar had a bumper sticker on it that read “This Machine Kills Fascists” on it, then he painted another guitar with the slogan. Please don’t kill ANYBODY, but check out the album!

Many thanks to Matt for doing this. Much appreciated!

Return in the next few days for a special feature on Woody Guthrie and then our review of the new album written by a special guest writer!!!


Marc Orrell was only 17 years old when he joined his favourite Punk band, the Dropkick Murphys, as lead guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Marc has continued to write and play innovative music since his Murphys departure. Most recently alongside ex- Flogging Molly Ted Hutt and The Pogues James Fearnley in the Celtic-Punk supergroup The Walker Roaders. Ray Ball our man in NY had the pleasure of speaking to Marc and our thanks go to them both.

How to start this off-My first concert was Dropkick Murphys. They played at the Town Ballroom during the Warriors Code tour in 2004. Far From Finished opened, followed by Big D and the Kids Table. I think by the time they played LAX everyone had already bought all the Big D merch (none of us had heard of them yet). But me and the two friends that I came with were there to see DKM. I had passed my Jimmy Page and Angus Young phases of guitar heroes, but was really focusing in on Irish music, and my guitar hero if you will, at least lead, in that realm was Marc Orrell.

Flash forward a fair bit, I sent a message to Marc, who I’ve followed for a fair bit in social media, seeing if he’d be willing to do an interview for us. I figured what the hell, nothing ventured nothing gained. I was floored he agreed and we got a chance to talk on the phone yesterday. Marc is really an easy guy to talk to. I could have spent three times as long on the phone talking as I had time to. He greeting me “Hey, Ray, what’s up?” Like we were friends and really kept just going the whole time. He seemed genuinely interested in having a story to tell.
One of the first things we obviously had to talk about was his start in Dropkick Murphys.  According to Marc, James (Lynch) and he were huge fans of the band from day one, essentially. I don’t know the exact timing of Rick (Burton, founding guitarist) and his departure from the group, but when James got the job as DKM guitarist, Marc was stunned. They both had been huge fans and James was now part of the group. We talked a bit about James’ playing. I compared it to Malcolm Young if AC/DC, and I don’t think Marc objected. Strong, steady, solid. I compared them to truly having a strong Angus/Malcolm thing going on. Marc attributes a lot of his influence to to Chuck Berry’s bluesy playing, along with The Rolling Stones. Marc’s solos and playing with DKM are really as blues as punk, to me at least, and I can really see that over the discography.

Despite the obvious career we all know and love with DKM, it seems like Marc has no shortage of irons in the fire after his departure from the band. The Wild Roses were brought up to me a number of years ago as his next project. I asked him a bit about it. It seems that the Roses are as much as a revolving group of friends who make music together, again in that same Rock / Rockabilly / Punk vein we see reoccurring.

The Walker Roaders were my next topic. To me, at least, they were the Celtic group I never knew I needed to hear until I heard them. Ted (Hutt) is a master producer and musician. We all know and love the Pogues. James Fearnley, accordion and vocals on the record, is unparalleled in his playing prowess. Someday I’ll strive to achieve even figuring out a snippet of what’s going on in London Girl. But as much of the walker Roaders is a band, it seems like it’s an entity. It’s the traditional group we all needed with a rock twist that we all didn’t know we wanted. There’s more music to come, according to Marc, but not something on a dead set schedule as of yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though.

Marc as a few other irons in the fire in terms of playing and producing. I’ll pass on some links when we get them and we hope to hear soon from him and his projects soon.

Thanks to Ray Ball for the interview. He has already featured on these pages as the driving force behind The Fighting 69th from Buffalo. The review of his 2-volume set of Dropkick Murphys covers was one of the most viewed of the year. One of the most prolific and diverse artists in the Celtic-Punk scene we are proud to have Raymond on board our team. Writer, artist, musician he is a credit to the American-Irish community and you can find a wealth of his material available at his Bandcamp site.

ALBUM REVIEW: THE WINTER CODES – ‘Set The Darkness Reeling’ (2022)

Debut album from The Winter Codes an Irish Folk duo formed by David Walshe and Barney Murray who found fame as the original, and distinctive singer, of legendary and ground breaking Celtic-Punk band Blood Or Whiskey.

Back in June we posted a review announcing the debut single from Irish band The Winter Codes. The song was utterly fantastic and instantly made me think ” Jeez, that sounds like that fella from Blood Or Whiskey” but as the press release made no mention of it I thought no more. After all if you were the singer in one of the most popular and influential Celtic-Punk band in history surely you’d give it a mention? Well it seems the guys were just being modest and it was indeed Barney from Blood Or Whiskey! For The Winter Codes Barney has teamed up with virtuoso musician David Walshe, brother of the late Paul who was also a founding member of Blood Or Whiskey, and a handful of guests to record their debut album, Set The Darkness Reeling.

The Winter Codes are based in Tullamore, the county town of Offaly in the Irish midlands. The town is famous above all else for the wonderful Irish whiskey Tullamore Dew, which since 2010 is being produced in the town again after decades away. Offaly also have the nicest shirts in Gaelic games which is why I had their pictures on my wall as a kid despite having no connection with the county! With Barney’s unmistakable voice it will come as no surprise that comparisons to Blood Or Whiskey come easy but we will try our best to avoid them, after all this is a Winter Codes review not Blood Or Whiskey.

Originally planned as as a five track EP but when the creative juices began to flow it soon developed into the full length album Set The Darkness Reeling. The duo recorded at the famous Grouse Lodge studio, which once housed Michael Jackson where he recorded and lived for a time! The album begins with ‘NCR’, short for North Circular Road which could be Dublin or London or maybe it could be anywhere but is packed with imagery about a terrible relationship and the bitterness that comes with it. Spicing up the song with mariachi trumpets alongside some cool Irish trad and we are in the same territory that Barney left us with with his old band but how he hits them low notes is beyond me!

“rather die all alone in a bedsit room on the North Circular Road than go back to you”

‘Long Time She’s Been Gone’ is a catchy number that again talks of regret though this time in a lost love way. ‘Troublesome Girl’ stars Irish Folk singer Lisa Loughrey on vocals and after recording originally with Barney the bhoys thought it needed something different so asked Lisa to recommend someone and that person ended up being Lisa herself! A soft-poppy Folk/ Country number her voice fits perfectly. The title of the album from a line in the song.

The music is definitely Irish Folk but comes with a pop edge to it that brings in elements of Country too. Barney flexes his vocal chords next on the moving ’30 Years Of Tears’ a poem half sung/ half half spoken with no accompaniment that really makes you sit up and listen. For Barney it is the next song ‘Friend In Tullamore’ that means the most. Moving from his home town Leixlip to Tullamore after leaving Blood Or Whiskey and years of relentless touring and almost burnt out he settled in easily

“I feel that it was the town that gave me a second chance and maybe the song is my way of saying thanks for that.”

‘Erin’s Lovely Lee’ is a Rebel song whose origins are a bit obscure despite having been recorded by Willy Clancy in the mid-60’s. The story tells of a Irish immigrant arriving by boat in New York in 1863 who are met by Americans who curious and want to know more about important figures of Irish rebellion like the Manchester Martyrs, Wolfe Tone’s, Captain Mackey and Michael Dwyer. He then thinks “to float a Fenian boat down Erin’s lovely Lee”. One of the album’s highlights.

‘Satellite Town’ is another moving song about a young girl moving from home in search of fame and glory. The album has a mournful feel to it and, of course, Barneys voice is the perfect fit for such songs. Maybe it’s not surprising seeing as the album is an emotional tribute to the late Paul Walshe who is immortalised within the album that even features him on banjo on several of the tracks thanks to some rough demos of the songs that Sean Montgomery Dietz was able to adapt and mix into some of the tracks. ‘Dublin Girl’ rings of The Pogues track ‘London Girl’. We’re back in Rebel territory again with ‘Ovidstown’. Not sure if this is a cover or not, it certainly has an ancient ring to it. The song tells of the battle of Ovidstown, between Irish forces and the during the 1798. It took place at 19 June 1798 at Ovidstown Hill not far from Barneys hometown of Leixlip in County Kildare.

His home town pops up again next in ‘Last Night In Leixlip’ and another standout track. With electric guitar (could been a bit louder) and then them trumpets again make for a great song., The trumpets reminding me of ‘Ring Of Fire’ ironic considering the hilarious name check Johnny Cash gets in the song! The album has a great choice of covers and ‘Skibereen’ is no different. Thought to originate from the 1880’s the songs tells of a son asking his father why they had left the village of Skibbereen, in County Cork to live in America. The father tells him of the hardship he faced at home. Of An Gorta Mór / The Great Hunger and of the oppression the British rained down on the Irish after the Young Irelander rebellion of 1848. The song ends with the son promising his father

“O father dear, the day will come when vengeance loud will call,
And we will rise with Erin’s boys to rally one and all.
I’ll be the man to lead the van beneath our flag of green,
And loud and high will raise the cry ‘Revenge for Skibbereen”

Next up is the track that announced The Winter Codes to the Celtic-Punk world back in June and ‘Too Sly To Die’ went down a storm. The video was filmed in the landmark Dublin pub The Cobblestones, located in one of Dublin’s oldest neighbourhoods and famous for hosting traditional Irish music for decades. A rousing number that we went into detail back in June if you care to look up. ‘Dearthairin O Mo Chroi’ (Irish for brother of my heart) written and recorded originally by Pauline Scanlon it’s a beautiful ballad which leads us onto the album’s final song, fittingly, ‘And Then No More’.

Sadly The Winter Codes have no intention of ever playing live. In a recent interview this was put down to

“The problems with playing live is that you are at the mercy of the local sound person. If they are good then the gig might go well but if not the whole night is ruined. In a studio, you have almost complete control and that’s the way I like it.”

I’m done with gigging so he says but I hope he changes his mind. Maybe they can be persuaded to do a live stream or something but it’s still absolutely fantastic to hear those dulcet tones again taking me back a few years when everything was a lot simpler. Thanks for the memories but it’s time to make some more now fella’s.

Buy Set The Darkness Reeling  Spotify

The Winter Codes  WebSite  Facebook YouTube


What a year this is going to be for all you Celtic-Punk aficionados out there with the two major players in the scene both releasing new albums within just a few weeks of each other. Later in the month sees the Dropkick Murphys but today our man back on the auld sod Shane O’Neill runs the rule over seven piece Irish-American giants Flogging Molly and their first album since 2017’s Life Is Good.

lIt’s been a long hard five years since we have had a new album from the Celtic punk institution that is Flogging Molly. Was it worth the wait – Most definitely!! We have been lucky to get a preview with the release of singles such as These Times Have Got Me Drinking / Tripping Up the Stairs which is the opening track on the album. This sets the scene nicely for the upbeat hard-hitting theme of the album.

The second song on the album, A Song of Liberty pays tribute to the gallant men who fought the British Empire in Ireland at Easter 1916. This isn’t your traditional Irish rebel song but delivers the message effectively illustrating the determination and fight displayed by the volunteers to seek the liberation of our country.

(Flogging Molly have joined forces with renowned Ukrainian animators/filmmakers, The Mad Twins, for the band’s ‘A Song Of Liberty’ video. The clip highlights humanity’s ongoing struggle against oppression, from Ireland’s Easter Uprising through several 20th century moments including both World Wars, to the current occupation of Ukraine.)

Anthem is a bit different (in a good way) to any of the bands previous releases. They have unleashed a new sound and reached back to the more traditional Irish music such as The Dubliners and The Chieftains whilst maintaining the kick arse punk edge. The more traditional sounds are evident on The Croppy Boy and (Try) Keep The Man Down. It can be difficult to cross genres like Irish Traditional music and punk while keeping original but Flogging Molly have hit the target on Anthem. Musically, I think the band have gone from strength to strength.

Some of us from the London Celtic Punk crew were lucky enough to catch the bands last gig of the European tour in Dublin a few weeks ago….. What a performance. We were treated to a few tunes from the Anthem album which were very well received. Every time we see them, we think they it’s the best performance ever, yet they continue to impress. Just like an old wine, improving with age. It took almost a week for my body to recover and get my hearing back, but it was worth every single bruise and cut. We did manage to sneak in backstage after the gig but that’s a story for another day!!!! Anthem is the bands sixth album coming 22 years after their debut release Swagger. We’ve been listening to it since it was released earlier this week and cannot find fault with it at all. To pick the best song on the album is a difficult task however if pushed I think The Croppy Boy, A Song Of Liberty and Life Begins and Ends (But Never Fails) are up there with the best Celtic Punk tunes out there. This is the type of album you can stick on anytime and it will lift your mood.

Hats off to Flogging Molly for this album and hopefully we don’t have to wait another five years for the next one. “These Croppies Wont Lie Down.”

Buy Anthem  CD/ Vinyl/ Tape – From The Band

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ALBUM REVIEW: REINA ROJA – ‘Hooligan Folk’ (2022)

Debut album from Spanish Celtic-Punk hooligans Reina Roja. Seven songs and a song or two you’ve never heard done quite like this!

Back when we started doing this Spain was a major player in the Celtic-Punk scene but over the years things have gone a little quiet. Their are still some great bands and releases (this years album from Drunken Fighters for starters) but I think the decision to retire the Spanish based web-site Celtic Folk Punk And More had a knock on effect. The bands are still there but we hear less from them and about them. One of the bands out there that are new to us have actually been together for eight years! Reina Roja formed in 2014 in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, a suburb of Madrid in central Spain. Their name means ‘Red Queen’ and though many faces have changed in the band from those early days the commitment to Hooligan Folk remains the same. Their style of music perfectly captures the traditional melodies of Folk and Celtic music but played fast and hard and with a freewheelin’ Punk-Rock attitude that the band themselves label as Hooligan Folk.

“the festive atmosphere and full of attitude that is generated in a neighbourhood party, after a game of the local team or at the bar of a bar. An atmosphere of celebration, but that does not forget the daily problems and that underpins the consciousness of the working class.”

The album kicks off with the spirited ‘Dragón Verde’ and instantly the tune goes into ‘Drunken Sailor’ but then veers off again. Plenty of gang vocals and that stop-start Hardcore approach that I particularly love. The fiddle and tin whistle is amazing and put to such great use too. The lyrics are all in Spanish, something we don’t mind at all. Bands shouldn’t be afraid to sing in their own languages. These days Celtic-Punk is international but bands still prefer to song in English despite by it’s very nature the English language being a foreign language in the very places where Celtic music comes from. Still it does make things easier for me when it comes to reviewing! The catchy ‘Sigue Luchando’ sees Agnes, vocalist of Lilith y Miss October, starring alongside Gonzzz on vocals. Their is a certain way Spanish Punk bands sound making them instantly recognisable even when not sung in Spanish and Gonzzz’s voice is strong and shouty but still tuneful and able to hit them notes well. ‘Tensión’ comes from their earliest days as a band and hits all the right catchy as f*”k buttons. Chugging guitars and pounding bass and drums all combining for one hell of a sound. ‘Johnny. ¿Qué Ha Pasado?’ is trad Celtic-Punk with a real Irish tinge to the first half showing a real talent for Folk music that you must have to be a successful Celtic-Punk band and ending with a cool terrace chant! ‘Banshee’ flits along between Metal and Punk but still with the Celtic influence leading. Reina Roja are joined for a second time here on guest vocals for ‘Lo Que Nunca Fuimos’ by Fernando Madina of Reincidentes and Ángel of Envidia Kotxina and is in much the same vein. Fast,catchy, tuneful, spirited Celtic-Punk party music. Hooligan Folk comes to an end with ‘Barriles de Revolución’ and this may, or may not, be a drinking song as the English translation is ‘Barrels of Revolution’! They save the fast till last and go out in a blaze with the same winning formula.

Only seven songs but 25 minutes of music means the songs all have time to develop and Reina Roja use the time well. Punk songs tend to be short and even at three minutes bands tend to wrap it up as soon as possible so it’s nice to hear longer songs that still keep the attention. As amazing as it was to only just hear of a band that had been together as long as this the biggest surprise was that this was their debut release. What have you been doing guys? The album was recorded and produced at the Corleone studios by Mr. Chifly the guitarist of Habeas Corpus and he has done a grand job capturing things especially the Celtic instruments. Hooligan Folk is a great album capturing the spirit of Celtic-Punk perfectly.

(Stream / download Hooligan Folk from the Bandcamp player)

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NEW SINGLE: COXEY’S ARMY – ‘ You’re Gonna Make It ‘ (2022)

The new release from Coxey’s Army. A high energy quartet blending elements of Oi!, Streetpunk, Americana and Celtic music. Named after a historic moment in working class history that soon became a slang term referring to a ragtag band of society’s underclass.

Coxey’s Army formed in central Ohio in the fall of 2019 with the intent of producing it’s own brand of positive, community driven Punk-Rock. Taking their name from an early 20th century slang term referring to a ragtag band of society’s underclass, that is based on a very real slice of Ohio working class history, Coxey’s Army explores themes of hard work and perseverance accompanied by driving punk guitars and hints of Americana and Celtic music. As the founding lineup was finalised in the spring of 2020, the band’s beginnings were heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Determined not to let the pandemic stop them, Coxey’s Army worked tirelessly for a year laying a foundation for the band.

Engineered and produced by Aaron Cline *  Written by Nate Rising

Hold your head up high, you’re gonna make it.  Don’t let go of the light.
Hold your head up high, you’re gonna make it.  Whoa.  You’re gonna make it.
When the floor drops out from beneath your feet.
When there’s nowhere to turn and you face defeat.
Just call my name friend, and I’ll be there.
We’ll stick together when life ain’t fair.
Hold your head up high, you’re gonna make it.  Don’t let go of the light.
Hold your head up high, you’re gonna make it.  Whoa.  You’re gonna make it.
When your back’s against the wall and you haven’t got a clue.
I’ll be by your side, I’ll be there for you.
No matter where you go, how many miles you’ve gone.
You’re not alone, we will keep pressing on

Gang Vocals: Penelope Shumaker * Amanda Evans * Chy Mess * Molly Mess * Trey James

Coxey’s Army left to right: Nate Rising – Vocals / Bass * Ryan Evans – Drums * Ben Marshall – Guitars / Vocals * AJ Hutchison – Guitar / Vocals *

A 1994 documentary by the Massillon Museum that tells the tale of Jacob Coxey’s march on Washington DC in 1894, the first in history!

In 1894, Jacob S. Coxey, an owner of a sand quarry in Massillon, Ohio, faced financial crisis as the Panic of 1893 gripped the United States. On the way home one day and noticing the poor conditions of the road’s while many unemployed men walked the streets looking for work. He had the idea to put unemployed men to work towards problems like fixing roads. He took this idea and made the Good Roads Bill in 1892 for a federally financed road-building program to put the unemployed back to work. He presented it to Congress, but that’s as far as it went. Teaming up with Carl Browne to raise awareness and support for the bill, Browne and Coxey organised a march of unemployed men from Massillon to Washington, D.C., which left on Easter Sunday, March 25, 1894. It was called the Army Of The Commonweal but soon became nicknamed Coxey’s Army.

Coxey’s Army

The Army marched on foot across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland towards Washington D.C. As they approached the Capitol building their numbers had grown to 4,000 people and they met with 12,000 more at the capitol. As they prepared to speak to the crowd, Coxey, Browne and the third leader Christopher Columbus Jones were arrested for trampling the Capitol lawn. Washington DC had never dealt with protesters, and felt threatened and the protesters quickly dispersed upon its leader’s arrest. It was a turning point in American working class history and while Coxey’s Army may not have produced tangible results in 1894, but it was the precursor for the larger protest marches that were to follow.

Jacob Coxey would met with President Warren Harding in the White House to plea for the release of socialist Eugene Debs in 1921 and joined the Hunger March in 1931 in the early years of the Great Depression but eventually, at the age of 90, he would get the opportunity to give his speech on the steps of the Capitol in 1944 on the 50th anniversary of Coxey’s Army. He died in Masillon, Ohio in 1951, at the age of 97.

(You can stream and download You’re Going To Make it below)

Download You’re Going To Make It  Bandcamp

Contact Oxey’s Army  Facebook  Instagram  YouTube


Mychal Judge, was an American Franciscan friar and Catholic priest who served as a chaplain to the FDNY. While serving in that capacity he was killed, becoming the first certified fatality of the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Irish-American Father Mychal Fallon Judge O.F.M. was the first official certified fatality of the nearly 3,000 people that perished in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He was the chaplain for the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY). He was the first of 343 firefighters that lost their lives that day. It is said that he went first to lead his flock.
Victim 0001
This is the unique story of a man considered by many to be a Saint

The FDNY always had a reputation for being “heavily Irish”; the Irish-American firefighter was even more stereotypical than the Irish-American Police Officer in New York. Father Judge fit in well with that. He was born Robert Emmett Judge in Brooklyn, New York on 11 May, 1933 to parents from Co. Leitrim. In 2005, a monument in his memory was unveiled in Keshcarrigan, Co. Leitrim, whence his father came. His mother, Mary Fallon came from Drumkeerin, Co. Leitrim. Some people have claimed miraculous healing through prayers to Fr. Judge. Some have called for sainthood for him.


In tribute to his legacy and in celebration of his life Larry Kirwan of the legendary Irish-American band Black 47, wrote this beautiful tribute entitled ‘Mychal’ in his honour that appeared on the band’s 2004 album New York Town.

In New York City I made my home
I loved the streets, the very stones
Cared for my comrades, cherished my friends
Loved all beginnings, had no time for ends
A city’s streets are full of woe
I saw suffering where’er I’d go
I did my best to console and heal
Treat each human with full dignity
I never saw a reason to
Hate someone who thinks different than you
Each one has their anointed place
In the love reflected in their God’s face
We all have sorrow, our share of trials
We all are sinners in each other’s eyes
Love alone can heal the pain
God bestows love in so many ways
I love the company of friends
The fire and the music sparkling in their eyes
But I achieved my heart’s desire
When I rode beside the ones who fight the fires
I have my failings and I have tried
To look them squarely in the eye
To be there when someone might call
For I know cruel well how hard it is to fall
As I arise on this September morn
The sun is beaming down, the streets are warm
God’s in His heaven and all is well
I will go forth and do His will.

Keshcarrigan, County Leitrim, Ireland


Swedish Celtic-Punks Finnegan’s Hell are back again with a new single, the title track from their upcoming (November 25th) new album and we’re happy to report they have all the same swagger, intensity and attitude as before. 


Finnegan’s Hell used the shutdown during the pandemic to write a whole new set of big new songs. The best of these bunch will see the light of day on One Finger Salute and first up is the title track along with accompanying music video. ‘One Finger Salute’ is a magnificent marker – a musical middle finger with an infectious chorus sure to evoke a sea of audience middle fingers! Finnegan’s Hell are not about inventing the wheel but what they are about is taking Celtic-Punk and wringing every single bit of fun out of it. They continue on from last album Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class (#3 Celtic-Punk album of 2020) in top form sounding somewhere between The Pogues and fellow Scandinavians Greenland Whalefishers and it is catchy beyond words and infectiously so too. Anyone who has ever lived with a monster will recognise the theme of the song and on this evidence someone will have to set a new place at the Celtic-Punk top table!

Finnegan’s Hell left to right: Reverend Mick Finnegan * Pabs Finnegan * Old Roxy * Ace Finnegan * Cozy Finnegan * San Finnegan *

The idea behind the video for the single is to contrast Metallica’s valium-scented ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and shows a band on speed in the studio. It also provides a unique insight into how Finnegan’s Hell interacts with their producer. The images are taken from an upcoming documentary about the band.

Produced and directed by Michael Ek

I have tried to love you   
Swear to God I’ve done my best 
No matter how I’ve tried 
I just don’t seem to pass the test 
I’ve been blind a long time 
But these days I can see 
That you’re a rotten apple 
From a rotten family tree 
Fuck you 
Fuck your brother 
Fuck your sis 
Your mom and daddy too 
Sure I like a challenge 
But lovin’ you was tough 
Hardest thing I’ve ever done 
Even though I like it rough 
Your love was like a hammer 
Designed to knock me down 
But you can’t swing it any more 
My queen you’ve lost your crown 
The more I think about it 
I really hate your guts 
I cannot stand your morals 
Your bigotry drives me nuts 
Take a look in the mirror 
There ain’t nothin’ there to see 
But a rotten apple from a rotten family tree

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A new EP from The Jamestown Brothers. A high energy foot stomping original indie Folk band that tells real stories of real people with a huge sound that mine the rich history and social tapestry of Great Britain and Ireland. 

When we first reviewed The Jamestown Brothers back in 2020 for their debut album Rebels, Rogues And Regrets and we reasonably expected that within a short time we would have the pleasure of seeing them live but it was not to be. Two years later and we are still eagerly awaiting seeing them live but with things returning to normal now I’m sure it won’t be long, especially as these folks love to play live and every weekend sees them flying around the south of England from pub to festival to ‘proper’ music venues. We just need them to stretch their wings a wee but further as we are getting old and lazy!

The Jamestown Brothers formed in Somerset in 2017 and gathered up some great reviews and a fair bit of fanfare before the dreaded pandemic but have bounced back since the pandemic’s end with a new EP of all original material and continue to tour, tour, tour, tour so I’m sure we’ll get to see them soon enough. An incredible eight piece band that includes guitars, trumpet, piano, bass, drums, fiddle, recorder and trombone they certainly can kick up a right old racket considering they are almost acoustic.

Just Is kicks off with ‘Big Parade’ and the song is big in every sense. A hand of friendship is offered after two years when the act could only be symbolic. Catchy and energetic and a choice chorus this is definitely one for the festival masses to get on board once they had a  few liveners! Singer-songwriter Colin Batchelor leads the band with distinct and clear vocals in a song that is easy to follow and the brass instruments leading the way. ‘Jimmy James’ tells the story of the larger than life 18th century piper James Allen. Born sometime in the 1720’s in the wilds of Northumberland, Jimmy came from a family of border gypsies. An army deserter and adventurer, who travelled to far off foreign lands and an escapee from more than one prison whose one redeeming feature was his skill with the Northumbrian small pipes. Bellows-blown bagpipes as to mouth-blown Scottish bagpipes that have provided the North-East with a musical identity for centuries.

“folk punk was born to the land”

To fit the entirety of Jimmy’s life into a song is some achievement. Again the brass is put to extensive use and fits perfectly. Several listens and i’m still trying to pick out the individual instruments. ‘Billy Boys’ tells of the early 20th century razor gangs of Glasgow especially the fascist sympathisers of the protestant Billy Boys gang. Led by Billy Fullerton who would be awarded a medal for scabbing during the 1926 General Strike and formed a Glasgow branch of the British Union of Fascists. The gang are still remembered at Ibrox Park today with a song named after them in which the line “up to our knees in Fenian blood” led to it’s banning as it was undeniable that “fenian” in the context of the song meant Roman Catholics. Real history that leads me to think of the one band that The Jamestown Brothers can be compared to – The Men They Couldn’t Hang. They share not just a love of forgotten working class history but also a novel approach to Folk music that sees them trying many things that always come from. ‘Sunlight In The Morning’ sees the band tackling the subject of homelessness but as I’ve said in a real human way without cliche or lecture. Catchy, as are all the songs here, and well produced Country-Folk with more than a touch of Celtic about it it’s music for the outside and dancing around to (or tapping your thigh as I do). ‘This Is War’ about the life of ‘Jutland Jack’ John Travers Cornwell the youngest recipient of the Victoria cross following his brave action aboard HMS Chester in 1916 is full on Celtic-Folk-Punk historical stomp just as I like it. The curtain comes down on Just Is with the brilliant ‘Lower Us Down’ is a worthy addition to the coal-miner’s extensive musical canon. A life of unimaginable hardship and danger right up until the 2nd World War. These songs always remind me of me Dad but especially Ian Porter an old friend who was only 19 when he was killed down Rossington pit. Serious subject matter sure but sang with gusto and conviction.

Coming from an area of England with a rich working class tradition has not done The Jamestown Brothers no harm and I’m a fan of musicians who make political music without ramming it down the listeners throat or resorting to cliche. Story telling lyrics and a desire to re-tell stories of the past have made them festival favourites, especially in the South West of the country, and the other bits will follow I am sure.

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ALBUM REVIEW: PRONGHORN – ‘Welcome To Pronghorn Country’ (2022)

Undisputed Kings of Cowpunk and the hardest banjo/fiddle action you’ll ever come across. Pronghorn have been kicking around since 1992, and this summer the band celebrates 30 years of drinking warm Stella and eating late night garage food with a brand new album, Welcome To Pronghorn Country.

Those of you old enough to remember 1992 will recall that it was all about grunge. A few bands though went against the grain and 1992 was also the year Pronghorn emerged out of Dorset. Starting off busking outside Debenhams in Bournemouth leading to their first gig in Charminster and then onto more salubrious locations like busking at Amsterdam Central Station or in Copenhagen Homeless Hostels to name but two. As the band’s sound evolved with Punk, Country, Folk and Rockabilly they were soon labelled with their very own genre ‘Cowpunk’. In the States a fair more aggressive genre ‘Country Punk’ developed around the same time but it was the English version that was more true to it’s Country musical roots which lay in the southern English rootsy Folk movement of the 80’s. This was a time that spawned The Pogues along with the Boothill Foot Tappers, Cropdusters, Shilleagh Sisters and Men They Couldn’t Hang. Many could claim to be the Kings of Cowpunk but for me their is only Pronghorn. The line up has seen many changes over the years but founder members, Toni Viagra and Lamma are still there, along with newbies(!) Ffi, Krusty, Gypo, Aussie Mike and Andy Law- who’ve only done the last fifteen years or so.

As this year sees them doing 30 years on the road together and recording twelve albums you would imagine it would have taken it’s toll but as Fifi admits

“After all this time Pronghorn is still the same band, but now we have to get babysitters’”.

The album kicks off in great manner with the ‘Psycho Ceilidh’ and what a way to make a splash and exactly whet you would think a song called psycho ceilidh would sound like. An absolutely wonderful Country-Folk-Celtic hoedown that ought to be the genre’s anthem! Imagine a Punk Rock barn dance with folk clad in tartan work shirts swirling around smashing into each other with massive smiles on their faces and you’re in the right ball park.

‘Spud Face’ sees Lamma recalling the days when they put on one of the best festival’s Dorset had ever seen that the name of sadly escapes me (editor- EnDorset Festival… and it’s coming back!) but i intended to go every year it ran but never actually made it! Fiddler Joe takes over vocals for ‘Reubens Train’ while battling it out with the bands other fiddler Fifi. This is speed fiddling at it’s finest. It’s an old Folk song and I must admit I always love to see the words ‘trad. arr’ on a bands album sleeve. ‘Dead Wood’ sees them slow it down a bit for the first time and a dark and mysterious song is aided by some class accordion. The accordion giving it a Eastern flavour as they sing of cutting out unnecessary burdens. The popularity of acapella singing has been around in Celtic-Punk for quite a while and the old Folker ‘Shady Grove’ begins as such and even though the band kick in eventually it might have been a good opportunity for the band to test their vocal chords together. ‘Jed Jones 2’ is a sequel of sorts but as I’ve not heard part 1 it’s hard to tell you the story beyond it has a cowboy theme and maybe a song we could claim as Celtic-Punk(-ish)! ‘Devils Daughter’ continues in the same vein lyrically inspired by the blood and guts of spaghetti westerns. ‘Cuckoo’ is another trad. arr. song and the last of the albums three and sees the bhoys spilling over into jigs and sure I heard almost a reel in there too. ‘Dirty Motel Blues’ may start off with acoustic guitar but ends up an (almost) acoustic song that out Motorheads Motorhead! Joe returns for vocal duties on ‘Ghost Train’ the most TMTCH-ish song here on first listen though their is a lot more to them than that though even though that is far from an insult.

(Recorded at Barnstomper Festival, Cerne Abbas Brewery – 4th September 2021)

‘Soldiers Tale’ sees them delving into history and a saucy song that turns the catchy up to 11 and adds plenty of their trademark humour to boot. The album’s only instrumental ‘Swamp Winch’ sees Bayou styled fiddling accompanied by a dizzying amount of hollering and howling whipping the band up into a Country-frenzy. Outstanding and near impossible to keep your feet attached to the floor. The album wraps up with ‘Bone’ and another stand out track that sees them in contemplative mood but without letting up one bit. Superb! An outstanding album but again the bands honesty gets the better of them as Aussie Mike says

“These days, recording an album comes with a short shelf-life – record, release, tour, repeat. But for a band who has been around as long as Pronghorn have, Welcome to Pronghorn Country is more about documenting a chapter of the band. It’s also something different to sell to drunks after a gig”.

The beauty of a band like Pronghorn is the joy they bring to people with their live performances. Sometimes bands like that can find it difficult to transfer that sound and emotions onto record but Pronghorn are blessed here with a perfect sound engineered by David White and mastered by Stefan Krakovic. It’s over 20 years since I saw them play here in London and my overriding memory of that night was the fun we all had and coming out near a stone lighter. They haven’t lost it and just like me their all a bit older and a bit heavier so treat seeing them as the best exercise you will ever have! Welcome To Pronghorn County is out this week on the fantastic independent label Lunaria Records and if we did give marks out of ten then this a bloody 9 1/2 I’m telling you.

(Stream or download Welcome To Pronghorn County below on the Bandcamp player)

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Here’s another Odds’n’Sods to keep you occupied for a bit. A whole load of Celtic-Punk entertainment from all the scene’s bands big and small, established or just starting out.

Big news from the DROPKICK MURPHYS that their long awaited new album This Machine Still Kills Fascists lands on September 30th. Following up on their success collaborating with Woody Guthrie’s lyrics in ‘Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight’ and ‘I’m Shipping Up To Boston’, the Murphys are at it again. This Machine Still Kills Fascists is a ten song album featuring original previously unpublished lyrics by Woody Guthrie.

“First off, Woody Guthrie embodies the spirit of true rebellion. Always one to stand up for the working man, and to fight the good fight against fascism. As his famous guitar so boldly declared – THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS… And this isn’t our first collaboration with him. Back in 2004, we found an unpublished lyric in Woody’s archives called “Shipping Up To Boston,” and turned that into a song you may know… With Al Barr on hiatus, the rest of us wanted to record, but not do a typical DKM album without him…so we figured this was the perfect time to reconnect with Woody’s words. And we can’t wait for you to hear it.”

Here’s a short documentary the Bhoys made about the making of the album bringing you behind the scenes with some new song previews. Pre-order your copy here – available in CD and vinyl.

‘Roots Run Deep’ is the first music video from the last HEATHEN APOSTLES album Bloodgrass Vol. 3 & 4, out now on Ratchet Blade Records. It was directed by Caroline Poisson and shot in and around Liege, Belgium. Read our review and hear this fantastic album!

Dyed-in-the-wool Boston-area blue collar punk rock icon Lenny Lashley (ex – Street Dogs and Dropkick Murphys) returns with new LENNY LASHLEY’S GANG OF ONE single ‘It Got So Dark’ from upcoming album Five Great Egrets.

I know it must seem like I have 1000 favourite bands but KRAKIN’ KELLYS are definitely in the top 2 or 3. Celtic skate punk, beer and bar fight! Cannot wait to see these guys live. ‘Golden Youth’ is from their debut album and here is from last St. Patrick’s day at L’entrepôt Arlon, Belgium. The guys have a new EP out which we reviewed the other day so go look it up.

THE RUMJACKS had a successful tour of the UK last month. Here is them mucking about in the far north singing ‘One for The Road’ from Brass For Gold.

UNHOLY MISSIONARIES are from Texas I think and a really new band. The video is from their debut show so chuck them a like over on that there Facebook.

Love TEJON STREET CORNER THIEVES. Came across them by accident and bought their new album. It’s sorta alternative Bluegrass but with some Folk and Celtic influence and brilliant!

KRAKIN’ KELLYS – Old Ways, New Days (review incoming)


THE GALLOWGATE MURDERS – Dead, Gone and Living On


THE JAMESTOWN BROTHERS – Just Is (review coming soon))

REINA ROJA – Hooligan Folk

HOIST THE COLORS – When Daylight Breaks

Remember we cannot review it if we don’t hear it first!

THE TOSSERS are one hell of a band. Is their a American band that nails the Irish-American experience so well? I think not. They are in the studio recording a new album right now!

I’ve nay time for Rebellion festival but this is a personal view so any bands get to play it then good luck to them. Their isn’t much Celtic-Punk and never has been so was good to see them book Czech band PIRATES OF THE PUB whose set went down a storm. They even made the The 10 rowdiest sets from Rebellion Festival 2022 article from Kerrang.

THE MAHONES 30th anniversary tour first dates are out for Vancouver so expect more to follow!

FLOGGING MOLLY fresh from their Euro mega-tour have a new album on the way. ‘This Road Of Mine’ is taken from Anthem and the album is available for pre-order. I’m after a hoody myself!

Their is really no one out there that can compare to DEREK WARFIELD AND THE YOUNG WOLFE TONES when it comes to ballad singing, the retelling of Irish history and an absolutely bloody good night. They are always touring (even to my God forsaken home town!) an just released a new album too of some auld Wolfe Tones favourites and a few new ones.

Former Dead 60s frontman Dubliner MATT McMANAMON returns with a slice of sunshine gilded jangle-pop that evokes memories of classic Merseyside sounds, slipping neatly between The La’s and The Coral.

London Irish rockers THE GODFATHERS new EP Midnight Rider is out now. Featuring two tracks from the forthcoming Alpha Beta Gamma Delta album and two exclusive numbers that won’t be released on the album.

DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS had a triumphant performance at the Commonwealth Games representing the West Midlands enormous Irish community and have just re-mixed a bunch of old material to sound just as how it was originally envisaged. All is explained in the video.

In the 9 years we’ve been doing this plenty of bands have passed us by. We can’t see everything after all so this column is to remind us of bands that never made these pages at the time but deserve another mention. These hopefully come with a free download like today so you can help yourself to some free music. This month is the turn of NEDERGOTH from Toulouse in France. Made up of French and Finn’s the music is a mix of Punk, Metal elements and Folk and trad from Celtic, Scandinavian and Slavic culture. Their only goal is to have fun and there’s not much wrong with that. Their debut album here is available as a ‘name your price’ download as well as last years La Mandale Amicale.

Some old school Punk-Rock outta north London from our mates DISSENT and thumbs up and pints in the air to our auld mucker Eric who was on strike the other day. Up the posties – Up the workers!

We start this section with some interesting news that we are expecting to be putting on Italian Premier League Celtic-Punk band UNCLE BARD AND THE DIRTY BASTARDS sometime later in the year. If you can offer any help or fancy putting them on in your town drop them a line. FLOGGING MOLLY had a triumphant return to these shores accompanied by FEROCIOUS DOG. The Dublin gig was incredible and just underlines why the Dog are so popular. Dublin Metal style acoustic Folkies THE SCRATCH are touring in December and playing Camden Underworld on December 15th while fellow Irish acoustic band THE MARY WALLOPERERS are a minutes walk on the same night at the Electric Ballroo . Expect to see a few of us at each of them. NEW MODEL ARMY play 3 Christmas dates ending at the Roundhouse on the 10th. The BIBLECODE SUNDAYS are at the Powerhaus in Camden (formerly Dingwalls) on Saturday November 5th.

Both our recent gigs went brilliantly so big thanks to all the bands for playing and McCaffertys and The Bird’s Nest for hosting us. We enjoyed it so much it will happen again so if you’re in a band and fancy playing London let us know but only if you’re Celtic / Folk-Punk OK!

Forty years ago in 1982, a new group played their first ever gig at The Pindar of Wakefield. It was 4th October 1982 when James Fearnley, Shane MacGowan, Spider Stacy and Jem Finer took the stage in dingy Kings Cross as Pogue Mahone. They would go on to change peoples lives.
The Pindar Of Wakefield is now The Water Rats and Kings Cross is, unbelievably to those who remember it from them days, a most desirable place to live and The Pogues are no more either. Their spirit lives on though within The Pogue Traders. Now in their 15th year themselves of bringing The Pogues back to life for those who were lucky enough to see them live and for those that never will. Support for the night is from Paul ‘Mad Dog’ McGuinness And Band. Paul toured with Shane MacGowan for almost a decade as a founder member of The Popes. For an hour before that Shane’s official biographer Richard Balls will be doing a Q And A and copies of his recent book ‘A Furious Devotion: The Life of Shane MacGowan’ will be available.  https://www.wegottickets.com/event/555406

THE WORKING CLASS SYMPHONY are one of the best Celtic-Punk bands in the world. You don’t know them well that’s probably because they are from Indonesia but we love them and guarantee you will too. Check them out on You Tube and Facebook and look forward to catching them live in Europe at the end of the year. They are heading over sometime between December – January and need the help of the Celtic-Punk community. If you can help with the tour in any way then drop them a line and let them know.

We managed to capture the last song of from DIRTY ARTICHOKES for posterity when they played London last month. An amazing set and we can’t wait to see them back. Standing room only!

If you like what we do then you can support us by checking out our online store. The Harp’n’Bones design is back in all sizes and on black or white shirts. Also we have new polo shirts, in all sizes, and some nifty woolly hats as well as the Green’n’White ‘Skully Cap’ ringer shirts. Click the link below for the full range of all our other tatt. Shirts, badges, stickers, flags, CD’s and fridge magnets all the discerning Celtic-Punk fan could ever need! Help keep Punk Celtic! https://the30492shop.fwscart.com/

Facebook is rubbish and I can’t wait to see it fold. That the world’s most ‘popular’ social media site has only 2/5 in the app store says it all! It has a stranglehold on all forms of expression that is not good and it’s no surprise to see people leaving in droves. Don’t despair though if you are one of them as you can keep up with London Celtic Punks posts via our wee group on the phone app Telegram. Similar in style (but better and easier to use) to What’s App but completely free from outside interference. Join us on Telegram, don’t miss a single post and even receive the odd exclusive and special offer! https://t.me/londoncelticpunks/

Well what do you think of these then?

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Even though we hate it Facebook does supply the (very) occasional ray of sunshine so a shout out to some good friends of ours over on Facebook. The Dropkick Murphys- Fan Page and the Celtic Punk, Folk And Rock Fans are two of the best music forums on FB let alone Celtic-Punk. Ran By Fans For Fans just like you and me. Like and join in the fun!

London Irish band THE KINKS take us out…

A reminder too that we need your news so anything you would like to share with the rest of the Celtic-Punk scene send it onto us.

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EP REVIEW: KRAKIN’ KELLYS – ‘Old Ways, New Days’ (2022)

Belgians Celtic-Skate Punks Krakin’ Kellys are back with six new songs!  

Regular readers could be forgiven for thinking that I have about 1000 favourite Celtic-Punk bands but if I had to pick just five then Belgium’s Krakin’ Kellys would definitely make it. Taking their lead from the first Dropkick Murphys album for pure Punk-Rock energy and throwing in some nice Celtic touches. Krakin’ Kellys are a band with an incredible set up. For a start they have some brilliant songs. Catchy as hell and packed with interesting influences. Then you have their videos which are constantly great fun to watch and far beyond the usual ‘filmed in a pub’ Celtic-Punk videos we see. Lastly we have Matthieu one of the best bagpipers in the scene and who Krakin’ Kellys put to great use throughout their songs.

(Recorded live at L’entrepôt Arlon, Belgium on St-Patrick’s day 2022

Kicking off with ‘1985 (Celtic Skate Punk)’ which was the first video / single from the album it’s a look back in time to better (?) days when we were young, fun and full of… never mind. I’ll try not to overuse the word catchy in this review but it’ll be hard. A real stomper of an opener with the guys reminiscing of the days when you could dance at a gig all night without stopping for a breather after one song! ‘Olympia, WA.’ is a cover of the Rancid track taken from their classic 1985 album Out Come The Wolves and the piping slots in so easy that after a few plays it no longer stands out. The songs talks about loneliness in a big city and how Tim yearns for the days he was a normal Punk back in his home town. ‘Start Over Again’ is a great song perhaps the albums standout. Great lyrics and melodic Punk sound that captures all the best bits of what was Skate-Punk. Sadly the genre would become completely lame as bands realised they could put out and old crap and the kids would lap it up. That’s not to say that it’s early days weren’t incredible with bands like Bad Religion, Lagwagon, NOFX. That is what is summed up next in ‘Old Ways, New Days’. I may be wrong as it’s not as easy to read these songs as our usual drinking and rebel songs!

So almost on cue is a cover of Bad Religion’s ‘American Jesus’ taken from their 1993 album Recipe For Hate. One of BR’s greatest songs and certainly long before they all started to sound the same Kellys give it a great treatment playing it the same but the different instrumentation and vocal style really add to it. The EP comes to an end with ‘Women Are Go !’ and played at breakneck speed it sees the release out in style.

Another craic-ing release from Krakin’ Kellys but Old Ways, New Days was released back on July 1st so it’s taken us a while to get around to it but in all that time it’s seen more than it’s fair share of plays in LCP towers. It was recorded at Gate Of Sound, Noise Factory, Coal and Rock’s Cool studios throughout Belguim by Jean-Louis Masuy, Nicola Lomartire and Matthieu and mixed and mastered by Nicola Lomartire. Along with his filming and piping talents Matthieu also supplied the artwork and we recently featured a Q and A with him that makes interesting reading.

(You can stream Old Ways, New Days and download it via the Bandcamp player below)

Buy Old Ways, New Days  FromTheBand

Contact Krakin’ Kellys  WebSite  Facebook  YouTube  Instagram  Twitter


The PoguestrA are back for the first time since Christmas with one of the highlights from The Pogues fourth album Peace And Love about the persecution of the Irish by the ‘protector of the faith’ Oliver Cromwell.
The PoguestrA are a group of musicians united by a love of The Pogues playing together remotely. Listen on as they continue their quest to cover all our favourite Pogues songs!
Young Ned Of The Hill’ is an adaptation of an old Irish folk song that The Pogues recorded in 1989 for Peace And Love. Adapted from the song ‘Éamonn Ó Chnoic’ (Ned Of The Hill) traditionally performed slower and without a chorus. ‘Éamonn Ó Chnoic’ is about a man who comes to a woman’s door seeking shelter. He has been travelling and has lost his team of horses and now has nowhere to go. The last stanza of the song says that he “must go eastward across the sea” which suggests that he is either going to England or perhaps to the prison colony of Australia. It stands in stark contrast to The Pogues’ version of the song.

The original Gaelic version of the song is well-represented by the legendary Wolfe Tones above. Translated directly from the Irish the lyrics are :

“Who’s that outside
whose voice is urgent,
pounding on my closed door?”
“I’m Éamonn of the hill,
drowned, cold and wet,
from endlessly traveling mountains and glens.”

“Dearest love and treasure,
what can I do for you
but cover you with the lap of my dress?”
And black gunpowder will be
fired endlessly at us,
and we will both perish!”

“I’ve long been outside
in snow and in frost,
not daring to approach anyone.
My fallow unplanted,
my team in need of unyoking,
and I no longer have them at all!

I have no friend—
how that grieves me—
who’d take me in, early or late.
And so I must go
eastward across the sea,
for it’s there I have no kindred.”


Ron Kavana and Terry Woods version of ‘Young Ned Of The Hill’ is a song about the 1640’s brutal conquest of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell and those who fought against him. It tells of the brave Irishmen with “wills of iron” marching to fight the English invaders with “gaelic honour held high.”  The last verse of song discusses how they were robbed and drove away from their land, but they”ll never understand the “love of old dear Ireland.”

Rapparee- ‘freebooter’ 1680’s, originally ‘pikeman’ from the Irish rapairidhe, plural of rapaire ‘half-pike’. Soldier prominent in the war of 1688-92.

Éamonn Ó Riain (Edmund O’Ryan) was one of many Irish Catholic landholders forcibly dispossessed by English and Scottish Protestant settlers in the seventeenth century. Rather than fleeing to the continent, many chose to remain in Ireland, hoping to frustrate the invaders. Living the lives of political bandits – harassing British troops, robbing Protestant planters and landlords and aiding the Irish poor. These guerillas were known variously as ceithearnaigh choille (‘wood kernes’), toraidhe (pursuer- the origin of the modern term ‘Tory’) or ropaire (‘pike-man’). After his death, ballads, books and legend immortalised him as a Robin Hood-like resistance fighter and nationalist folk hero. It’s an interesting song because it is so reminiscent of the old Irish rebel folk songs about defeat in war that promised Ireland will rise again stronger and better than before. ‘Young Ned Of The Hill’ is the kind of song that if written a few decades earlier, Padraig Pearse would have used to inspire people to join the rebellion.

‘Young Ned Of The Hill’ performed by The PoguestrA

Written by Ron Kavana and Terry Woods

Have you ever walked the lonesome hills and heard the curlews cry?
Or seen the raven black as night upon a windswept sky?
To walk the purple heather and hear the west wind cry
To know that’s where the rapparee must die
Since Cromwell pushed us westward to live our lowly lives
Some of us have deemed to fight from Tipperary mountains high
Noble men with wills of iron who are not afraid to die
And who’ll fight with Gaelic honour held on high
A curse upon you Oliver Cromwell, you who raped our Motherland
I hope you’re rotting down in hell for the horrors that you sent
To our misfortunate forefathers whom you robbed of their birthright
“To hell or Connaught” may you burn in hell tonight
Of one such man I’d like to speak a rapparee by name and deed
His family dispossessed and slaughtered they put a price upon his head
His name is known in song and story and his deeds are legends still
And murdered for blood money was young Ned of the hill
And you’ve robbed our homes and fortunes, even drove us from the land
You tried to break our spirit but you’ll never understand
The love of dear old Ireland that will forge an iron will
As long as there are gallant men like young Ned of the hill
A curse upon you Oliver Cromwell, you who raped our Motherland
I hope you’re rotting down in hell for the horrors that you sent
To our misfortunate forefathers whom you robbed of their birthright
“To hell or Connaught” may you burn in hell tonight
If you are interested in joining the PoguestrA for future songs then get in touch with the gang viaYouTube orFacebook

EP REVIEW: THE DEAD IRISH – ‘Four Corners Of Hell’ (2022)

The Dead Irish formed during the pandemic in Dublin and describe themselves as Irish trad/punk band based in Dublin. Their brilliant debut single just came out and is four songs of original proper Irish styled Celtic-Punk.

The most surprising development in Celtic-Punk since the end of the Covid lockdowns seems to have been that the Celtic nations have finally got Celtic-Punk, if only in a small way. Bands from the various Celtic nations have been slim on the ground but three bands have popped up recently – Gallowgate Murders from Scotland and The Outcast Crew and, today’s band, The Dead Irish from Dublin.

The first ‘proper’ track we heard from The Dead Irish was ‘Lost In the City’ which was also the lead single for the EP accompanied by a great video filmed in and around Dublin. It’s a great song based around the old Irish Folk song ‘The Spanish Lady’ but is given a great chorus and a 1970’s style Punk rock backing but feet remain firmly entrenched in Irish Folk. A catchy number that will I am certain prove Punk enough for the Punks and Folk enough for the Folkies. A real crowd pleaser for sure.

They follow this up with the instrumental ‘Morrisons Jig’ which will be familiar to many Celtic-Punk fans as the ‘Swallowtail Jig’ which for some reason has become pretty popular of late in the scene. It’s a great tune and perfect for speeding up and punking up. It’s not a easy song to pull off and even harder to give it the Punk treatment and still remain true to the songs Irish trad roots. I’ve heard plenty versions of this but this is seriously one of the best. Next onto ‘Ballad Of The Working Man’ and more traditional music but this time trad Punk. A bog standard Punk-Rock tune and absolutely fantastic. The tin whistles are put away this time for saxophone and the tale of working-class life strikes a chord in these tough times as the protagonist sees not much solidarity around him. David was lead singer of Irish Punks Hooligan who featured many times on these pages and his vocals are still as strong and powerful and here backed up by Rachel Lally on vocals is a great contrast.

For the last song we turn to Hooligan again and a cover of their great song ‘No Blacks No Irish No Dogs’. If Hooligan are remembered for anything then it should be this song. Recalling the anti-Irish racism of the 1950’s that newly arrived working class Irish immigrants found when arriving in England, especially the major cities, to work. Some play this down, even staggeringly In Ireland as it destroys their silly notions of ‘white privilege’, but talk to any Irish of that era or look up what they had to say and they’ll tell you.

(You can stream ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’ on the Bandcamp player below where it is also available to download as ‘name your price’)

Sadly that generation are in the main no more. Many moved back home and others passed away but we can be thankful for them. They were the people who fought and struggled and lived their lives so that one day the Irish as a race here could live in peace. The song rattles along in that accessible way The Dead Irish seem to have with chugging guitars and thumping drums and bass with plenty ‘whoops’ and mandolin keeping it well lit!

I was a huge fan of Hooligan back in the day (though I’m not sure if they are officially no more?) so it’s great to hear David back again. He has a real knack for writing superbly catchy and accessible music that is neither weak kneed or cliched. On top of that The Dead Irish have found a fresh approach to Celtic-Punk that will gain them plenty of fans. The band are doing something pretty novel for both the Irish Punk and Folk scenes and surely to God their must be market for it back on ‘the auld sod’ as I’m pretty sure their is over here!

CD’s of Lost In The City are available via the bands Facebook page

Contact The Dead Irish  Facebook  YouTube  Instagram

Here is Hooligan’s original version of ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’ performed in north London a few years back on my birthday with me there singing along in the background!


We bloody love Australian Celtic-Punk and get really excited when news filters through of a new band coming through and Madigan’s Wake are worth getting excited about!  

Their is something about Australian Celtic-Punk that hits the nail right on the head. It has a grittiness and a rawness about it that is unsurpassed in the scene. The bands have a way of story telling within their songs and subjects that somehow touch upon the history, places and working class politics of Australian life no matter what the subject they are singing about. So we always get a bit excited when we hear of a new band developing over there on the t’other side of the world.

Madigan’s Wake formed in 2021 with brothers Damian and Albert Peck on guitar, mandolin and Irish bouzouki and taking up the main Punk vocalist roles. On violin and tin whistle is Elly D’Arcy who also takes on lilting vocal solos amongst their fast-paced set. Brent Quirk takes his place behind the drum kit and the mixing desk and Jimi Coelli on the bass guitar. Taking traditional Folk instruments and combining them isn’t new but the way they do comes across as fresh and original. This year sees the release of two singles and their debut album through the independent Melbourne record label, Headstone Records. Elly and the Peck brothers come from strong Irish backgrounds and they followed the same path as many 2nd and 3rd generation Irish, listening and loving traditional Irish folk music from the Dubliners, Wolfe Tones, Irish Rovers and Planxty at home and getting into Punk music away from home. Added into the mix were great Aussie bands like Weddings, Parties, Anything and Roaring Jack and you have a dynamic blend of intense, fast-paced story-telling music. Their songs are narratives of Irish people both now and gone before who fought for justice, freedom and a life of opportunity.

Madigan’s Wake left to right: Jim Coelli – Bass * Damian Peck – Vocals / Guitar * Elly D’Arcy – Violin / Tin-Whistle * Brent Quirk – Drums * Albert Peck – Vocals / Mandolin / Irish Bouzouki *

Their debut self-titled single is out now on iTunes and Spotify and is a nod to the Peck brother’s maternal grandfather Thomas Patrick Madigan drawing on memories of growing up in the Madigan family with all its chaos and adventure, the drinking and dancing, with their flaws and generosity, and of life in this working class family in one of the roughest and toughest suburbs in Melbourne, Port Melbourne.

“The gentrified people of Port Melbourne today would be horrified at what the Madigan’s put the good people of Port through back in the day. But as kids we loved it and we loved them. So Madigan’s Wake is a tip of the cap to an amazing, real and often crazy family and to a time long gone.”

Madigan’s Wake Madigan’s Wake
You know the crowd will be so great
Madigan’s Wake Madigan’s Wake
For drinking they won’t hesitate
Madigan’s Wake Madigan’s Wake
Every room in hell will shake
Madigan’s Wake Madigan’s Wake
You better not be bloody late!
They picked him up and carried him
And threw him in the ground
They covered him with concrete
So he wouldn’t make a sound
They danced a jig to midnight then
Until the banshee yelled
“He pays the price in purgatory
That’s where he now does dwell”
The men were drunk by midday
And the women followed suit
We headed to the Bridge Hotel
We took our usual route
 We sang old Irish rebel songs
And then was asked to leave
I heard stories of my family
Embellished though they be
They toasted him and roasted him
And told so many lies
They said he was the greatest man
To ever be alive
 When the kids were put to bed
Then things got really strange
I heard my family speak in tongues
And roll around deranged
As the sun was coming up I went outside to cry
I was sad and broken hearted
That my grandfather had died
 So I walked back to East Esplanade
Where I thought his ghost would show
But I fell asleep and dreamt of him
Where I thought he’d NEVER GO!
 Madigan’s Wake Madigan’s Wake
You know the crowd will be so great
Madigan’s Wake Madigan’s Wake
For drinking they won’t hesitate
Madigan’s Wake Madigan’s Wake
Every room in hell will shake
Madigan’s Wake Madigan’s Wake
You better not be bloody late!
Recorded at Headstone Records in December 2021.
Thanks to Headstone Records and video producer Cameron Galea.
Their debut album has been recorded and mixed by Brent Quirk, and mastered by Tony Mantz from Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering in Melbourne. Release date is not until February 2023 and will be simply titled Madigan’s Wake. Expect their second single ‘Before the Devil Knows I’m Dead’ in October 2022 and a third single in February 2023 ‘Thunderbolt (The Gentleman Outlaw)’ that will precede the album.

Contact Madigan’s Wake  Facebook  YouTube  Spotify


The Lagan / Dirty Artichokes / Anto Morra at The Bird’s Nest, Deptford, London

Thursday 4th August 2022

It had been a while since we put on any bands and had even debated whether or not to keep doing so but presented with the opportunity to put on Italian band Dirty Artichokes we just couldn’t say no. On their way to Outcider Festival down south and (sort of) passing through the big smoke we rounded up a couple of the best the London Irish had to offer and let the bands do what they do best. Séan Cregan was there and enjoyed the night so much he had to get it into print!

A lovely sunny Thursday evening sees me heading down to Deptford south London. I arrive at the Little Crown, a small recently refurbished Irish pub, for a few liveners with Mark, Amy and Pat before making the short walk to the Birds Nest one of the few remaining live music venues where gigs are usually free (as tonight’s is) and the drinks are reasonably priced unlike the eye watering six pounds fifty at the New Cross Inn down the road.

The Birds Nest has also had a makeover in recent years, which was well needed as in the past you’d struggle to see the band stuck in the corner with no stage. This has now thankfully been rectified with a stage centre front of the bar, making for a small cosy up close and personal experience for both bands and punters alike.
As it’s Amy’s birthday the drinks are flowing and the bar is getting another makeover by way of London Celtic Punks stickers (get your own from the LCP Shop) liberally splattered about the gaff. The evening’s entertainment begins by way of Punk / Folk legend Anto Morra who warms up the still arriving crowd with his humour and medleys of Punk and Folk classics. For a Thursday night the place is jumping and it’s standing room only for the late arrivals. The Dirty Artichokes are a new one for me but boy were we in for a treat! The nine piece Italian band from Turin shuffle onto the stage filling every inch. The fiddle player had to stand on a speaker cab as there was literally no room left. We are then entertained for the next forty minutes by some of the most energetic Celtic Folk / Punk it has been my pleasure to witness.

(The Dirty Artichokes final song of the night recorded now for posterity!)

The lead singer is a bald, bearded, whirling dervish who engages the audience with his energy and passion. He also plays a mean tin whistle. The fact that most of the songs are in Italian matters not a jot to the crowd who have started jigging about loving every minute. I can’t recommend this lot enough and I was left wanting more and cheering like a lunatic. Nothing to do with the trays of Sambucas that have been necked to toast the birthday girl I’m sure.

The band finish with a rousing cover of the Anti Fascist favourite ‘Bella Ciao’ before leaving the stage to make way for the evening’s final turn. The Lagan (named after the Belfast river) are a five piece that play souped up traditional Irish Celtic-Punk at its best. I’ve seen them a few times now and they never ever disappoint and tonight is no different as they put on a blinder of a set, with loads of us singing along, as the night draws to a close. Well at the Bird’s Nest anyway. Check out their debut album ‘Where’s Your Messiah Now?’

We saunter off into the night well oiled and satisfied. We find the Amersham Arms still open and serving and drink into the small wee hours. Not too shabby for a Thursday night in South London.

Up the Celts!

Photos – Anto / Amy / Séan / Donny / Pat

We are pleased to welcome Séan Cregan to our ‘roster’ of London Celtic Punks writers. Séan is a second-generation London-Irish boy through and through. Lived here all his days and has absolutely no interest in ever moving away. “A man who is tired of London is tired of life” said someone once. He is currently in the process of writing his autobiography of a life well lived. His previous works include 24/7 – Prison Poems From An Anti-Fascist still available from https://www.paypal.me/AFpoems for £4 and we look forward to many more pieces here.



The latest in our series of reviews of albums from the past that deserve to be aired again! Folk Friends was two volumes of music released in 1978 and 1980 featuring a wealth of Folk music artists live in session in Germany. Almost four hours of music and all available to download for free. The first volume was published last week and today is Volume Two.


Folk Friends was a series of two albums recorded live in Germany and featuring a broad selection of artists from Ireland, Germany, England, Scotland and the USA. The music here takes in traditional Celtic Folk, American Blues-inspired Folk and even some German traditional music. Both volumes of the albums were recorded at Hannes Wader’s home and studio, Windmühle ‘Fortuna’, Struckum near Husum, North Friesland, which was a renovated windmill. The sessions would produce two 90-minute double vinyl albums with the first volume released in 1978 and then Volume 2 appearing two years later. While most compilation albums of this type would feature songs from different times and releases this is a historic record of all the artists playing either solo or together over a few days and is a truly unique recording of these sessions of outstanding musicians and friends.

Folk Friends 2 are

Derroll Adams * Ramblin’ Jack Elliott (USA) * Davey Arthur * Finbar Furey * Andy Irvine * Dolores Keane (Ireland) * Alex Campbell * Dick Gaughan (Scotland) * Guy Carawan * Candie Carawan * Werner Lämmerhirt * Hannes Wader (Germany) * Wizz Jones * John Faulkner Danny Thompson (England) *

Folk Friends Volume two was recorded between 16-28 October 1980 at the ‘windmühle’ and was again produced by Carsten Linde and recorded and mastered by Günter Pauler.

Tracklist : 1. Wizz Jones & Andy Irvine – Two Hundred Miles Away 0:00 2. Dick Gaughan – The World Turned Upside Down 4:06 3. Andy Irvine – Seamen Three 6:45 4. Derroll Adams, Wizz Jones, Danny Thompson & Davey Arthur – Columbus Georgia 10:09 5. Werner Lämmerhirt & Wizz Jones – Born To Live With The Blues 14:32 6. Dick Gaughan – The Father’s Song 18:36 7. Finbar Furey & Danny Thompson – Yesterday’s People 22:20 8. Guy Carawan, Candie Carawan, Danny Thompson & Werner Lämmerhirt – Take The Children And Run 24:58 9. Andy Irvine & Dick Gaughan – Thousands Are Sailing To Amerikay 28:18 10. Hannes Wader, Werner Lämmerhirt & Danny Thompson – Es Ist Ein Schnee Gefallen 32:49 11. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right 35:38 12. Candie Carawan & Guy Carawan – Voices From The Mountains 39:22 13. John Faulkner & Finbar Furey – Bloody Sunday 41:13 14. Finbar Furey, Davey Arthur, Dick Gaughan, John Faulkner, Jörg Suckow & Lydie Slopianka-Auvray – Siege Of A Nation 45:44 15. Dick Gaughan – Lassie Lie Near Me 49:51 16. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott & Werner Lämmerhirt – Me And Bobby McGee 54:32 17. Alex Campbell, Finbar Furey, Dick Gaughan& John Faulkner – The John MacLean March 57:35 18. Dolores Keane & John Faulkner – Jamie Foyers 1:01:47 19. Dolores Keane, John Faulkner & Andy Irvine – Green Grows The Laurel 1:05:32 20. Finbar Furey, Dolores Keane, Andy Irvine, Dick Gaughan, Davey Arthur & John Faulkner – The Waterford Waltz 1:08:58 21. Wizz Jones & Danny Thompson – Planet Without Plan 1:11:53

*This CD edition is an abridged version of the original vinyl release, lacking three tracks (“The Green Fields Of France / No Man’s Land / E Ist”, “Es Lebte Eine Gräfin Im Schwedischen Land” and “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”).


“Folk Friends” isn’t just the name of a folk group. They are not a permanent formation, but a friendly network of folk singers and musicians from different countries. The “Folk Friends” come from Germany, the USA, Ireland, Scotland and England. They know each other very well, some of their friendships have lasted for decades. Despite different backgrounds and languages, they still have a lot in common.

They are all professional singers. They live from the income they earn through performances, their own concerts, records, books, radio and television programs and their own compositions, texts and arrangements. They sing their own songs or folk songs and are paid for it. They play the folk music of their home countries and receive fees from the promoters who engage them. That was not always so.
Each of them was an amateur to begin with. Everyone started out making music because they liked it. In those times they couldn’t make a living from their songs or folk music. There were hardly any opportunities to perform and only a few professional folk musicians in each country. Each of the “Folk Friends” was once a street singer, singing on a busy corner, in front of cinemas or in squares for passers-by who threw a few coins into their hats or guitar cases.
Guy Carawan was already singing at the crossroads of Los Angeles and other Californian cities in the 1950s. Derroll Adams and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott hitchhiked through the USA and came to Europe as traveling singers, where they sang to the people on the street every evening between 1957 and 1962, mainly in the Paris bohemian district of Monmartre. Finbar Furey was already playing Irish gypsy music in small pubs and at carnivals with his father Ted when he was 12 years old. Alex Campbell and Wizz Jones sang folk songs in front of London Underground stations. Hannes Wader and Werner Lämmerhirt made street music on the Kurfürstendamm before they were allowed to play in Berlin’s artist and student pubs for little money.
They all crossed paths at different times. They met at festivals or after concerts. They met each other by chance on the street in Basel or Copenhagen. They sat down together, made music together, talked about their lives, talked about friends and acquaintances, about politics and art. Despite occasional language difficulties, they got along well. Thus, from the intersection of their encounters and similar living conditions, trust and friendships developed, which deepened more and more. They received musical inspiration from each other, some of whom occasionally performed together or helped each other with record productions. They speak a very similar musical language.
What connects them all is the conception of their work and their music. They do not understand folk music or folk music as romantic “field, forest and meadow folklore”. They not only sing love songs or songs from ancient times that touch the heart, but also songs that tell of people’s struggle for democracy and freedom. They sing traditional songs against oppression and paternalism. They sing songs that still ring shrill in the ears of the powerful and they don’t like because they take sides for the interests of the so-called “little man”. So they see their songs as political songs. They stand in a long tradition, which they creatively develop for today’s times and circumstances. They also sing because they believe in progress that consists in
And they have something else in common: they belong to the generation of musicians who, over the years and decades since the Second World War, have helped to establish folk music as a separate genre alongside rock, jazz, classical and pop music. Most of them have had a great influence on many younger – and in some cases more commercially successful – musicians and singers and have helped to establish and keep alive the so-called “folk scene” in their countries. Of course, this is the work of many and not a few folk friends.
The 15 musicians, who performed some of their favorite songs with a lot of personal commitment and audible joy of playing in changing groups or solo, had complete control over the repertoire selection, the arrangements and the sound of the recordings in this production.

Carsten Linde, 1980

For your free download click below



Czech Republicans Foggy Dude keep the music coming with a song about everyone’s favourite lady companion that’s as Celtic-Punk as can be. 

With a couple of solid releases behind them (check out their last EP More Ain’t Less especially) Foggy Dude have bounced back after the pandemic as if it never happened. Already gigging and recording, ‘Dirty Kelly’ their latest single comes hot on the heels of another recent single ‘Ode To Flying Spaghetti Monster’. Formed in 2017 by a bunch of Czech Technical University friends in Strahov in the Czech Republic capital of Prague. They have fully embraced a varied Celtic-Punk sound and have for me become one of the freshest sounding bands in the scene.

Foggy Dude left to right: Joe – Acoustic Guitar * Pe’ta – Drums * Caba – Mandolin * Ilia – Violin * Jirka – Tin Whistle / Accordion * Max – the new bass player*

Sometimes in the past Foggy Dude have enjoyed singing a traditional Folk song like ‘Tell Me Ma’ but with risque lyrics and that gave them the idea for ‘Dirty Kelly’. So putting together some standard Irish tropes, some not-so-subtle lyrics, a catchy happy melody and then in the middle a craic-ing Irish jig and finally a sprinkle of some Foggy Dude magic they came up with this brilliant song. The video was filmed at the Žižkovšiška Club so go check them out if you’re in town. Thanks to Nikola Lizlerova for acting out Dirty Kelly even though she arrived on set direct from Pub 10 with a massive hangover that lasted until they had the hair of the dog (a beer and a shot)!

Dirty Kelly busty Kelly
You’re my favourite type of jelly
Dirty Kelly you’re so sweet
Best kind of a treat

Englishman took all my sheep
Bloody bastard
But you keep me on my feet
Dirty Kelly

The sweetest peach with the most tender peel
Stopper of a speech and reel
Best you’ll ever see

Scotsman stole my fucking horse
Bloody bastard
But without you it’d be worse
Dirty Kelly

The longest legs that do excite
Fancy afterwork delight
She will do you right

Dirty Kelly lusty Kelly
You’d be a muse of Boticelli
Dirty Kelly, finest art
Keeper of my heart

Leprechaun has fucked my wife
Bloody bastard
Now you’re the flower of my life
Dirty Kelly

The greatest fear of the brides
Lures away even the righteous guys
Revered more than anything

MUSIC: Recorded by Kryštof Skřipec and Ondřej Skřivan * Mix and master by Kryštof Skřipec * Produced by Foggy Dude

VIDEO: Camera and editing by Lukáš Nesvadba * Artwork by Drunken Joe

Download Dirty Kelly  https://linktr.ee/foggydude

Contact Foggy Dude  Facebook  YouTube  Instagram

ALBUM REVIEW: THEIGNS & THRALLS – Theigns & Thralls (2022)

The new project from Skyclad vocalist Kevin Ridley Theigns & Thralls sees the release of their self titled debut album and while it may divide Metal fans it’s one that should get Celtic-Punk fans very excited.

Theigns & Thralls is a new band formed by vocalist and songwriter Kevin Ridley. Kevin has been a long time member of the English heavy metal band Skyclad who always played with strong Folk influences throughout their music. The plan for Theigns & Thralls was to be a somewhat ‘occasional band’ for the times when Skyclad were inactive. With the pandemic though the idea took on a new lease of life and became a collaborative recording project. Calling on his many friends in the music scene across Europe, twenty-five musicians from bands like Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Cruachan, Waylander, Celtibeerian and Metal De Facto as well as a handful of solo musicians contributed. Everything from drums, bass, guitar, violin, whistles, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and vocals were covered and the result was the first Theigns & Thralls single, ‘Drinking’, in February this year.

I think you can divide the album into three parts with the the first few songs leaning more into Celtic-Punk territory before becoming more Metal / Rock influenced while the last few songs, mainly the bonus tracks are more folky / experimental. The album kicks off with ‘Procession’, a short bagpipe intro that builds and builds and leads straight into album title track ‘Theigns & Thralls’

“from Magna Carta to the age of reform,
suffrage is still not the norm for one and all,
still theigns and thralls.”
which gives us a chance to explain the name ‘Theigns & Thralls’ which means masters and servants in Shakespearean era English. While many of the Metal style flourishes are left the pacing of the song is classic Celtic-Punk which ought to please fans of both. Kevin Ridley says about the song:

“I decided early on to have an eponymous album, so the album had the same name as the band, but I also thought to go one stage further and add a song with the same name. As it is the opening song, I wanted it to up-tempo and be anthemic as it also conveys some of the band’s underlying philosophy, in terms of its socio-political stance. Again, Dagda’s pipes helped to lift the song and I really enjoyed adding a bit of old-school harmony guitar here.”

As mentioned above it was the song ‘Drinking’ that really set things off for Theigns & Thralls. The album version is longer than the video and contains the ‘drunken guitarist’ intro. A anthemic song unlikely based on a 17th century poem by Abraham Cowley with a multitude of players on it, including Emilio Souto on guitar, Jonne Järvelä on mandolin and Dave Briggs on whistle. Band founder Kevin adds:

“I came across an old poem called ‘Drinking’, I thought folk-metal and drinking, what could possibly go wrong? Again, this song has a big chorus and I thought it would be good to ask all the people playing on the album to add some backing vocals and do a little video of themselves recording it so we could make it into a video.”

A great song that encapsulates the fun side of Theigns & Thralls. Catchy and with the most perfect pint / fist in the air chorus I’ve heard in a good while.

Next up is the first version on the album of the fiddle led ‘Strive’ with its thudding and ominous bass followed by ‘The Lord Of The Hills’ which has a 70’s English Folk ring to it. ‘Life Will Out’ is another song that has two versions her. This one significantly better than the one that closes things. Female vocal from guest appearances from Celtibeerian accompanies Kevin (using a voice transformer) with bagpipes and chugging guitar giving it a dark feel. ‘The Highwayman’ begins with a rather cheesy spoken word intro before tearing into a rockin’ version of the 1906 poem by Alfred Noyes. Set in 18th-century rural England, the highwayman is in love with Bess, a landlord’s daughter. Betrayed to the authorities, the highwayman escapes ambush when Bess sacrifices her life to warn him. Learning of her death, he is killed in a futile attempt at revenge. However, their souls reunite after death. Speaking of love, courage, and sacrifice, perfect themes for Theigns & Thralls. ‘Today We Get To Play’ is the most Celtic-Punk track here and actually reminds me of a handful of bands from the scene in it’s upbeat-ness!

‘The New Folk Devils’ touches on serious subject matter of judging people on their looks from Mods and Rockers then to immigrants today. Slow enough to take in Kevin’s vocals it’s followed by ‘Flora Robb’ an instrumental Folk number with excellent piping. The album part of Theigns & Thralls ends with ‘Not Thru The Woods Yet’ and a superb catchy song which brings to mind Flogging Molly. The first of the bonus tracks is ‘Over The Hills And Far Away’ and ought to be familiar to people on this side of the pond due to it’s time being used as the theme song for the classic British TV series Sharpe starring the king of Yorkshire himself, Sean Bean. Performed again in that 70’s English style. ‘The Queen Of The Moors’ is, I think, the only Skyclad song here featuring on their 2017 album Forward Into The Past. To close out the album the last three songs are a a acoustic version of ‘Strive’ followed by the shorter video version of ‘Drinking’ before the curtain comes down with a Electronic / Industrial remix of ‘Life Will Out’ that I’m afraid didn’t interest me at all at first but I rather got into after a few plays!

The album seems to have divided fans of Folk-Metal in that many were expecting the album to be a lot heavier than it is. I don’t understand though why these folk would imagine the point of setting up another Skyclad when the original is still running! We on the other hand absolutely love it and why not it’s a steady mix of Celtic-Punk, Folk, Folk-Metal and classic rock! Saying that at just under a hour it is far too long and some of the bonus tracks are a bit unnecessary. Perhaps it might have been better to release them independently as a EP. Now that the album is out Theigns & Thralls have put also become a ‘touring band’ in their own right but as of going to press gigs are mainly in Europe excepting a short tour her in December taking in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Kent and Lancaster.

Buy Theigns & Thralls RockshotRecords

Contact Theigns & Thralls WebSite Facebook Spotify


The latest in our series of reviews of albums from the past that deserve to be aired again! Folk Friends was two volumes of music released in 1978 and 1980 featuring a wealth of Folk music artists live in session in Germany. Almost four hours of music and all available to download for free. The first volume is presented here with Volume Two to follow next week. 


Folk Friends was a series of two albums recorded live in Germany and featuring a broad selection of artists from Ireland, Germany, England, Scotland and the USA. The music here takes in traditional Celtic Folk, American Blues-inspired Folk and even some German traditional music. Both volumes of the albums were recorded at Hannes Wader’s home and studio, Windmühle ‘Fortuna’, Struckum near Husum, North Friesland, which was a renovated windmill. The sessions would produce two 90-minute double vinyl albums with the first volume released in 1978 and then Volume 2 appearing two years later. While most compilation albums of this type would feature songs from different times and releases this is a historic record of all the artists playing either solo or together over a few days and is a truly unique recording of these sessions of outstanding musicians and friends.


Folk Friends One are:
Guy Carawan * Candie Carawan * Derroll Adams (USA) * Alex Campbell (Scotland) * Wizz Jones (England) * Finbar Furey * Davey Arthur (Ireland) * Werner Lämmerhirt * Hannes Wader * Jörg Suckow * Matthias Raue (Germany)

Alex Campbell (left), Davey Arthur (top centre), Finbar Furey (bottom centre)

The first album was recorded during six days in June 1978 and was produced by Carsten Linde and recorded and mastered by Günter Pauler.

Tracklist : 1. Werner, Jörg & Matthias – Six Days on the Road 0:00 2. Finbar, Hannes, Alex, Jörg & Davey – Night Visiting Song/Dat du min Leefste büst 05:13 3. Guy, Werner, Finbar & Davey – Planxty Irwin 8:17 4. Derroll & Wizz – I’m Sad and I’m Lonely 10:34 5. Finbar, Werner & Jörg – Lonely One 13:38 6. Guy, Candie & Matthias – The Trail of Tears 18:25 7. Hannes & Jörg – Willst Du Dein Herz mir schenken 21:48 8. Wizz & Davey – Night Ferry 24:10 9. Guy, Candie & Werner – I Remember Loving You 28:57 10. Finbar, Alex, Davey, Jörg & Derroll – Derroll in the Rain 32:23 11. Guy, Hannes, Davey, Matthias, Derroll, Finbar & Werner – Who Will Sing for Me? 37:13 12. Werner, Guy & Candie – Walking Down the Line 41:42 13. Wizz, Guy, Finbar & Davey – Old Molly Hare 44:53 14. Hannes & Guy – Brüder, seht die rote Fahne/Hold The Fort 46:12 15. Alex, Finbar & Davey – One Day We’ll See Them 49:52 16. Derroll & Wizz – Black Jack Davey 53:31 17. Wizz & Hannes – New National Seven 56:15 18. Alex, Guy, Candie & Derroll – Aragon Mill 58:59 19. Derroll, Hannes & Davey – Pay Day At Coal Creek 1:02:40 20. Finbar & Jörg – John of Dreams 1:07:05 21. Finbar – Alex’s Dream/Ned Walsh’s Jig 1:10:48 22. Hannes, Guy, Werner, Finbar, Davey, Candie, Alex, Susanne, Wizz & Derroll – When The Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune For The Night 1:12:45


Singers, guitarists, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bagpipe and dulcimer players from several European countries and the USA, who had been friends with Hannes and each other for many years, met here in Hannes’ windmill.
From the American south, Guy and Candie Carawan brought oppressed minority songs, timeless new songs and their hammered dulcimer. Guy and Hannes met for the first time in 1968 at the Waldeck Castle festival and have since met whenever Guy is on tour in Germany.
The American banjo player Derroll Adams traveled from Belgium. He knew Guy Carawan from the USA in the 1950s before he emigrated to Europe himself. In the years that followed, Derroll had a significant influence on the development of the folk scene in France and England as a street musician and through guest appearances in clubs.
His friend Alex Campbell from Glasgow – who had also lived as a street singer in Paris in the early 1960s and is still a role model for many folk singers – was now sitting in the windmill, as was Wizz Jones, guitarist and songwriter from London, who had been a singer since the 1960s works as a professional singer-songwriter.
Finbar Furey had come from southern Ireland and as a bagpipe player he cannot be overestimated for the more recent development of Irish folk music. He had brought his many flutes, new songs of his own and his friend Davey Arthur, who was causing a sensation in Finbar’s band “The Fureys and Davey Arthur”.
Werner Lämmerhirt, one of the leading folk guitarists in this country, was also there. He had toured with Hannes Wader between 1971 and 1973 and recorded with Alex Campbell, Guy Carawan and Hannes Wader before beginning his own successful career.
And finally Hannes Wader, the host himself. Without his encounter and involvement with Anglo-American folk, his development as a German singer-songwriter and folk singer would have been different. His roots in German folk music, which has been broken several times, and his musical talents form the point of reference to all these fellow musicians who have been shaped in living traditional folk cultures.
Jörg Suckow and Matthias Raue also come from Germany, bringing in their skills on cello and fiddle and taking on choral parts.
Martin and Gertrude Degenhardt, who have been involved with the folk scene in Germany since the first Waldeck festivals, were involved throughout the entire recording time at the Mühle. They observed and sketched the musicians, the cover illustration is the result of their impressions.
Günter Pauler, who recorded the music and kept it up day and night with concentration and good humor, used a Nagara IV S and a TEAC 80-8 eight-track machine with dbx and Sennheiser and AKG microphones. Mixing was done on a Nagara IV S.
Hannes, Guy, Derroll, Alex, Wizz, Davey and Werner had met by chance in recent years when their paths crossed on tours or at festivals. Sometimes, on the fringes of the action or backstage, they would unpack their instruments and play songs and melodies they liked. From time to time they also held sessions and found that they got along well not only musically but also personally. Out of this friendly relationship, they finally met in the mill – regardless of their “market value” or exclusive ties to agencies or record companies – and started making music together without much ado. Much of that friendly, laid-back vibe echoes in the music and songs on this album. The enthusiasm to sing and play together in different groups and to be able to try out new musical possibilities can be heard atmospherically and as a feeling in every song. All songs and instrumentals are audio recording premieres in the changing combinations of the Folkfriends.
The artists involved chose the titles they ultimately wanted to record, in consultation with one another, and arranged their music and songs together. With no pressure to produce their music as a usable product within a set time, they held their sessions in the garden and in the large room of the mill right in front of the microphones.
Such a living room – even in the “seclusion” of a rural environment – is not a soundproof studio with noise-absorbing floor coverings and the warning red light “Caution, recording!”. The farmers’ tractors drove past Hannes Mühle and the dogs from the neighborhood fought in front of her. Occasionally such noises penetrated through the closed doors and windows and thus got onto the tape. However, all of them deliberately regarded these atmospheric noises as secondary if a recording seemed unrepeatable and unique in its feeling (eg on Derroll’s “Pay Day At Coal Creek”).
It wasn’t about making recordings as they are possible “clean” in costly recording studios – albeit in a sterile environment, often in forced isolation of the musicians and only with the help of playback methods. These recordings are genuine “live” recordings. They were created in the congenial interaction of all participants with very few exceptions without playback. Because musicians are people whose feet tap the rhythm of their music, whose fingers sweat and then produce overtones when running fast on the guitar strings and because their breath can be heard when blowing flutes, these noises were deliberately recorded. No attempt was made to filter them out using technical means, as is normally done.
Musicians are not machines whose products are subject to a predetermined or even external norm, but sensitive people who express their sensations and feelings as essential design elements in their songs and melodies. Seen in this way, the recordings of the “Folkfriends” reflect a free, very personal atmosphere that dispenses with technical refinements. And seen in this way, folk music is direct and easy for everyone to understand and do without much complex technology.

Carsten Linde, 1978

For your free download click below



It had to come didn’t it? It’s the end of our short series of Q Ans A’s with the members of English Celtic-Folk-Punk band Ferocious Dog. After today you should know all you need to hold any of them in a depth conversation!

It’s fitting that the last night should go to Ken the band’s frontman and founding member to bring down the curtain. They say don’t meet your heroes but Ken is, was and will be a pleasure to chat to. A humble man of many talents. 

Name / Nickname : Ken Bonsall (Red Ken)

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 54

Status : Acoustic guitar/Lead singer/co-founder/Band Merchandise Printing

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Born in Warsop Nottinghamshire, England

Where do you live : Warsop

Occupation : Musician/Foster Carer

First job : Coal Miner

A job you would have loved to do : Ski instructor

What / Who makes you laugh : Monty Python

Favourite movie star : Victor McLaglen in The Quiet Man

Favourite film / TV show : Schindlers List/Peaky Blinders

Favourite band/s :  The Pogues, Levellers, Rancid, The Dubliners, Flogging Molly, The Specials, Pennywise and Mcdermotts 2 Hours.

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Flogging Molly, The Pogues, McDermotts 2 Hours, The Real McKenzies, Drop Kick Murphy, Mr Irish Bastard, The Dreadnoughts.

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : The Lagan, Shanghai Treason.

First and last record you bought : Uprising Bob Marley

How many instruments can you play : Guitar, ukulele

How many bands have you been in : 1 Ferocious Dog

Favourite venue / gig attended : Neds Atomic Dustbin at Rock City Nottingham.

Favourite venue / gig attended : The Pogues, Rock City Nottingham

Favourite gig : When Ferocious Dog played Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands

Describe yourself in 5 words : A Socialist through and through

Most embarrassing moment : When I got my words wrong on my wedding day.. Doh!

Favourite song and why : Raglan Road sung by Luke Kelly, amazing voice and my inspiration as a singer of Folk music

Favourite album and why : Out Come the Wolves, Rancid. Amazing album, no fillers.

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: Singing The Glass, written about my late Son, Lee Bonsall.

Team/s supported as a kid : only one team for me, Mansfield Town

Favourite sportsperson : Bode Miller

Favourite sport : Football

All time hero : Dennis Skinner

Favourite book : The man who broke into Aushwitz

Best friend : My dog Jess

Biggest influence on career : Luke Kelly, Shane McGowan, Nick Burbridge (Mcdermotts 2 Hours) and Simon Friend (Levellers)

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : Always accept a helping hand in the music industry and swallow your pride.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Derbyshire Dales

Your five dream dinner guests? : Che Guavara, Lennin, Bob Marley, Lord Tony Benn Tim Armstrong(Rancid)

Your favourite quote : Half of them sat over their are crooks.. Dennis Skinner about the Tory party

Anything to plug / promote : Our album The Hope is still flying high in the Official U.K. Folk Charts at number 16 since we released it last October. Any sales/streams are very much appreciated. We’re also off on tour in Europe and U.K. with Flogging Molly soon so we hope to see some of you there. We have our own U.K. and European dates too so look out for those on our website

Contact Ferocious Dog  WebSite  Facebook  YouTube

Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund  Facebook

Pivotal to the ethos and drive of Ferocious Dog is the sad fate of Ken’s son Lee. Lee served in Afghanistan from the age of 18, and upon rejoining civilian life took his own life in 2012 at the age of just 24, unable to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from seeing one of his friends being shot dead by a sniper. Lee is commemorated in the Ferocious Dog songs ‘The Glass’, ‘Lee’s Tune’ and ‘A Verse For Lee’. This gave rise to The Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund which raises money and awareness for causes close to the bands heart. Lee’s story was featured in a BBC documentary Broken By Battle. It was Lee that actually named the band as a child.

Not long now to when Ferocious Dog share the stage with Flogging Molly so if you haven’t got a ticket then why the hell not ????

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Continuing our informal chats with the very pleasant fellas of Ferocious Dog. I may eventually turn these Q And A’s into a set of Top Trumps!

Fifth night and turn of the drummer Luke to have a go and impress us! No real revelations here ‘cept he likes funny cat vids and loves his old man. 

Name / Nickname : Luke Grainger

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 33

Status : Drums

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Born In Nottinghamshire

Where do you live : Kirkby-In-Ashfield

Occupation : Engineer-Laser Operator

First job : Head of logistics for JYSK. (The Danish IKEA)

A job you would have loved to do : Rally Driver

What / Who makes you laugh : youtube Cat videos

Favourite movie star : Cristoph Waltz

Favourite film / TV show : Original Total Recall

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Flogging Molly

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : Shanghai Treason

First and last record you bought : Beastie Boys Anthology, Santana Abraxas

How many instruments can you play : Drums, Electric bass, Double Bass

How many bands have you been in : Not sure, at least 20 I think.

Favourite venue / gig attended : Ace Cafe London

Favourite gig : headlining Rock City

Describe yourself in 5 words : Useless, Selfless, Emotionless, Boring, Tired

Most embarrassing moment : The amount of sticks I break or drop on stage is pretty embarrassing

Favourite song and why : Hard for me to chose one favourite

Favourite sportsperson : Rodney Mullen

Favourite sport : Skateboarding

All time hero : Fred Dibnah

Biggest influence on career : My Dad

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Sweden

Your five dream dinner guests : Ronald Mcdonald, Colonel Sanders, Chester Cheeto, Mr Whippy, Tony The Tiger. At least you wouldn’t have to cook.

Your favourite quote : I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

Anything to plug / promote : FEROCIOUS DOG 😀

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A week of getting to know the Folk-Punk folks from Ferocious Dog continues…

It’s the turn of the man responsible for many talentless shysters walking around now. Sam Wood who got all his fair share of musical talent and all ours too!

Name / Nickname : Sam Wood

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 34

Status : Multi instrumentalist

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : As far as I’m aware, various parts of the British isles

Where do you live : Nottingham

Occupation : Musician

First job : On a farm

A job you would have loved to do : Tree surgeon. Driving a big tractor of some kind

What / Who makes you laugh : Alan Partridge

Favourite movie star : Steve Coogan

Favourite film / TV show : Red Dwarf

Favourite band/s :  Primus, The Haunted, Children Of Bodom, Rhapsody Of Fire

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Rumjacks

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : Shanghai Treason are great

First and last record you bought : Smurfs Go Pop ’97 and Minatore’s demo

How many instruments can you play : Somewhere in the region of 15 -20… maybe more

How many bands have you been in : Many Rock / Metal bands. As well as Ferocious Dog I’m in a pirate metal band

Favourite venue / gig attended : Primus and the Chocolate Factory at Birmingham O2

Favourite gig : They’re all wonderful

Describe yourself in 5 words : Very very bad with words

Most embarrassing moment : I recently got locked in a small van on a hot summers day 10 minutes before I was due on stage. Was eventually rescued by a steward who heard my banging and cries for help

Favourite song and why : NSFW by psychosrick:D lots of swearing

Favourite album and why : Mew – and the glass handed kites. Very well crafted album

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: I once played special guest bouzouki on a Okilly Dokilly song live. They were a Ned Flanders themed Metal band

Team/s supported as a kid : Mansfield Town FC and Sheffield United

Favourite sportsperson : Paul Peschisolido

Favourite sport : UFC

All time hero : Alex Laiho

Favourite book : The Hobbit

Best friend : My girlfriend Mikala and my housemate Dave

Biggest influence on career : Daron Malakian

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : Don’t sit next to Ken on the bus

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Hobbiton, New Zealand

Your five dream dinner guests? : Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran, Steve Coogan, Rowan Atkinson and Ian McKellan

Your favourite quote : “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday!”

Anything to plug / promote : Our album The Hope is still flying high in the Official U.K. Folk Charts at number 16 since we released it last October. Any sales/streams are very much appreciated.

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Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund  Facebook

Read The Others  Dan Booth   Nick Wragg   Kyle Peters  

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Third in our short series of Q And A’s with the charming fellas from Ferocious Dog. Responsible for taking Celtic-Punk back in the UK album charts after 30 odd years be sure to check out latest album The Hope and see them near you on tour.

Having recently joined the band on guitar Kyle has got stuck straight in and here’s a few things about him that may come in handy for the DHSS!

Name / Nickname : Kyle

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 31

Status : Guitarist

Where do you live : Nottingham

First job : Granulating waste plastic

A job you would have loved to do : Anything but granulating plastic

Favourite band/s : The Clash, Green Day , Frank Carter

Favourite venue / gig attended : Has to be Rock City..  when I was a kid I got kicked in the head by the bassist from The God Awfuls as he was swinging from some scaffolding in the basement during a song called the kyle song !  

Favourite gig : Seeing Green Day on their American idiot tour at Nottingham arena

Describe yourself in 5 words : Charming, handsome, courageous, outstanding, modest

Favourite song and why : Scrapper Blackwell’s nobody knows you when your down and out . its just raw emotion and probably has the best chord progression ever

Favourite album and why : Green Day’s American Idiot, the entire album from start to finish is really enjoyable and seems to sums up the human condition perfectly

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: I enjoyed writing Pocket Of Madness, it’s was a first for me writing for the band so I looked forward to hearing how it was going to turn out.

Team/s supported as a kid : Newcastle, my dads side are Geordie

Favourite book : Waking Up by Sam Harris

Biggest influence on career : I still to this day think Green Day’s American Idiot is a masterpiece

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : We recently made a stop in Menorca, it cured my hangover pretty well so probably there .

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READ THE OTHERS – Dan Booth   Nick Wragg

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We continue with our short series of Q Ans A’s with the members of English Celtic-Folk-Punk band Ferocious Dog. 

Today we are happy to be featuring Nick the relatively new bass player for the band and also front-man of the North of England’s finest purveyors of nautical nonsense and swashbuckling shenanigans, Iron SeaWolf. He is also a fan of the ‘king of Yorkshire’. All is revealed below…

Name / Nickname : Nick Wragg

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 27

Status : Bass Player

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Cumbria, UK

Where do you live : Nottingham

Occupation : Musician

First job : Forester

A job you would have loved to do : Tropical Ecologist

What / Who makes you laugh : Lord of the Rings memes

Favourite movie star : Sean Bean

Favourite film / TV show : Treasure Planet

Favourite band/s : Minor Threat, The Pretty Reckless, Gojira Wolfmother

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands :  Fiddlers Green, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly

First and last record you bought : Deep Purple Live in Japan, latest: Hymn of the High Seas -Antti Martikainen

How many instruments can you play : Guitar, bass, viola/violin, and piano

How many bands have you been in : Too many

Favourite venue / gig attended : Bloodstock Festival

Describe yourself in 5 words : A man of many hats

Favourite song and why : Thing We Believe In – Orden Ogan, makes me feel like I can do anything

Favourite album and why : Emerald Seas – Seven Seas, the music is so rich and well written to go with the concept story its like going to a whole theatre show

Favourite song you’ve been involved in : Three Sheets to the Wind – Iron SeaWolf

Favourite sportsperson : Callum Powell

Favourite sport : Parkour

Favourite book :  Wheel of Time

Best friend : Sam Wood

Biggest influence on career : Sam Wood

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : Start before you are ready

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? : Tuscany

Your five dream dinner guests? : Mollie King, Sam Wood, Jack Kosto, Benj Cave, Demi Bagby

Your favourite quote: There’s what is, and what ain’t, and there’s what you do about it

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Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund  Facebook

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Welcome to Part 1 of our special ‘Ferocious Dog Week’ of these Q and A’s with the guys from our favourite Celtic-Punk band – Ferocious Dog. It is based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth (anyone remember Shoot! or Match Weekly?) where we got to know what car our favourite football player drove and of their undying love for the music of Billy Ocean!

Originally it was planned to just have whoever from the band got back to us first but with some recent changes to the line up i thought why not ask and see if they would each like to take part and being a band with a clear fan-based ethos they obliged. I’ve never known a band quite like them for having such a link to their fan base. One big family is how people often describe them and with a tour with Flogging Molly just around the corner taking in three countries that fan base is surely going to grow. So without further ado here is Part One and founder member of the band and Man United supporter, like meself, Dan Booth.

Name / Nickname : Dan Booth

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 42

Status : Violin player/co-founder/band manager

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Born in Nottinghamshire, England. Grandad was from Clydebank in Scotland

Where do you live : 4 miles south of Nottingham in a village called Ruddington

Occupation : Musician

First job : Stores Manager for an IT repair company

A job you would have loved to do : Footballer for Manchester United but unfortunately my body was never really designed for that job

What / Who makes you laugh : Great stand up comedy shows such as Live at the Apollo

Favourite movie star : Samuel L Jackson

Favourite film / TV show : Match of the Day, UFC & Pulp Fiction

Favourite band/s : Oasis, Arcade Fire, Levellers, The Wonder Stuff, James, Carter USM, NWA, Dr Dre

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Flogging Molly, The Pogues

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : Shanghai Treason

First and last record you bought : Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac and Yard Act

How many instruments can you play : Violin and guitar

How many bands have you been in : 2  Ferocious Dog & The Beetroot Kings

Favourite venue / gig attended : Idles at Rough Trade in Nottingham

Favourite gig : When we played Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands

Describe yourself in 5 words : A man of few words

Most embarrassing moment : When a may bug climbed my shirt during a show and I was bouncing round stage like an idiot  I think the whole crowd was laughing   Was funny

Favourite song and why : Laura by Flogging Molly  I just think it’s perfectly structured and so beautiful yet powerful

Favourite album and why : NWA – Straight Outta Compton  because not only is it well written but it tackles Police brutality on the black communities in America

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: Playjng What You Know with the Levellers on stage around 14 times when we toured with them    Jon asked me if I’d like to do a fiddle off on that song to end the shows   Was a lot of fun

Team/s supported as a kid : Mansfield Town FC and Manchester United

Favourite sportsperson : Paul Scholes & Valentina Schevchenko

Favourite sport : UFC & football

All time hero : Dr Dre

Favourite book :  Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Best friend : My fiancé Anna

Biggest influence on career : Jon Sevink and the Levellers

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : Never eat yellow snow

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Nottingham where I live now  it’s my favourite city in the world  If I was forced to pick another then maybe Barcelona   I loved spending time there, it’s a really chilled place

Your five dream dinner guests : Eric Cantona, Samuel L Jackson, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Isreal Adesanya

Your favourite quote: A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends

Anything to plug / promote : Our album The Hope is still flying high in the Official U.K. Folk Charts at number 16 since we released it last October. Any sales/streams are very much appreciated. We’re also off on tour in Europe and U.K. with Flogging Molly soon so we hope to see some of you there. We have our own U.K. and European dates too so look out for those on our website 

(Dan guesting with up and coming Sheffield band Shanghai Treason)

Contact Ferocious Dog  WebSite  Facebook  YouTube
Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund  Facebook


Remember the heat-wave couple of weeks ago? Well it’s raining here now! Welcome to a typical English summer. Never mind though here’s another Odds’n’Sods to keep you occupied for a bit. A whole load of Celtic-Punk entertainment from all the scene’s bands big and small, established or just starting out.

Sadly we start with news of the death of three figures that London Celtic Punks can say were close to us. First our great friend and comrade Scott very sadly passed away last month. To say this was a shock is a massive understatement and all of us here will miss the stand up guy that Scott was. Sometimes you meet folk who are universally loved by everyone they meet. So much that when they share some of their time with you you feel it is a real privilege. An all round good guy was Scott and he will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all who crossed his path. Our thoughts and prayers to his family and his many friends.

Irish singer Cathal Coughlan, frontman with acclaimed indie bands Fatima Mansions and Microdisney, recently died aged only 61. His family announced the news, saying he “slipped away peacefully in hospital after a long illness”. Born in Cork, Coughlan formed Microdisney in 1980, relocating to London in 1983. Playing smooth jangling indie-pop they were much admired though chart success eluded them. Splitting up in 1988 he formed Fatima Mansions, whose output included everything from intense punk-adjacent rock to Europop and romantic balladry, with Coughlan celebrated for his intense delivery. Their masterpiece was their second album, Viva Dead Ponies, on which you never know if you’re going to get something as hauntingly melodic as ‘The Door-to-Door Inspector’ or something metallic and industrial-influenced like ‘Look What I Stole for Us, Darling’. Here is a link for a free download of this classic album and our thoughts are with Cathal’s family and friends.

Finally Mark Astronaut of the 80’s /90’s /00’s /10’s/ 20’s band THE ASTRONAUTS. Born out of the English Anarcho-Punk scene it was Mark’s lyrics that lifted the band into another world and while the music often flirted between Folk, Punk and Prog-Rock it was his words that made the band. A typically shy English eccentric who seemed to be born into the wrong era sometimes. I had the good fortune to meet him and put on his band numerous times even to the point when he once told me that I was the only promoter who would book him. Beautiful story telling lyrics sung with passion and belief.

The great Yorkshire Celtic-Punks SHANGHAI TREASON played live at Silverstone Woodlands on the weekend of the British Grand Prix last month. Here’s them performing ‘Drowning Heart’.

Our favourite Czech Republican Celtic-Punk band FOGGY DUDE have a new single out ‘Ode To Flying Spaghetti Monster’ accompanied by a fantastic video. Black Metal style beginning continued with a sea shanty and followed by a true Celtic-Punk kick ass symphony, even non-Italians should be delighted.

FORFOCSEIC is the Celtic Punk solo side project of Boston-based singer/songwriter Thom Dunn and he is releasing some absolutely stunning Celtic-Punk with just him and himself playing all the instruments. Check out his latest offering two versions of the great Shane MacGowan penned track ‘Streams Of Whiskey’. We will be reviewing his album Ní Neart Go Cur Le Chéile in the next couple of weeks after we have had a proper listen!

THE KILMAINE SAINTS released a new video of their cover of the House Of Pain classic ‘Jump Around’ recorded live at last months Celtic Fling festival.

I love a bit of Psychobilly me and here’s German band THE DIGGERZ doing a wicked cover of sea-shanty and Celtic-Punk staple ‘Drunken Sailor’.

THE MULLINS are proud to present the first single from their upcoming eponymous album! It’s coming out September 17th and you can pre-order to help the band out.

Indonesian Celtic-Punk is the best and we were taken aback at the great new single from WOLF FROM HOME from Pantura. Guys if you see this send us more information on the band.

The prolific Irish singer-songwriter KEVIN O’DRISCOLL has another album out recently Rebel Blood, Fenian Heart. You can check it out on Spotify.

Last month was news of a new Mahones album and tour and today we can tell you of the release of Time To Burn by the Punk supergroup ULTRABOMB. Made up of Greg Norton of Hüsker Dü. Jamie Oliver of the U.K.Subs and Finny McConnell of The Mahones. These guys are going to be a force worth reckoning. Their recent UK tour was cancelled and no news on it’s re-arrangement yet.

THE WORKING CLASS SYMPHONY are one of the best Celtic-Punk bands in the world? You don’t know them well that’s probably because they are from Indonesia and you haven’t given them a fair chance. We love and guarantee you will too. Check them out on You Tube and Facebook and look forward to catching them live at the end of the year. They are heading over sometime between December – January and need the help of the Celtic-Punk community. If you can help with the tour in any way then drop them a line and let them know.

REINA ROJA – Hooligan Folk (review on its way!)

THE DEAD IRISH – Lost In The City EP

RAISE MY KILT – Raise My Glass

ULTRABOMB – Time To Burn

NICK HART – Nick Hart Sings Ten English Folk Songs

Remember we cannot review it if we don’t hear it first!

REINA ROJA from Madrid have a new album out this month. Having already heard it I can tell you now it is bloomin’ brilliant and I’m looking forward to reviewing it. Hopefully they’ll have some decent live videos out by then but here’s a vid that’s a couple of years old and shows them off.

In the 9 years we’ve been doing this plenty of bands have passed us by. We can’t see everything after all so this column is to remind us of bands that never made these pages at the time but deserve another mention. These hopefully come with a free download like today so you can help yourself to some free music. Formed in 2005 LAD CUIG were a Catalonian Celtic-Punk band that changed styles around 2013 and released their second album album Poemes de Destrucció in 2016 and it’s available as a ‘name your price’ download. Lád Cúig are still going strong and released the album From Within at the end of last year.

SINFUL MAGGIE have a new album, Psychos And Sycophants, out soon and the album launch will be 1st October down sarf where they live. Dublin Metal style acoustic Folkies THE SCRATCH are touring in December and playing Camden Underworld on December 15th. Expect to see a few of us at that one. NEW MODEL ARMY play 3 Christmas dates ending at the Roundhouse on the 10th. FLOGGING MOLLY tour in August with support from good folk FEROCIOUS DOG (see above for dates) and DROPKICK MURPHYS play the London Arena in January. You’re welcome to post in any gig or tour info and looking forward to including some news from The Working Class Symphony soon!

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The brand new album from The CundeeZ. Pure Dundee scheme Rock’n’Roll wi bagpipes!

It does literally seem like just the other day that Dundee band The Cundeez released anything. Geeez It is the boys 6th studio album and follows swiftly on the heels of Teckle An Hide which made #4 in the London Celtic Punks Best Celtic-Punk Album of 2020. On that album the only criticism I saw anywhere was that their was too much of it and they could maybe have cut a couple of songs from the sixteen  (!) presented. Too much of a good thing perhaps. Anyway it was a fantastic album and an album that won them many new fans and praise. In the meantime they released a Scotland football song for the European Championship and have carried on post-Covid where they left off – touring, touring, touring.

Here for Geez It they have confined it to only ten songs but the running time is till almost forty minutes and for a Punk band that is some length. Now a lot of Punk albums could really drag at that but The Cundeez mix of genres, passion and tongue in cheek humour keep it fresh throughout. They also manage to continue confusing those us not use to the Dundonian accent that even scientists say is more like a foreign language.

The album kicks off with ‘Bog o Riffs’ and an absolutely f’ing brilliant instrumental. With a menacing air and Goth/ Post-Punk feel it’s a great start and Gary’s fantastic bagpiping is out of this world. Seriously one of the best pipers in the Celtic-Punk scene. I love it when The Cundeez do these instrumental’s of which their are many dotted through their back catalogue. ‘Geeez It !’ is more straight up Cundeez fair. A Punk Rock number with no frills just catchy shouty chorus leading into ‘East Meets West’ and a song that steers directly into port with a tale of sea-bound deeds and mis-deeds and even ends with a clip from the beloved kids TV show ‘Captain Pugwash’ if I’m not mistaken.

As I’ve said many times when reviewing them they cover plenty of ground, and they always have done, but ‘Rockabilly Revolution’ was a bit of a surprise as the guys go full on Rock’n’Roll with a song wouldn’t disgrace any R’n’R band on the circuit. Joined by their mate Calum ‘Boydie’ Macleod from Peat & Diesel. A hilarious great video (you can only watch on Facebook) sees the lads dressed up ala Russ Abbot all it’s missing is the double bass. Geez It is mostly original numbers but they have a habit, alongside their more traditional ones, of chucking in some unlikely instrumentals and this time it’s a superb bagpipe and keyboard heavy version of Martha And The Muffins 1980’s smash hit ‘Echo Beach’.

“I know it’s out of fashion
And a trifle uncool
But I can’t help it
I’m a romantic fool”

We’re ploughing through and ‘On The Ran Dan’ sees the boys on the pish around Dundee. Drinking songs are must in Celtic-Punk and don’t forget these guys are just ordinary working class Scottish guys so there’s gonna be no niceties here and definitely not any safe spaces! Now The Cundeez have a fantastic relationship with the band Peat & Diesel and I guess this is partly due to their love of the island of Stornaway in the western isles. With a population of just under 7000, according to the 2011 Census, 43% of still speak Scottish Gaelic. ‘The Stornaway Stomp’ is another straight up Punk number with them paying tribute to all things ‘western’.


Not sure who the song ‘CG McGeddon’ is named after but here the guys rock hard while Gary speaks of the danger of loneliness and isolation. It’s the modern curse especially among young men.If you’re feeling the pressure their are people out there to talk to.

The summer of 2021 saw a rare outing for the Tartan Army when they qualified for the European Championships. The Cundeez celebrated with the release of ‘Kilts On Taps Aff’ by far the best of a slew of football songs released at the same time. Dismissed by the English media they gave the fancy-dan English millionaires a real fright and could have easily won the game between the two if they had only had a wee bit of luck. The Scottish fans also made many friends with their joyful exuberance (pissed) celebrations.

The curtain comes down with ‘The Old Forge’, a bagpipe heavy instrumental specially written in recognition of the small and extremely remote Inverie community in western Scotland, who successfully took control of the local pub in a community buy-out scheme. The Western Isles boat that takes you there is called The Old Forge CB.

Having safely sailed past their 10th anniversary a couple of years ago they have settled on while not just a sound but a whole host of genres that make that sound. Never afraid to mix it up The Cundeez show once again that they are so much more than just a Punk band. That’s a label that they are unashamedly proud of, and rightly so, but underneath the initial first glimpse theirs a real depth to the band and they do it all with a sense of humour and humility most new Punk bands don’t have a clue about. A band with a mission and a night out with The Cundeez is guaranteed to wear out the soles of your feet and I can testify that they are perfect house guests as well!

To buy the CD of Geez It contact The Cundeez directly

or download via Amazon

Contact The Cundeez  Facebook  YouTube  Spotify  Twitter

ALBUM REVIEW: PADDY’S PUNK – ‘With Full Horse’ (2022)

German band Paddy’s Punk play Irish Folk-Punk, classic Irish Folk and Celtic-Rock and have been on our radar for a couple of years now. With the odd video and song sneaking through it’s been a long wait for their debut album With Full Horse. 

Paddy’s Punk were founded in 2017 in the area of Dessau / Leipzig in what use to be East Germany before unification with the West in 1990. I have spoken before on this site about the affinity between Germany and Celtic music and culture but especially with that of Ireland. Time and time again when I have met German folk I have been impressed by their knowledge of Irish culture, music and history. That Celtic are by far the most popular foreign team among German football supporters is testament to that affinity. There are several theories for this but my guess is that the Germans love a drink, … err …. how do I put this … don’t support England and love a good party so it has got to be between us and the Mexicans. And we are closer!

I’ve always met Germans in Ireland and I remember many years ago as a kid having a conversation about the Wolfe Tones with a German tourist while waiting on a train at Limerick Junction. The folk from Paddy’s Punk are no different and made numerous visits across the Irish sea before deciding to combine their love for Irish music and their musical roots (from bands such as Faust, Die Tornados and Red Point DC) as Paddy’s Punk. It’s been four years since their first release Sláinte Mhaith. A six track EP that came out on vinyl and CD and was released by Hoehnie Records. Five of their own compositions and one cover of raw, melancholic and melodic tracks. It stood out at the time for having female vocals and while we never like to labour issues like that it made a refreshing change not only because they were female but, more importantly, because they were also bloody good. The EP is still available (on green vinyl) from Hepcat Records.

Paddy’s Punk left to right : Torsten – Piano / Keys / E Pipe / Flute / Vocals * Acki – Electric Guitar / Banjo / Vocals * Ori Tom Paddy – Drums / Vocals * Alina – Front Vocal / Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar * Franze – Bass Guitar * Hannah – Violin / Vocals *

So the time has come for their first (of many I hope!) full album With Full Horse. Fourteen new tracks released on their new label Smith And Miller Records kicking off with the title track ‘With Full Horse’an instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place in any Irish pub across the world even when the electric guitar starts chugging along!

The main single for the album was ‘Five Points’ which popped up on You Tube back in March to announce the forthcoming album. The song is named after the 19th-century slum neighbourhood in New York City. At it’s height it was home to the New York Irish escaping An Gorta Mór (the great hunger) and only London’s East End vied with it in the western world for disease, infant and child mortality, unemployment, violent crime and other examples of ‘white privilege’. Alina’s vocals are a treat and in that typical European way her English is absolutely perfect and she even gives it a slight Irish tinge. The music is kind of laid back Punk-Rock with Folky interludes. The kind of music that crosses over several boundaries and I’m sure would see the band at home at Punk and Folk gigs. ‘Hangover’ is the album’s first drinking song. A necessary staple of German Celtic-Punk bands. Catchy, foot tapping stuff for the oldies or get in the pit and have a bounce round for the young guns. ‘Evening Rise’ was another single and video released just this week.

Paddy’s Punk have never overly relied on covers so they can be forgiven for ‘Fields Of Athenry’. It may be a tad overdone in the Celtic-Punk scene but it is a great song and I never get tired of hearing bands trying to give it a new twist. Alina’s vocals are fittingly beautiful while the band rock it up but stick to the tried and tested formula but still give the recently deceased Pete St. John’s song their own stamp. ‘Irish Friends’ slows things down and tells of the band’s visits to Ireland and the friendships they made.  ‘Paddy Wagon’ sees the band turn up the Irish to 11 with one of the album’s standout tracks.

The band are covering all the required bases here and next up is a proper shit-kicking expertly played Irish instrumental, ‘Spirit Of Lettermore’ named for a village in county Galway. ‘Pictures’ is another standout. A cracker with dual vocals, chugging guitar and amazing fiddle. ‘Mairi’s Wedding’ is a Scottish Folk song written in the 1900’s and is perhaps most famous these days after being recorded by Ferocious Dog and is one of their live favourites. Paddy’s Punk play it brilliantly not straying too far again from the usual sound but I still bloody loved it. ‘Waiting For Someone’ sees them swirling and waltzing away while ‘Need A Drink’ sees them sounding not too unlike The Pogues (the only time on this album I can compare them to anyone else) until the guitars and drums come crashing through the door! Only three covers out of fourteen which is highly commendable as they manage to take some well known songs and make them their own. ‘Danny Boy’ sees them playing this most treasured of Irish songs leading us into final track the hauntingly stunninginstrumental ‘Drommeland’.

Paddy’s Punk are a excellent band with some brilliantly crafted songs and that ability to be just Punk enough for the Punks and Folk enough for the Folkies. While it is the great vocals that really stand out here they are but one thing and you do need the songs and the musicians to match them and on With Full Horse they most certainly do.

Buy With Full Horse  CD- Smith And Miller

Contact Paddy’s Punk  WebSite  Facebook  YouTube  Instagram


Quite a week for Celtic-Punk fans with new singles from Greenland Whalefishers, Pronghorn, The Dead Irish and now a great track from Scotland’s The Gallowgate Murders forthcoming new EP Dead, Gone And Living On out at the end of the month. 

We are the dire streets of Glasgow, the mucky waters o’Leith, polluted Silesian coal mines and the 3 am sway of the Dublin pubs. We are THE GALLOWGATE MURDERS.

I remember a time on a wet cobble street
(Do or die!)
A gathering each night of the worse kinda bastards you ever will meet
(Hopes so high)
A hole in the wall hung a banner that we call home
(We kissed the sky)
Smacking a stack of the black with a man on his throne
We ain’t gonna change!
Gone away, those days are gone
But the memory still lives on
We’ll never forget and there’s no regrets
‘Cause only the bastards will sing this song
A bark at the bar will let everybody know
(Brothers in arms)
The dogs were about for a shout and the kitty would flow
(The streets were ours)
And on a Saturday night, when everyone closed their door
(We’d stay for hours)
The rockers, the punks and the drunks went to Studio 24
We ain’t gonna change!
Gone away, those days are gone
But the memory still lives on
We’ll never forget and there’s no regrets

‘Cause only the bastards will sing this song

Wherever you may roam
Keep to heart your home
Make those friends that fight to the bitter end
Dead and gone and living on they’re always in your soul
The booze and the sway and the chance to get laid in an opium haze
(Danced all night)
The cobble and stone and the blood crack and bone that would ruin your day
(Fall or fight)
The banshee would scream and we’ll listen til she called her last
(We lived life right)
And we’ll keep going strong on those bleak streets that paved our past
We ain’t gonna change!
We ain’t gonna change!

Gone away, those days are gone

But the memory still lives on
We’ll never forget and there’s no regrets’
Cause only the bastards will sing this song

Wherever you may roam

Keep to heart your home
Make those friends that fight to the bitter end

Dead and gone and living on they’re always in your soul


Only The Bastards – written by Tom Coyne
Only the bastards is a shout out to all the times we’ve had in Edinburgh’s alternative scene through the years. A shout out to the bars we love, the times we’ve had, and a homage to the friends we have loved and lost along the way.

The Gallowgate Murders left to right: Shelby (Anna) – Rhythm guitar, Vocals,Tin Whistle Tom – Vocals, Mandolin, Craig – Lead guitar Ryan – Bass guitar Sean – Drums

The launch for Dead, Gone And Living On EP is at Bannermans in Edinburgh on the 28th July. Tickets are available from here with support from Trongate Rum Riots (Who I thought had split up but really loved. Glad to see them back on the scene), Manic Romance and Richy Neill & The Reinforcements.

The six track EP Dead, Gone And Living On will be out at the end of July via band’s own label, Widdershins Productions and the next single will be ‘Sail Away’ which is a sea-shanty that tells the story of children snatched from the streets and shipped overseas to work as slaves. Based on true events, predominantly occurring in 17th-19th C in Scotland and Ireland.

Pre-Save the song here

The Gallowgate Murders  Facebook  YouTube  Instagram


Trad Punk from the depths of Dublin city!

Lost In The City is the first release from Irish trad punk band The Dead Irish. Filmed in Dublin, Ireland during February 2022 and released one evening in July. The band was formed during Ireland’s strict lockdown during 2021 and Lost In The City is the first single to come out from their first EP.

As I walked down to Dublin town one evening in July
I met a little girl on Grafton Street She smiled as she passed me by
Such a charmin’ elf I had to coax myself to see if I was really there
She looked so neat from her head to her feet
The colour of her nut brown hair
I said “hey little girl won’t you tell me your name”
And “can I walk with you a while?”
I’m lost in the city all on my own
Lost in the city far away from home
 On Chancery Street at the Christian Mission I was looking for a place to hide
At the gates of Mountjoy Prison I was trying to get inside
She looked at me through her big brown eyes
She looked at me and smiled
She said I am your destiny
We took off side by side
We wandered north, we wandered south
And then we wandered back again
We were lost in the city all on our own
Lost in the city far away from home
 When I woke up the next morning
 Well I knew she wasn’t there
She left no note, nothing that she wrote
Just a lock of her nut brown hair
Won’t you listen to my story boys Its a tale I have to tell
If you see the girl with the nut brown hair
 Won’t you say that I wish her well
We talked all night till the break of dawn
 And fell asleep in each others arms
Lost in the city to all her charms
Lost in the city
 All night long

Contact The Dead Irish  Facebook  YouTube  Instagram


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you assembled a mob of Punk musicians to play Folk, Country, Punk, Metal and Psychobilly?The short answer is the most rockin’ gig you’ve probably ever been to!

Undisputed kings of Cowpunk and the hardest and finest banjo / fiddle action you’ll ever come across. Pronghorn have been around since 1992, and this summer the band celebrates 30 years of playing home-grown Cowpunk, drinking warm cans of Stella, late night garage food and meeting a whole host of nutters, and ne’er-do-wells along the way.

In 1992 when grunge was what every self respecting alternative music fan was into, a group of friends decided to go against the grain and formed a band that the likes of Dorset and the world had never seen. Starting off by busking outside Debenhams in Bournemouth they played their first gig at the Brunswick Hotel in Charminster. The band was put together from the ashes of skiffle outfit Hoedown At Hanks, a Cult tribute band Blue Rain and local upstarts The Crunchy Tractors. They soon went onto busking outside more salubrious locations, Amsterdam Central Station, Copenhagen Homeless Hostels and Cherbourg docks to name but a few. As the band’s sound evolved with a mash of Punk, Country and Rockabilly which brought together the band’s very own genre ‘Cowpunk’. The line up has seen many changes over the years but the founder members, Toni Viagra and Lamma are still there, along with newbies(!) Ffi, Krusty, Gypo, Aussie Mike and Andy Law- who’ve only done the last fifteen years or so.

Old man rocks in his rockin’ chair, wrinkled face and long grey hair,
Drinkin’ moonshine, polishing his loaded gun
So, the old man goes down to the creek, huntin’ fishin’ needing meat
On a mission, get things done, get back to the bar for some Cajun fun
Psycho ceilidh in full swing, take your partner, flip and fling,
Left foot, right foot, stompin’ done, hogbitch around and let’s get flung.
Psycho country dance again, rootin’ tootin’ beers often,
Crickets sing, rooster crows, sun is up it’s time to go
Heavy on a hoedown, heavy on a fiddle,
Pickin’ on a banjo, vox on a riddle,
Swing yer gal to a rustic two step
Rompin’ stompin’ slammin’ to the music

Psycho Ceilidh’ is Pronghorn’s first single from their upcoming new album Welcome To Pronghorn Country on Lunaria Records. It’s due for release on 4th September, and can be pre-ordered on CD and vinyl from https://lunariarecords.com/pronghorn

Pronghorn  WebSite  Facebook  YouTube


A great week for Celtic-Punk fans with four new singles from four bands that are both well spread out geographically as well as musically showing that the scene is more diverse than ever before. Saying that the most ‘Poguest’ of all Celtic-Punk band Greenland Whalefishers knock it out the park once again with their new single. 

Now well into their 28th year Greenland Whalefishers have steadily become one of the most famous and respected and well loved bands in the Celtic-Punk scene. You would be right too to think that coming from Norway didn’t help in a scene where Celtic roots are sometimes given too much importance. The hard working band have toured just about every corner of the globe from their home in Bergen. Around long before the Murphys and the Mollys they have always been compared favourably with the kings of Celtic-Punk – The Pogues. They may have an unmistakable Poguesy sound (think first three albums) but they are in no way a covers band. They may sound ‘more like The Pogues than The Pogues are’ but with their constantly developing sound every album (of which their have been many) sounds fresh and innovative.

So how did we end up here again ?
Didn’t history teach us anything ’bout all the fucked up shit back then ?
Once again we’re killing each other, sister and brother, cannon fodder !
Another nation crying out for help in vain
So let’s drink to the brave and pray for the poor, and cry for those who lost a daughter or a son.
Let’s fight this war and let music be our gun !
In the end it doesn’t matter what words I say, what I think, what I feel or what chords I play.
It doesn’t really matter if I’m sober or drunk, ’cause after all… this is Celtic Punk !
So how can stand aside and just look?
When we were warned about it in all the history books !
Once again we’re bombing each other, father and mother, dead in the gutter !
 Another nation counting all the lives they took

Contact Greenland Whalefishers  WebSite  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  Spotify

Check back in a couple days for more new music!


The folk-punkers from Vancouver are back, with a new collection o’ songs to get ya up and dancing. Following our review of 2019’s Into The North, we now present some o’ the finest moments from the band’s latest offering, Roll And Go. Let’s get into it!

Roll And Go by The Dreadnoughts. Out on Stomp Records, home to most of the band’s material.

In case ye don’t know ’em so well, The Dreadnoughts are a 6-piece band hailing from the West coast of Canada. They refer to their brand of Celtic punk as “world-core cluster folk”, and these humorous songs are brought to you by a cast of musicians with equally humorous nicknames. Examples include Wormley Wangersnitch on fiddle, Drew Sexsmith (aka. Dread Pirate Druzil) on mandolin and banjo, and – perhaps best of all – The Stupid Swedish Bastard on drums. I wonder what fellow Celtic punkers Sir Reg would make of that one…😁

On a more serious note, The Dreadnoughts have toured and recorded pretty relentlessly since they started out in 2006. This new record gives the band another chance to showcase their experience. We kick off with “Cider Jar”, a short and unnerving intro complete with glockenspiel, of all things, and a bastardisation of “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star”. This is, of course, only the quiet before the storm.

Soon, we’re launched into “Cider Holiday”, which kinda speaks for itself 🍺 Everything that the Celtic punk fan knows and loves is on offer here – the 2/4 polka rhythm, the band’s street punk attitude, a chorus singalong and – of course – a nod to the ol’ West Country influences (i.e. Bristol way, to anyone outside the UK). Sean Astin pulled off a decent West Country accent in Lord of the Rings. In my estimation, these North American dudes aren’t too bad at it either.

Track #2 “Cider Holiday”. Gets the record going and the fans dancin’.


One of the standout tracks on Roll And Go has to be track #4 “Problem”. Not to be confused with the Sex Pistols song of [almost] the same name, the band get the klezmer/polka punk out here, and to brilliant effect. Slow Ride’s accordion and Wangersnitch’s fiddle link up well, and the lyrics are witty, funny, and very catchy. So call some mates, get some drinks in, and get dancing round the room to this one. There’s a “trippy” break in the middle of the song, if you need to catch your breath!

Don’t forget to check out the official YouTube video to this song too. In contrast to the energy of polka punk, this clip features the band doing absolutely nothing 😁 Fortunately, the fans in the video more than make up for it.

The official video to track #4 “Problem”. Try to stay in your seat – how the band managed to is beyond me.

“Battleford 1885” is more of a straightforward, hard rock song. It does have its Celtic influences, however, and I quite enjoyed this number meself. For those of us interested in history, the song refers to a wee town in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It was looted in the late 19th century by a party of Cree Native Americans, who were short on food supplies at that time.

Love music…with a difference

To sample the band’s own polka-powered take on a love song, try “Vicki’s Polka”. This is a touching, but bouncy tune with some sweet accordion passages to break it up. The Dreadnoughts regularly perform as a trad polka band at certain festivals, under the name of Polka Time. This song is a nod to that factor. Next time you’re thinkin’ of ideas for a date, don’t take your other half to a club. Go polka with them ☘️ As we all know, it’s a barrel o’ fun and you’ll both love it.

“Scrumpy-O” is a different kind of, er, love song, as it’s another dedication to the band’s favourite beverage. Scrumpy, for those who ain’t sampled it yet, is a cider originating in the good ol’ West Country of England. An angry-sounding bass intro by Squid Vicious (great name there) leads us into another Celtic punk thrash rhythm, complete with a West Country “Cider!” growl. I quite fancy a trip back to Bristol and a pint in the pub after listenin’ to this one. Make mine a Guinness though, please, my wife’s the cider fan 🍻

The loveliest song of all, though, is saved till last (well, second from last). Track #12 is the band’s take on traditional sea shanty “Bold Riley” – or “Reilly”, by their own spelling. Many a musician has covered this one, from Kate Rusby to fellow Canadians The Wailin’ Jennys. The ‘Nought’s rendition is similarly beautiful, while a soft percussive tap keeps time. One of my favourites on the album, and a song that puts me fondly in mind of “John Kanaka”, another sea shanty.

Track #12 “Bold Reilly”. Brings a tear to the ol’ eye.

Roll And Go

Last of all, we’re treated to the epic title track. The band pack everything they’ve got into this finale: a quiet acoustic intro, a build-up on drums, and then the heavy guitars to kick our ears into gear. The klezmer-polka influence makes a final return during the instrumental breaks. But it’s interesting how the band dial back the typical 2/4 thrash rhythm on this one. A well-worked ending to a well-worked album, and The Fang’s closing lyric made a particular impression upon me:

I’ve never known a better bunch of bully lads than you. And we’ll be back some fine and lucky day.

– The Dreadnoughts, “Roll And Go”

Give the title track a spin here:

“Roll And Go”, the title and closing track to the album.


What The Dreadnoughts have delivered here is a strong collection of songs, with clean and crisp mixing and mastering values. The six-piece continues to show its experience, but they’ve lost none of their Celtic punk grit on this latest offering.

Now…to support the band directly, buy yourself a copy of Roll And Go on the band’s Bandcamp page. If your CD or vinyl player’s long been consigned to the ocean floor (or the local dump), then you can get the album in digital format as well, from the same link above. If streaming’s your thing, then listen to it on Spotify or via Apple Music.

Last of all, communication is key as they say, so stay in touch with the band on their social media channels. They’ll tell ya what’s next, and when they’ll be appearin’ in your neck of the woods. Find ’em on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Folk on, me hearties!

Andy x


As we celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post here’s our 9th and final special feature where we asked some of the overs and shakers of Celtic-Punk a few important questions like what was their first record they bought when they were 10!

The aim of this feature was initially to introduce some of the figures that I see contributing to the various Celtic-Punk media on the internet. I think I’ve done that but I also wanted to chat to the guys from the two main Celtic-Punk sites, John from Shite ‘n’ Onions and, today, Phil from Paddyrock.

Name / Nickname : Phil Duckworth / aka The Grinning Beggar

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 40 something

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Canadian

Occupation : IT / Digital Media Guy

First job : Catering at Boblo Island which was an Amusement Park

A job you would have loved to do : Producing and Editing music videos or owning a record company Anything to do with music.

What / Who makes you laugh : Kevin Smith I am a sucker for dick and fart jokes

Favourite movie star : Seth Rogan I guess. Don’t really pay much attention

Favourite film / TV show : MASH or Star Wars

Favourite band/s : Amigo The Devil, Evil Conduct, The Cult

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : The Pogues (of course)

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : They’ve been at it a while but Ogras has been kicking ass. Looking forward to the new album by Hoist The Colors too at the end of August.

First and last record you bought : First music was Super Trooper by ABBA on cassette but an actual album. The was Run DMC Tougher than Leather. The most recent was Rust: A Decade of Corrosion

How many instruments can you play : Not a one worth a damn but I like to tinker with my tenor banjo and I have an acoustic guitar I promised I was going to learn.

How many bands have you been in? : Zero !

Favourite gig / venue attended : Without a doubt the 2015 Get Shamrocked Festival was my favorite gig in general.

Describe yourself in 5 words : Dad, Music, Canada, Technical, Empathy

Most embarrassing moment : Too many to conclusively say. You just have to know me!

Favourite song and why : This changes daily and today I am loving The Press – It’s not what I want

Favourite album and why : Rum, Sodomy and the Lash – This album cemented my love of Celtic music before I even knew what it was! A perfect album front to back.

Team/s supported as a kid : As a kid I was not into sports, but I always loved pro wrestling thanks to my grandmother. With that being said my favorite would have been The Road Warriors

Favourite sportsperson : I don’t really have one.

Favourite sport : I am still a fan of pro wrestling and have been loving AEW

All time hero : Don’t necessarily have one, but I suppose the closest would be my father. He was always there when the shit hit the fan.

Favourite book : Hearts of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Best friend : Probably my buddy Mark or Roy. Though I’d really have to say both.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : If you never try you have already failed.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : I would love to live in Australia or be back in Canada. I’d be happy if I could just be a rogue and go wherever the wind takes me, long as my kiddos were with me,

Your five dream dinner guests : Bob Marley, Joe Strummer, My Grandfather, My friend Dan (RIP) and Banksy

Your favourite quote : We are the government and we are here to help. I’ve always found humor an obvious lies.

Anything to plug / promote: Music.. if you love music check out my Podcasts at www.PaddyRock.com and www.RocksteadyTonight.com – both shows also stream live on www.BootBoyRadio.net


As we celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post our special feature continues. Based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth it’s just a short series of questions about stuff’n’nonsense as me auld Nan would have said.

The second last of our short series and kind of apt to have Justin Keenan from Aussie Celtic-Punks The Go-Set as they were instrumental in the setting up of London Celtic Punks. After seeing how badly treated they were by a promoter in London a couple of us thought we can do this better and really look after them. A few years later we even put The Go-Set on in a sweat box in Brixton and they were truly amazing.

Name / Nickname : Justin Keenan – ‘Keeno’

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 40s

Status : Married

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Born in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia from Australian and Irish ancestry

Where do you live : Clifton Springs

Occupation : Teacher/musician

First job : Pulling beers at a dodgy pub

A job you would have loved to do : Have always wanted to be a sports reporter, or a travel writer

What / Who makes you laugh : Jim Jeffries and Doug Stanhope

Favourite movie star : Katheryn Winnick

Favourite film / TV show : At the moment I’m getting through Peaky Blinders, which I’m loving.

Favourite band/s : Lot’s of them. At the moment I’m digging The Menzingers, and I’ve circled back onto Alkaline Trio and the Lawrence Arms.

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Flogging Molly hands down for musicianship and dynamic.

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : Not really up and coming, but there seems to be a big movement of folk/punk type acts that are coming out of the US midwest at the moment. It’s an interesting and less traditional version of the folk punk blend

First and last record you bought : Just got the new Dave Hause

How many instruments can you play : Almost one.

How many bands have you been in : Only two full time.

Favourite venue attended : SO36 in Berlin

Favourite gig attended : When we played at Mighty Sounds in Czech a few years ago

Describe yourself in 5 words : Hmm….outdoors, curious, busy, family, laughter

Most embarrassing moment : Crowd surfing and getting dropped onto the bar, knocking over everyones beers and concussing myself

Favourite song and why : Jeez…. depends on the moment. Most beautiful song that I never grow tired of would be Fairytale of New York

Favourite album and why : Probably have to say Rancid ‘And out come the Wolves’ or The Pogues ‘If I should Fall from Grace with God’

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: We did a cover of Billy Bragg’s ‘Waiting for the Great Leap Forward’ as a fundraiser for a homeless mission. That was a fun project.

Team/s supported as a kid : Collingwood. Always and forever

Favourite sportsperson : Probably Shane Warne

Favourite sport : Cricket

All time hero : Ricky Ponting

Favourite book : Co. Aytch – memoirs of the American Civil War by Samuel Watkins

Best friend : I’m lucky to have a few.

Biggest influence on career : My family

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : Always move forward.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Australia is my home. I love Europe for short periods, particularly Germany, but I love my home.

Your five dream dinner guests : Jim Jeffries, Shane McGowan, Harry Shearer, Seth McFarlane, and GG Allin.

Your favourite quote: Hunter S Thompson’s quote about getting to the end of life like a beat up, worn out car, coming to screaching halt.

Anything to plug / promote : YES! The Go Set has a new album coming out in the early part of next year!

Here’s the live set from the sweaty basement of a Vegan restaurant in Brixton, south London. As filmed by Flat Cap Productions. The sound quality is not the best but you can feel the excitement of the night through the video. Is anyone out there able to help clean up the sound?


As we celebrate the ninth anniversary of our first post here’s #7 of nine special ‘interview’ type things. We wanted to have people who play a big part in the Celtic-Punk scene so here we go! 

Today we are pleased as punch to have Ray on board for our Q And A. Ray has been around a long time playing in Celtic-Punk bands as well as being the driving force (and only member!) of The Fighting 69th. He is now playing in Celtic band Ravenwalk and in his spare time is the North American correspondent for the London Celtic Punk site.

Name / Nickname : Ray/Raymond

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 31

Status : Engaged

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Buffalo NY. Irish, French, Polish, Scandinavian

Where do you live : Buffalo NY

Occupation : repair tech at a music store

First job : also repair tech at a music store

A job you would have loved to do : musician / producer

What / Who makes you laugh : British humour

Favourite movie star : don’t own a tv by choice

Favourite film / TV show : don’t own a tv by choice. But probably Casablanca

Favourite band/s : depends on the day. Social D is a mainstay

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands :  the perennial Flogging Molly or DKM but there are definitely hidden gems

First and last record you bought : First record-within a mile of home, Latest chili peppers new album

How many instruments can you play : play well? Only a few. But I will learn somewhat anything I can get my hands on

How many bands have you been in : 8? Ish. From pop to Celtic to new wave

Favourite venue / gig attended :  Dkm at town ballroom in Buffalo in 2004

Favourite venue / gig played : the 123 club in Morgantown wv

Describe yourself in 5 words : oh boy…eccentric?

Most embarrassing moment : where to begin…

Favourite song and why : So many favorite songs

Favourite album and why : Favorite albums are usually rockabilly

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: Battle wounds and bragging rights

Team/s supported as a kid : Boston Bruins

Favourite sport : Lacrosse or Hockey

All time hero : Fictional Atticus Finch

Favourite book :Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Best friend : several music friends over the years

Biggest influence on career : Ted Hutt hands down

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given :  everything Atticus finch says

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Probably Britain or Paris

Your five dream dinner guests? : John Locke, edmund Burke, Joe strummer, Ken Casey and John Adan’s.

Your favourite quote: Passionately curious-Einstein

Anything to plug / promote : Plugging Ravenswalk

Thanks Ray. Writer, artist and musician Ray is a credit to the American-Irish community and you can find a wealth of his material available at his Bandcamp site but please check out this overview of Ravenwalk we published in April.


As we celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post our special feature continues. Based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth it’s just a short series of questions about stuff’n’nonsense as me auld Nan would have said.

Great to have Ben from Hillbilly Irish band The Tan And Sober Gentlemen for today’s Q And A. The bhoys have a brand new album out that we reviewed just last week and we bloody loved it. A high energy combination of Irish, Celtic, Country and Rock’n’Roll that I’m not shy to tell you is among the contenders for album of the year!

Name / Nickname : Ben Noblit

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 30

Status : Single

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Chatham County, North Carolina/American/Irish, Scottish, Scotch-Irish, Icelandic.

Where do you live : Alamance County, North Carolina

Occupation : Musician

First job : Farm labor

A job you would have loved to do : Hunting guide

What / Who makes you laugh : Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favourite movie star : Andy Griffith

Favourite film / TV show : Justified

Favourite band/s : The Freight Hoppers, Gid Tanner & the Skillet Lickers, Tyler Childers, Waylon Jennings, Alison Krauss & Union Station

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Tossers, Pogues, Cutthroat Shamrock

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : 1916

First and last record you bought : Hank Williams’ Greatest Hits, Dylan Walshe’s All Manner of Ways

How many instruments can you play : 2

How many bands have you been in : too many

Favourite venue / gig attended : Scythian, Shakori Hills dance tent circa 2008

Favourite venue / gig played : Hacketts Bar, Schull, Ireland

Describe yourself in 5 words : Long-haired country boy

Most embarrassing moment : Split pants down the middle onstage

Favourite song and why : Pretty Saro-first song I learned to play

Favourite album and why : Alison Krauss & Union Station-Live. I listen to it most every morning while I make coffee.

Favourite song you’ve been involved in : All the Time, off of Tan and Sober’s “Regressive Folk Music.”

Team/s supported as a kid : Carolina Tar Heels

Favourite sportsperson : Dale Earnhardt

Favourite sport : Basketball, ice hockey

All time hero : George Noblit

Favourite book : Shelby Foote’s Civil War series

Best friend : My accordion player, Alan Best

Biggest influence on career : old-time fiddle player David Bass

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : The best judge of a man’s character is whether or not women feel safe around him.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Alamance County, North Carolina

Your five dream dinner guests : Dale Earnhardt, Shane MacGowan, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams

Your favourite quote : For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.-H.L. Mencken

Anything to plug / promote : New album by the Tan and Sober Gentlemen. “Regressive Folk Music” streaming now on all platforms

‘Cold Chicken Skin’ isn’t on the new album, Regressive Folk Music, but check it pout anyway and have a look at our review where you can find out about the history of the band and what the new album is like and hear some songs from it.


As we celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post our special feature continues. Based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth it’s just a short series of questions about stuff’n’nonsense as me auld Nan would have said.

Very happy to today have Matthieu from one of my own personal favourite Celtic-Punk bands Krakin’ Kellys from Belguim. They took the scene by storm in only 2017 and already have a fair few London Celtic Punk awards behind them. Matt is a regular contributor on Celtic-Punk social media and is the brains behind the bands fantastic videos.

Name / Nickname : Matthieu Hendrick (Mat)

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 37

Status : Married

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Namur, Belgium

Where do you live : Thynes (Belgium)

Occupation : Manager of a music school (www.rockscool.be) Graphic designer

First job : Freelance Graphic designer

A job you would have loved to do : luthier

What / Who makes you laugh : Sheldon Cooper

Favourite movie star : Kyle MacLachlan

Favourite film / TV show : Twin Peaks

Favourite band/s : Tool, Rancid, The Mars Volta

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Dropkick Murphys, Flatfoot 56

First and last record you bought : Tool – Aenima (first), The SemiTones – Mr nice guy (last)

How many instruments can you play : 7

How many bands have you been in : 4

Favourite venue / gig played : Dour Festival (Belgium)

Favourite venue / gig attended : Hellfest, Grasspop

Favourite gig : Antemasque

Describe yourself in 5 words : creative, tall, perfectionist, curious, complicated.

Favourite song and why : Antemasque – Providence This is the song that was the basis of the creation of my old band “Niitch” (with Oli and Steph of Krakin’ Kellys)

Favourite album and why : Rancid (…And out come the wolves) I listened to this album over and over in college when I skated.

Favourite song you’ve been involved in : Sycamore Trees (Niitch)

Team/s supported as a kid : Chicago Bulls

Favourite sportsperson : Michael Jordan

Favourite sport : Basketball

All time hero : The Goonies

Favourite book : The secret diary of Laura Palmer

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : Try !

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Scotland or Canada

Your five dream dinner guests : Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jordan, Dale Cooper, Catherine Winnick and Ennio Morricone.

Your favourite quote : “every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it; don’t wait for it; just let it happen. It could be a new shirt in a men’s store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot, black, coffee.”

Anything to plug / promote : Check out the new Krakin’ Kellys’ EP “Old ways, new day” in July !

‘Promised Land’ was the song that introduced the world to the Krakin’ Kellys and I’ve been in lurve ever since but here’s a video that Matt put out just a couple of weeks ago but was too shy to mention!


As we celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post our special feature continues. Based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth it’s just a short series of questions about stuff’n’nonsense as me auld Nan would have said.

Today we welcome Atle to our select club. Guitarist from Norwegian Celtic-Punk band Greenland Whalefishers. The word legendary gets thrown around a lot but these guys are the real deal. Older than both the Murphys and the Mollys they took what the Pogues legacy and gave it a proper good shake.

Name / Nickname : Atle-Hjørn Øien

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 43 years

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Norwegian

Occupation : Currently Station Manager for a car rental company at Bergen Airport for the 10th year.

First job : factory, working on assembling windows

A job you would have loved to do : Actually starting a new job this autumn as leader of a community center, and really looking forward to that.

What / Who makes you laugh : Jimmy Carr and Jack Dee

Favourite movie star : Robert De Niro

Favourite film / TV show : The Godfather movies and 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown .

Favourite band/s : The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie, Kiss, The Gaslight Anthem, Madness, Rancid.

Favourite Celtic-Punk band : The Pogues

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : Ogras from Norway. Released their second album in 2020 called No Love in the City. Great band!

First and last record you bought : I believe the first was KISS the Ace Frehley solo album and the last was a reissue of The Gaslight Anthems´ 59 Sound.

How many instruments can you play : drums, guitar, bass, and a touch of the piano.

How many bands have you been in : Hard to remember all projects, especially those way back in the early years. These are the 6 I can remember at the time being: Storebrors Danseband (swing and dancehall entertainment music), Car Crash (Rock and Punk), pSyndromatik (goth electronic punk-pop), The Foggy Few ( celtic pop-rock), Plasterwork ( 70s sound inspired by the E-street band) and Greenland Whalefishers .

Favourite venue played : It has to be ” Chemie Fabrik ” in Dresden Germany. A former factory, concrete buliding with terrible accoustics, but the crowd was insane and the venue was littearly steaming! The humidity was so high that the walls were wet with condense. Also a crazy guy were running around blowing flames with a torch. Also a big blast when we play an outdoor gig in Las Vegas on St. Patrick’s Day. And always great playing in London hooking up with the London Celtic Punks-team!

Most embarrassing moment : When we went to the USA and our gear was delayed being left behind in Frankfurt, so we had to go and buy the bare necessities. I bought a cheap badly litt tuner. So when I tuned the bass I accidentally tuned it one half note too high. So when we hit the stage in Hollywood, I went out high and flying sounding like total shit the first song through.

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: That´s hard to say as there are so many and they all have been a favourite at the time they were made.

Favourite song and why : Impossible to say as I guess that changes every week I think. At the moment I’m heavily into Madness and also The Specials which I saw live in Bergen a few weeks ago. Really love the 2tone bands from UK in the late 70s.

Favourite album and why : Two albums that I revisit on a regular basis are Revolver by The Beatles and the self titled first album by Rage Against The Machine. Revolver has a kind of pop-rock feel to it that never bores me. Rage Against The Machine is a very unproduced album, just plain and loud in your face, both albums never goes out of style and are very interesting in their own way.

Biggest influence on career : Brian Jones

Your five dream dinner guests : David Bowie, Shane MacGowan, Ace Frehley, Brian Jones and Patti Smith

Anything to plug : Support your local live venue!

A documentary about the iconic irish punk album Loboville by Greenland Whalefishers. 2001’s album Loboville opened the world for Greenland Whalefishers. By 2021 the band has toured 13 countries on 3 continents, released 10 studio albums, one live album, an uncountable amount of split releases with other bands, a documentary movie, a live in concert movie, an Ireland tour movie, a live corona-concert movie and several music videos. http://www.greenlandwhalefishers.com


Welcome to a new special feature that we will be running for the next few days to celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post. Based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth it’s just a short series of questions about stuff’n’nonsense as me auld Nan would have said.

Ten years of the London Celtic Punks site. It’s flown by and life has changed an awful lot. Next month it will be thirteen years since me and my lovely wife went on our first date to watch Flatfoot 56 at the Hope And Anchor and so I’m delighted that today’s Q And A is with Josh, Flatfoot 56’s piper that day and now again on a full time basis.

Name / Nickname : Josh

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 37

Status : Married

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Born in the Chicago area, my ancestry is the Robertson Clan from Scotland, specifically the Elgin area is what I’ve been told. Although my mom’s side is also a combination of Dutch, English, Norwegian, and a tiny bit of French.

Where do you live : The Chicago area

Occupation : Product Support Rep for a company that makes equipment for testing and troubleshooting the railroad signal system (had no idea this was even a thing until I started there).

First job : Unofficially, I was a laborer for my Uncle’s bricklaying business. My first on the books job, besides working in Flatfoot 56, was in the Prepared Foods department at Whole Foods Market.
A job you would have loved to do : I suppose I would have and still would love to do a remote job that would allow me to work wherever I wanted during the day (including in the van on the way to a show), and then I can rock and roll at night. That would be the dream.

What / Who makes you laugh : Leslie Nielsen in pretty much anything. Also my wife, she can be hilarious.

Favourite movie star : I’ll go with Leslie Nielsen.

Favourite film / TV show : Mystery Science Theater movies, and The Simpsons, Futurama, the Office (fan of both British and US!), Arrested Development, and more.

Favourite band/s : The Pogues, the Adicts, the Ramones, Blaster the Rocketman, the Beach Boys, and more.

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : The Real McKenzies, Flogging Molly, and the Tossers

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : They’ve been around for a long time, but the Killigans from Lincoln, Nebraska are so good. We did play with a Celtic punk band from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania called Hold Fast who were great, too.

First and last record you bought : My very first record was Weird Al’s “Dare to be Stupid”, and I still love it. My most recent record is from a local Chicago punk band called Squared Off, the album is “Glory Days”. It’s good!

How many instruments can you play :  Bagpipes, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Piano, those are the main 5 instruments. But I’ve dabbled and a bunch of others ha.

How many bands have you been in : I’ve been a member of 4 bands, counting the bagpipe band where I learned the pipes. But I’ve played as a guest in a whole bunch of random bands over the years.

Favourite venue / gig attended : My favorite venue was the old Bottom Lounge in Chicago. My favorite gig I’ve attended was the “Parting Glass with Shane MacGowan” Pogues show in 2011 at the Congress Theater in Chicago….soooo good!

Favourite venue / gig played : This is a very hard question. But Cornerstone Music Festival gigs were amazing and crazy, we had so much fun. And for favorite venues played, I was very fond of playing at this great place in Grand Rapids, Michigan called the Skeletones, a lot of fun memories there.

Describe yourself in 5 words : Positive, humorous, authentic, creative, loving….those words come to mind and I would like to think they describe me, and hope that’s generally some of the ways people would see me.

Most embarrassing moment : I think I have plenty, but one that comes to mind is the time when Flatfoot 56 was playing a show in Colorado, and I tried a slice of pizza which had “artichoke” as a topping. I had never had that on pizza before, so I figured, ”What the hey?” Well, an hour later, when we were playing, I really had to use the toilet. I also was wearing my kilt, so I really really didn’t want to risk wasting any time. As soon as the song ended, I interrupted the band’s set and told Tobin to play the cover of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, because I knew they could do that without me. I ran to the bathroom, praying the toilet was available. It was, but it was still extremely embarrassing, hearing my band cover twisted sister while I had an emergency toilet break. I am grateful though, cause we all know that it could have been WAY more embarrassing. I’m staying far away from artichokes as a pizza topping too!

Favourite song and why : This question is too hard ha. I think I have over 100 favorites.

Favourite album and why : Also too hard!

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: I really like the song Brotherhood that Flatfoot 56 has. The bagpipe tune played is a traditional tune, “Mason’s Apron”, and that’s one of my favorite pipe tunes. And the lyrics and comradery in the song Brotherhood, and the way the crowd is energized and has so much fun, that’s definitely one of my all time favorites.

Team/s supported as a kid : Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, and I’ll get attacked for this, but as a kid, I also wanted the Chicago Cubs to win lol. I didn’t want a team from a rival city coming in and beating Chicago, it just didn’t make sense to me ha. The rule is, you can either like the White Sox OR the Cubs, but not both. And frankly, I still don’t care about that rule all that much and I definitely get flack for it ha.

Favourite sportsperson : Walter Payton, running back for the ’85 Chicago Bears, loved him as a person and as a player.

Favourite sport : Growing up it was definitely basketball, and now I like playing basketball, but I like watching American Football a little more (too bad the Bears are so terrible though!)

All time hero : This is a hard question! I recently learned more about Abraham Lincoln, and how he had such an amazingly terrible journey and failed so many times during his life, had a very rough go of it. I know historic figures are far far far from perfect, but it’s an amazing story and inspiring. And mentioning Lincoln, I now feel mentioning Frederick Douglass is mandatory as well, who is a legendary absolute hero, who everyone should learn more about. If I think about it, several more will pop up, so I’ll end there.

Favourite book : I love the Out of the Silent Planet series by C.S. Lewis.

Best friend : My wife, it’s cheesy but it’s also the facts ha

Biggest influence on career : Learning the bagpipes influenced my career the most!

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : Best advice…this is a tough one to answer. There’s a really good book that comes to mind called “Boundaries: When to say yes, how to say no”, and there’s some principles in that book that are so great and so applicable in any and every relationship, it’s really good. I think if more people read it, they would be able to save themselves a lot of grief and pain, and could have a more healthy and functional and fun life.
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Honestly, I’m really happy living in the Chicago area, but I would love to go visit everywhere. One of my goals is to be able to step on all 7 continents, even Antarctica. There’s expensive cruises there, so while it’s insanely pricey, it is attainable ha. I’d love to go play a show at one of the Antarctic bases, too!

Your five dream dinner guests? : Wow, another hard question. It would be an eclectic group of people. After some thinking, I would choose: Leslie Nielsen, C.S. Lewis, Walter Payton, Robert Burns, and last but not least, Mitch Hedberg….and I would want them all to give speeches or just go say whatever they want lol.

Your favourite quote: I’m not good with having favorites apparently. But this is one we have hanging in our house that I like a lot: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time given us.” Written by J.R.R. Tolkien

Anything to plug / promote : My wife and I are in a little folk band together called “The Uh Ohs” and we’re attempting to get our youtube channel to 1,000 subscribers. If anyone can subscribe to the channel, that’d be much appreciated! We do some celtic covers, too. We also have some quirky sketches and other songs. Here is a link: The Uh Ohs – YouTube

Many thanks Josh. Here’s the latest video from The Uh-Ohs.


Welcome to a new special feature that we will be running for the next few days to celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post. Based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth it’s just a short series of questions about stuff’n’nonsense as me auld Nan would have said.

Our second Q And A is with the unsinkable Frankie McLaughlin. A sharp witted, personable, lovable rogue of a fella it’s not stretching the imagination to say that the London Celtic Punks bhoys have a LOT of love for this fella. What he has given the Celtic-Punk scene is immeasurable and we can think of no better way to say this other than Gangs Of New Holland was placed #1 in our Top 20 Best Ever Celtic-Punk Albums Of All Time.

Name / Nickname : Frankie McLaughlin

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 50-ish and a bit

Status : Married

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Glasgow, Scotland / Scottish / Irish twice over

Occupation : Self Employed

First job : Freight handler & factory labourer

A job you would have loved to do : Joiner or Vintner.. or Ferry Captain

What / Who makes you laugh : Cheeky old folk with no f**ks left to give

Favourite movie star : John Turturro

Favourite film / TV show : The Road Dance / Still Game

Favourite band/s : Old Blind Dogs, The Stooges, The Pogues, The East Pointers, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Pogues

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : Brave the Sea, from Ohio

First and last record you bought : Adam & The Ants – Kings of the Wild Frontier.. Iggy Pop – A Million In Prizes – The Anthology

How many instruments can you play : Guitar, Whistles, Smallpipes, Bodhran & Accordion,.. all to varying degrees

How many bands have you been in : 4.. I think

Favourite venue / gig attended : Some dear friends & I went to see Andy Irvine play in what used to be our old house, which had since been converted to an arts & entertainment venue. The set from Andy was just amazing, and the whole thing particularly memorable for us

Describe yourself in 5 words : ‘Wot’s this button ‘ere for?’

Most embarrassing moment : Finding out what that button there was for

Favourite song and why : Lately its ‘Twa Brothers’ by Yorkston/Thorne/Khan. A traditional ballad accompanied only by a second vocal by Suhail Yusuf Khan singing ‘Bol’ – a type of rythmic vocal from India that mimics the sound of the Tabla. The way the two vocal traditions smash together on that is just mind blowing and lends enormous drama to the tale,.. Its just so refreshing

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: ‘Kathleen’ for me is a favourite to recall, as I got to release a song for ma wee mum, but also ‘Eight Beers McGee’.. it didnt really take flight that one, but the immense back story, how it found its way to me and the intense process of writing it was of enormous personal significance to me at the time

Team/s supported as a kid : Glasgow Celtic

Favourite sportsperson : Henrik Larsson

Favourite sport : Fitba’

All time hero : Ken Carter – Canadian Daredevil

Favourite book : Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West – Cormac McCarthy

Best friend : The Wife.. by far

Biggest influence on career : The everyday people I’ve met in life, briefly or otherwise, friends, foes or family, without whom there’d be no stories worth singin’

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : ‘Always judge a person by their own merits, and ONLY ever with your own eyes and ears.’ – Bill McLaughlin, Grandfather

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? On a Canal Boat

Your five dream dinner guests? : Frances Farmer, Iggy Pop, Sheila Stewart, John Cooper Clark and Jeong Kwan.. If they’ll all fit on the canal boat, otherwise just Iggy & Jeong Kwan

Your favourite quote: My all time fave is a poem, by James Graham, Marquis of Montrose –
Let them bestow on every airth a limb,
Then open all my veins, that I may swim
To thee, my Maker, in that crimson lake,
Then place my par boiled head upon a stake;
Scatter my ashes, strow them in the air.
Lord, since thou knowest where all these atoms are,
I’m hopeful thou’lt recover once my dust,
And confident thou’lt raise me with the just.
Anything to plug / promote : I’ve a new project ‘Liptons Orphan’, with the first couple of singles / videos rolling out just now on the usual platforms & channels.

The (very) recent new single from Frankie and his new project Lipton’s Orphans. There’s a lot more to come. Thank God!


Welcome to a new special feature that we will be running for the next nine days to celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post. It is based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth (anyone remember Shoot! or Match Weekly?) where we got to know what car our favourite football player drove and of their undying love for the music of Billy Ocean. Here, as is our way, we will be bringing some of the unsung heroes of Celtic-Punk to the fore alongside some of the more famous members of the bands that we all love, though not always necessarily always the vocalist!!

We kick off with John Murphy. John has been running the first and best Celtic-Punk web-site since 2001 would you believe. Named after a song by Neck the site has been a invaluable source of information for people interested in Celtic-Punk for over two decades now. Still going strong I decided whoever of the nine chosen replied first would publish first so thanks to John for replying promptly and giving such interesting answers.

Name / Nickname : John Murphy

Age (Estimate allowed!) : Recently turned the wrong side of 50

Status : Married with kids

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Dublin (Rotunda Hospital –  birthplace of Christy Browne, Bono and most importantly Finny McConnell) / Irish / DNA says 95% Irish with the rest Scottish (2%) and English (3%) – I disagree 😀 

Where do you live : outside Boston been here 25 years. Originally from Dublin but lived in Glasgow as a kid

Occupation : confidential cos it’s not a cool job and my street cred would be lost (if I had any to lose)

First job : porter in a bank one summer

A job you would have loved to do : work in a record store

What / Who makes you laugh : Chris Farley

Favourite film / TV show : The Long Good Friday – a fantastic but overlooked London / Irish gangster movie

Favourite band/s : Thin Lizzy, The Pogues, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, The Undertones, SLF, Horslips, Radiators From Space

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Neck, The Tossers, The Mahones, The Peelers……so many

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : The Dead Rabbits or The Gobshites (if I join)

First and last record you bought : Madness – ‘Our House’ 7″ in 1982 from John Menzies in East Kilbride, Scotland. Yesterday I bought The Best Of Rory Gallagher double album from Newbury Comics

Shite ‘n’ Onions t-shirt available from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095LH45PT/

How many instruments can you play : none – I tried to learn the bodhrán recently but failed

How many bands have you been in : none but there is an open offer for me to join the Gobshites

Favourite venue played / attended : none. As a punter, McGonagals in Dublin for the memories

Describe yourself in 5 words : the most handsome man alive

Most embarrassing moment : so many. One of the best human abilities is the ability to forget. Otherwise I would never leave the house.

Favourite song and why : that’s like asking who is my favorite child. So many. Right now anything by Townes Van Zandt. Dublin Blues by Guy Clarke. Highway Patrolman by Springsteen. Ft. Worth Blues by Steve Earle. My favorite Celtic-Punk songwriters are MacGowan, Dave Barton of The Peelers, Frankie McLaughlin and Nick Burbridge

Favourite album and why : iisffgwg – it’s perfect

Team/s supported as a kid : Glasgow Celtic

Favourite sportsperson : Pat Bonner the Glasgow Celtic and Ireland goalkeeper. I met him as a kid a few times and he was always a gentleman

Favourite sport : hurling

All time hero : St. Francis of Assisi

Favourite book : The Rascal King by Jack Beattie (a biography of James Michael Curley). The Year of the French by Thomas Flanagan. The Westies by TJ English

Best friend : my wife

Biggest influence on career : The Pogues

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : shut the f### up

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : anywhere that doesn’t have a winter like Boston

Your five dream dinner guests? : Luke Kelly, Phil Lynott, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher and Keith Moon

Your favourite quote: teenage kicks so hard to beat

Anything to plug / promote: London Celtic-Punk!

Shite ‘n’ Onions – Web-Site  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  


Calling out around the world, Are you ready for a brand new beat? Summer’s here and the time is right, For dancing in the street… well maybe not!

Here’s another Odds’n’Sods. A whole load of Celtic-Punk entertainment from all the scene’s bands big and small, established or just starting out.

We kick off with exciting news out of the FLOGGING MOLLY camp with a new album just around the corner and a full European tour in August. ‘The Croppy Boy ’98’ tells of the 1798 Irish rebellion while we can expect Anthem in early September. Pre-save or Pre-Order the record now at https://riserecords.lnk.to/FMAnthem.

Flogging Molly will be joined on tour by our very own FEROCIOUS DOG so be sure not to miss out on what promises to be a facking marvellous night!!! The tour takes in Ireland as well as Germany and we’ll see you in Dublin so give us a shout if you see us!

Now over to Boston and our bhoys the DROPKICK MURPHYS have a new album This Machine Still Kills Fascists – featuring the lyrics of Woody Guthrie — out on September 30. Pre- order from https://dropkick-murphys.ffm.to/7reo1k8.OYD. The albums 10 songs were recorded by Ted Hutt in Woody’s home state of Oklahoma, bringing Woody Guthries words into the present. All acoustic. Not a single amplifier was used.

Major disappointment around the Celtic-Punk a couple of weekends ago when the DROPKICK MURPHYS televised set at Hellfast 21 festival was cancelled at the last minute. Still the show went on and i still drank the beers I got in and we can now watch it on You Tube.

Another band with a new release coming out is Los Angeles based HOIST THE COLORS whose album, When Daylight Breaks will be coming out on all the usual platforms on Friday, August 26th!!! Pre-sale for the vinyl release is now up on their website. https://hoistthecolors.com/merch

Anyone remember Finny McConnell’s announcement last year that THE MAHONES were going to be retiring from touring? Well absolutely no surprises here to find out they will indeed be touring later in the Summer!! They also announced plans for a new album, Jameson Street recorded by a combination of all the different classic Mahones line ups from the very beginning right up until today’s team. Coming out on True North Records in the autumn and the first single coming in the summer will be ‘Rise Up’, written by Finny and Punk legend Greg Norton from Husker Du.

In the next few days we begin a short series of nine interviews with ‘movers and shakes’ within the Celtic-Punk scene. We start this Sunday with John Murphy, editor of the original Celtic-Punk fansite Shite’n’Onions. They recently reviewed the new solo album from Hugh Morrison of Murder the Stout and ex- Street Dogs. Don’t miss the whole series by checking in daily!

We haven’t heard much over here from AIRES BASTARDOS from Argentina since they won London Celtic Punks best debut album in 2019 but they have kept busy and here’s the first song from a upcoming EP of new material and it is brilliant!

Irish-American Folk-Punk accordion maestro TC COSTELLO is teaching in Spain and is available for online tuition especially language stuff. I’m sure he could help a few London Celtic Punks out!!

I have a long list of favourite Celtic-Punk but their are several ones that I really love and respect and listen to regularly. One such band is from Argentina called RAISE MY KILT who have released a new song called ‘Raise Your Pints’. It’s the first release from their upcoming new album. You can hear it over on Spotify

New Japanese Celtic-Punk out this week 凩KOGARASHI. Not a band I’ve heard from before but a great song and i tracked them down on Facebook so head over and leave a ‘like’.

We had booked Dutch band PYROLYSIS to play London pre-Covid but life thought better than that but they did are playing London on July 15 and have been recording some new material and released ‘The Whalers Lantern’ on You Tube via A Pirates Life Radio. Check it out, a internet radio station for 24/7 pirate music! https://tunein.com/radio/A-Pirates-Life-s294482/

SCHANDMAUL – Knüppel aus dem Sack


THE DREADNOUGHTS – Roll And Go (review on its way)

ALESTORM – Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum


Remember we can’t review it if we don’t hear it

Each month we have a ‘blast from the past’ where we feature a band / album from someone we love but missed out on release. These come with a free download so you can enjoy them too. You all (well both of you!) said you enjoyed last month’s excursion away from Celtic-Punk with The Swearengens so here’s some more in the same vein from THE COWSLINGERS. Formed in 1989, the band barnstormed the world, playing more than 600 gigs, from West Virginia to Spain, Seattle to Germany. The Cowslingers’ whomp-and-stomp sound cruised as many musical paths. Over nine albums, 12 singles and two EPs, the band explored dusty detours, from country to punk to rockabilly to hard rock to garage rock. Here’s their debut 1994’s Off The Wagon And Back In The Saddle (Link) and their final album 2017’s Real Big Rooster (Link).

After two years of cancellations they have finally bought the plane tickets so no backing out now! CLOVER’S REVENGE are over from sunny Florida in the US to play in London for only one night making this is a concert NOT TO BE MISSED!! A dangerous intersection of two Irish musical traditions – Acoustic pub music and Celtic-Punk-Rock. Saturday 30th July around 8pm at McCafferty’s Crouch End, 128 Tottenham Lane, London N8 7EL. Nearest rail – Hornsey and nearest tube – Turnpike Lane. Admission is free but don’t be too tight to buy a CD or a t-shirt off the lads. Facebook event.

The following month we have Italian band DIRTY ARTICHOKES – the tidiest Celtic-Punk band in the Celtic-Punk scene – returning to town at the beginning of August and will be playing with THE LAGAN and ANTO MORRA, two artists popular on the London Irish music scene that sadly haven’t been able to play much of late. The gig will be at the Bird’s Nest in Deptford and all details are on the Facebook event.

Londoners PERKELT ‘Pagan Speed Folk’ are joined by PYROLYSIS at the legendary live music venue, The Troubadour, in West London on Friday 15th July (Facebook event). Swill from THE MEN THEY COULDN’T HANG has a solo show at The Water Rats on 19th August (Facebook event). NEW MODEL ARMY announced 3 dates in early December ending with the Camden Roundhouse on the 10th.

If you like what we do then you can support us by checking out our online store. The Harp’n’Bones design is back in all sizes and on black or white shirts. Also we have new polo shirts, in all sizes, and some nifty woolly hats as well as the Green’n’White ‘Skully Cap’ ringer shirts. Click the link below for the full range of all our other tatt. Shirts, badges, stickers, flags, CD’s and fridge magnets all the discerning Celtic-Punk fan could ever need! Help keep Punk Celtic! https://the30492shop.fwscart.com/

Facebook is shit. Proper shit. That the world’s most ‘popular’ social media site has only 2/5 in the play app store says it all! It’s stranglehold on all forms of expression is not good and it’s great to see people leaving in droves. Don’t despair though if you are one of them as you can keep up with London Celtic Punks posts via our wee group on the phone app Telegram. Similar in style (but better and easier to use) to What’s App but completely free from outside interference. Join us on Telegram, don’t miss a single post and even receive the odd exclusive and special offer! https://t.me/londoncelticpunks/

Even though we hate it Facebook does supply the (very) occasional ray of sunshine so a shout out to some good friends of ours over on Facebook. The Dropkick Murphys- Fan Page and the Celtic Punk, Folk And Rock Fans are two of the best music forums on FB let alone Celtic-Punk. Ran By Fans For Fans just like you and me. Like and join in the fun!

Last word and it’s a serious one sadly. THE KILLIGANS drummer Shane and his wife are new parents to a wee guy named Wylie. Sadly, they have had some issues with Wylie’s health and The Killigans put an appeal out for any help. Remember folks #onebigcelticpunkfamily https://gofund.me/bfa45f1e

A reminder too that we need your news so anything you would like to share with the rest of the Celtic-Punk scene send it onto us.

If you are new to the London Celtic Punks blog it is easy to subscribe / follow and never miss a post. Bands, promoters, record labels, venues send in any news to londoncelticpunks@hotmail.co.uk or via the Contact Us page.

ALBUM REVIEW: THE TAN AND SOBER GENTLEMEN – ‘ Regressive Folk Music’ (2022)

Celtic-Punk-Grass played by some Hillbilly Irish. The Tan And Sober Gentlemen explore the Gaelic roots of North Carolinian music, and to play it with as much energy as possible. Their new album out this week sees their sound developing into something really special.

Since we reviewed The Tan And Sober Gentlemen’s debut album Veracity four years ago I reckon we have received maybe 400+ releases here so I don’t get the chance to regularly revisit albums once they are reviewed. Veracity is one of a handful though that often gets a play. We described it back then as

” Raw and unfiltered, a blend of hard-driving, danceable roots delivered with a punk edge and whisky-fuelled abandon they call ‘Celtic-Punk-Grass’.”

Recorded in the woods of Chatham County, North Carolina, Veracity is a riotous take on ‘Scotch-Irish hillbilly music’. North Carolina has a rich history of Irish, Scotch and Scotch-Irish history going back generations and the Tan And Sober Gentlemen are rightly proud of their state’s Celtic musical heritage. Musically they embrace the glorious foot stomping sound of their home while welding to it Irish and Scots tunes and melodies. Totally acoustic this is the kind of wide-open-throttle, no-holds-barred band that could drown out most Punk bands with their passion, energy and sheer ruggedness.

So four years on and with just a couple of singles inbetween it’s hard to keep a track of bands over there from over here but they have kept plugging away and playing whenever they could do or were allowed to. Founded in Snow camp their music is Irish-folk-music-meets-the-American-South sound of the North Carolina backcountry where  they were born and raised. The State has over a quarter of a million people of Scotch-Irish ancestry (second only to Texas) and coupled with those of just Irish ancestry the number is almost a million residents. The States traditional Folk music can be traced right back to those who started arriving in North Carolina long before the ‘famine’ and to those who came in it’s aftermath. And The Tan And Sober gentlemen play it with as much energy as humanly possible!

Regressive meaning “returning to a former or less developed state; characterised by regression” kinda sums up the sound of The Tan And Sober Gentlemen and they even downplay what they do

“You know our deal-we ain’t lighting the world on fire with songwriting or anything, we’re just a bunch of rednecks that like playing fiddle music real dadgum fast.”
but the truth is that music is a major way for people to find their identity and to keep culture alive and their are times when I think the Yanks are doing a better job at doing it then modern Ireland is.
The fella’s raised the necessary to record and release Regressive Folk Music with a very successful Kickstarter campaign where they sailed past their target. The album kicks off with ‘Kelly Sullivan’ and bursts through the speakers at you. Fast and furious from the very start and utterly brilliant too! The fiddle work is amazing and being a bit of a auld rocker I really enjoyed the sound of the thump-thump of the double bass too. The Celticness of the tune is unmistakable while next they play the first of a handful of covers. They turn to their local roots for ‘Corn Likker’, also known as ‘Old Corn Liquor’, a song that’s roots are obscure but found favour in the early days of recording in the repertoire of African-American musicians. On ‘Happiness Ain’t Happening’ they get the first chance to properly combine both traditions and chuck in some great humour and the song infectious tune would see the stiffest Joe clapping along and stamping his feet. After three songs it’s time for a breather and ‘All The Time’ sees Courtney take on vocals with a tender and tuneful song. It’s fair to say that the best Celtic-Punk bands out there, no matter how Punky they are can also knock out some great slow songs and ballads and I’m always a bit disappointed to hear an album without one. I thought on first listen this was the album high point and while I have changed my mind a little I think it is still up there. Another cover is up next and the Irish war song ‘The Foggy Dew’ has become very popular these days on the Celtic-Punk scene and several band shave already recorded it this year already. Set during the 1916 Easter Rising when a small group of Irish rebels rose against the might of the British Empire. The rebellion was crushed and it’s leaders executed but the event lit a fire in the hearts of the Irish people that would see them rise again only a few years later.

Unusually the song is delivered with female vocals and the rather un-straight forward version is uplifted by Courtney’s beautiful and emotional vocals. As impossible as it would seem to breathe new life into a song you’ve heard a 1000 times it’s managed here. An outstanding version. ‘Banks Of The Roses’ is dates from 18th century Ireland and is an perfect opportunity for Eli Howells to really let fly on the fiddle. Eli was born and raised in the hills of Burke County, North Carolina, and learned from master fiddlers such as Jane Macmorren at an early age. Honing his skill at fiddlers’ conventions, barrooms, and back porches across the state. His distinctive Scotch-Irish fiddle stylings provide the core of the Tan and Sober sound. ‘Mickey’s Grave’ and ‘Heart Is Haunted’ highlight their two wings with the former a rowdy shouty Irish Larkin-esque riot while the latter is a jolly uplifting County-ish / Bluegrass romp. Along with the slow songs another thing I look for is a bit of trad Folk. ‘Miss Shephard’s / The High Drive’ is a chance for the whole band to flex their collective muscles and prove to detractors that Celtic-Punk does have some real musicians in it and is even helping keep trad music alive and relevant. ‘Barbed Wire’ takes the Country route again and some quite stunning banjo leading into Courtney’s delivery of the Rockabilly swing of ‘You’ll Never Know’. We nearing the end and next up is the popular ‘Leaving Of Liverpool’. Again it’s roots go back much further than the first time it was recorded but it has became part of Irish musical history. There’s no way of course it wouldn’t find favour in the Celtic-Punk scene as well with a chorus that has always cried out to be turned up to 11 and belted out at the top of your voice.

Played as expected with wild abandon and absolutely guaranteed to make you lose your voice with all the band getting a chance to solo their instruments, it really does rock your socks off!  Only a couple more left and ’30 Years Of Farming’ is up now. Written by Fred Eaglesmith, who as a teenager, hopped a freight train to western Canada and began his career as a musician. Specialising in ‘twist’ songs, where there’s a twist in the tale in the final verse ranging from “tear at your heartstrings” to tongue in cheek. This song is the former. A real tear jerker.  The curtain comes down on Regressive Folk Music with ‘Samhain’s March’ and a beautiful lament played led mainly by Eli on fiddle and Tucker’s banjo picking. The best album ‘outro’ I’ve heard in such a long time and with a album packed with so much energy a very clever way to end things.

Another triumph for The Tan And Sober Gentlemen and their legendarily rowdy live shows will be winging it back across the broad Atlantic, from whence their forefathers left, in the Summer with the band looking forward to playing some Irish festivals and club shows. We will include dates and infos in our month Odds ‘n’ Sods Celtic-Punk news round up so be sure to subscribe (you need to do this on a laptop).  A riotous encapsulation of the band’s Irish roots and it’s members ancestry. Hard- driving, danceable roots music delivered with Punk edge and wild abandon. They are quite simply the best drinking and dancing band in Celtic-Punk.

Buy Regressive Folk Music  Bandcamp   EverywhereElse

Contact The Tan And Sober Gentlemen  WebSite  Facebook  Instagram  YouTube


The Gaelic Athletic Association has two key roles here in London. It acts primarily as a something familiar to new emigrants but it also represents a marker of identity. We are now no longer just London Irish but connected back to where your family come from. Here James Walsh gives us his view on the matter! 

Growing up in London I always had a keen sense of who I was, and where I came from. I was a Cork man. The accent, the clothes, the culture might have told you differently but it was through the GAA that I could express exactly who I was.#

Although not in the same way as those living in Ireland. To those people, the GAA was in The parishes, the local clubs. For us, the county scene was everything. If your county was lucky enough to be competing in the later stages of the All-Ireland competition you would go wild with excitement, despite being as far removed from the players as you would be from todays premiership footballers. The flip side is that you would be more likely to interact with another second generation kid from the opposition county. You would have far more of an interaction with those who followed the opposition than the kids at ‘home’. So for us, the inter-county scene was more akin to the club scene. You shared a similar experience as your rival….but you still wanted to flake the stuffing out of them for 70 minutes.

“Back home”, these guys were your butcher, your electrician, your car salesman but to us they were just as inaccessible as the football stars of the premier league.  It wasn’t the type of fame that would get you on a red carpet. It might get you a daycent aul wag….or several. It wouldn’t get you a free car……but it would get you a job where you’d get the car.

I took some friends to Croke Park a while back. Before the place had been opened to ‘foreign’ games. Rule 42 had been suspended to allow Lansdowne Road to be rebuilt and rebranded. These lads hadn’t much of an idea about the history and traditions of the GAA. My cockney accent didn’t betray that I did. Our tour guide was a young lady from one of the weaker GAA counties. Full of knowledge……from books and repetition.

Tour guide; So, where are you guys from?

Myself: London

TG; Oh, we are very embarrassed in my home county of Leitrim lost to London last year….

Myself: Listen love, there are more Irish people living in London than there is in Leitrim….you needn’t be embarrassed.

You see, you can tell people about the GAA…..You can show them about the GAA but they’ll never understand. Not unless they live it, breathe it…feel it. To most people that is pride in the jersey, pride in the locale…you get that with soccer. In the GAA, its more than that. Its a stamp of who you are. Association football can’t define you. The GAA can.

Mayo people WILL tell you this is their year

Kerry people WILL tell you they don’t know if its their year….or not.

Cork people WILL tell you they have the ability to win it all

Tyrone people WILL tell you something…you won’t understand it, but they’ll tell you something

This is what they learn in school, this is what they are.

“Hurling….that’s the one like Hockey isn’t it?”…….No….No its not Its like hockey insomuch as its an invasion game played by folk with sticks……there the comparison ends.

Hurling is more like an Indian carpet. Its absolutely perfect in every way…..but for one stitch. Its one error that shows us that perfection is divine and that to err is human. We have a lot more explaining to do, being second generation  GAA fans……but we get it. We really get it.

by James Walsh

Gaelic Athletic Association –https://www.gaa.ie/

London Gaelic Athletic Association – https://www.londongaa.org/

North America GAA – https://usgaa.org/

EP REVIEW: PYROLYSIS – ‘The Whalers Lantern’ (2022)

Barefoot and acoustic, Pyrolysis play stormingly fast-paced and energetic songs perfect for any tavern brawl, but also some darker ballads that speaks of rainy days.

Pre-Covid we had one hell of a gig lined up for you lucky Londoners starring two of the best Dutch Celtic-Punk bands the Netherlands has to offer. Heading off to play a festival somewhere down in Devon the bands were lured to north London (by promise of fame and fortune!) and Pyrolysis and The Royal Spuds were all set to blow the roof off the infamous Dublin Castle in Camden. Sadly, like a lot of other planned London Celtic Punks events, the gig bit the dust and all our hard work in the end went for nothing. So moving on two + years later and its great news to hear new music coming out from both bands recently with The Royal Spuds new album Roots Of Life reviewed on these pages just last month.

Formed in 2012 in Zaltbommel (also known as Bommel) in the Netherlands as Pyrolysis and the first thing to get out the way is their weirdly interesting name.

  1. the application of heat to chemical compounds in order to cause decomposition
  2. chemical decomposition of compounds caused by high temperatures

The band are famous for playing barefooted but don’t be fooled into thinking these folks are just a bunch of laid back hippies playing acoustic music as they have always showed they could rustle up both wings of Celtic-Punk with some super catchy Celtic-Folk and, like on their debut album’s final track, ‘Lets Do It Now’ that showed they can turn their hand to trad Punk as well as trad Folk music. In 2020, the band used the lack of festivals and gigs to record and release the Alotslse EP as well as two singles, ‘Leave Me’ and ‘Rest van de Dag Vrij’ which are both included here.

‘The Whaler’s Lantern’ begins with the title song and was the EP’s first single released accompanied by a stunning animated video by Black Galley Media, who also just happens to be Tim the bands Irish Bouzouki player (You can find his visual work at https://blackgalleymedia.nl/). The video follows the main character, the whaler, as he’s judged for his greed and blood thirst by storms and whales alike. This is the fourth song written about the ‘lantern man’, who they have named Neil, who has appeared on a bunch of their album covers. Intelligent and infectious, fast paced Celtic-Folk of the sort that would have even the most miserable of folk up on the dance floor or at the very least tapping their legs in tune.

“The waters show the harvester the nature of his crimes
A hunter on the run, my terrain has called my time
Final tears come pouring, there’s no way I’ll win the fight
This poor old whaler’s lantern truly is the final light”

The accordion leads and they manage to get a sound that you’d find was only four members. Great production without over doing it. Next up is ‘Path Of The Flame’ which has a ‘eastern’ feel to it. Due in no small part I think to the prominence of the accordion again. The fiddle gives it a Celtic edge but it especially reminds me of the English Folk-Rock bands of the 70’s. Previous releases (according to memory as I lost all their back catalogue when my old computer went kaput! a few years ago) combined a mixture of classic Folk covers, traditional reels and original compositions but here all the music and lyrics are by Pyrolysis. Next up is the EP’s only instrumental the catchy as hell ‘Rest Van De Dag Vrig’ and gives the band the chance to really excel themselves. I really enjoyed it.

During the last CeltCast fantasy awards Pyrolysis had the honour of playing live on stage ‘Peace Bells’ that they wrote during the lock down about keeping hope that one day life will blossom again. A slow song, not quite a ballad and sung by the talented Rikke whose beautiful voice really gives the song meaning. The curtain comes down with the final song ‘Leave Me’ and a great song to end things.

“You have given me shadows
It’s all I’ve ever known
Now I light my torch and guide myself
To a place that I call home”

The EP was recorded at Dearworld Studio and mixed by Fieke van den Hurk and mastered by Sander van der Heide. The sound as mentioned is perfect and you will find it hard to believe that it’s only Tim, Stan, Rikke, Laurens and Joshua. The beautiful artwork was done by the bands fiddler Rikke Linssen. If you are in the London area then Pyrolysis finally make their debut on a London stage on Friday 15th July at The Troubadour  on Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JAL with renowned London Pagan-Celtic band PerKelt. A great night is in store and we look forward to seeing you there but don’t be dropping any safety pins about the place!!

(Download or stream The Whaler’s Lantern via the Bandcamp player below)

Buy The Whaler’s Lantern  Bandcamp  EverywhereElse

Contact Pyrolysis  WebSite  Facebook  YouTube

ALBUM REVIEW: PADDY AND THE RATS – ‘From Wasteland to Wonderland’ (2022)

Hot on the heels of gaining a double over hapless England, Hungary has even more to shout about like the 6th full length studio album from Paddy And The Rats. A pirate party fuelled by heavy doses of Punk, Polka and Irish Folk and a worthy tribute to accordion player Bernie who passed away not long before the release of this album.  

It’s hard to begin this review without mentioning the sad loss the band suffered at the beginning of this year when their friend and fellow band mate Bernie Bellamy (Bernát Babicsek) sadly passed away.

“Speaking about the new song, the band says, “this album became very important to us because this is the last thing that Bernie recorded in his life. We’d like to dedicate the first single of the album to Bernie and to express all our emotions through the song we release first. That’s why we’ve chosen After The Rain. It’s a sad song but it also has a fully positive vibe. Sadness and desperation are there through the whole song, but meanwhile, you can feel something powerful when the pipe and the accordion come in at the drop. It conveys the feeling that you have to be strong and you have to move on. The last line in the chorus says: ‘After the rain, sunshine will never be the same’. I think this is the essence of the song. The absence of Bernie will be more endurable with time, but nothing will ever be the same without him.”

An awful thing to happen and we send our love to Bernie’s family and friends.

Bernie’s sad death dominates the album in more ways than one. Beside the tracks written especially for him the themes visited here can also be attributed like the sudden death of a friend,the loss of faith, misery but their are also uplifting songs with more irreverent themes like the obligatory drinking and pirate ones. Their recent albums have seen them a slight shift away from the Celtic-Punk that made them one of the biggest live acts in their home country but on From Wasteland To Wonderland they return fully to form but still manage to squeeze in several unexpected influences and flourishes.

Only a few weeks after bemoaning how long it had been since the Hungarian Celtic-Punk scene reared it’s head both The Scarlet and now Paddy And The Rats land on the pages of London Celtic Punks. Now one of the things that made the scene their so great was the diverse nature of the bands with none of them sounding even remotely alike and all and any variation of Celtic-Punk covered. Formed in Miskolc in the industrial northeast of Hungary in 2008 they have become popular outside Hungary and have toured all over Europe.

For the new album, the band teamed up once again with long time producer Zoli Baker who has done an outstanding job. From Wasteland To Wonderland is exactly that with the opening track titled ‘Wasteland’ right up to the final track ‘Wonderland’. Thirteen  songs and forty-five minutes later! The opener was one of the first tracks written for the albium and is classic Rats with Celtic-Punk flavoured with a little Eastern promise alongside hard riffs, playful fiddle solo and catchy melodies. The next couple of songs see them flip into pirate mode with ‘Ship Will Sail’

To the end of the world I’ll ride
For you, no place to hide
Till’ I hunt you down
Our ship will sail”

and then ‘Party Like A Pirate’. Two swashbuckling knees up that would have Captain Sparrow jigging like a right one. Seeing how recently vindicated Johnny Depp is a big Celtic-Punk fan this may be no surprise!
“Dressed up for the party
A one-eyed gent of elegance
My wooden leg is stuck in the lower deck
My freshly polished eye rolled down my neck”

Released as a single with an exciting accompanying video. The band said of the video –

“We shot the video in Tenerife in famous places like the Volcano Teide and the classic pirate village in Maska. The story starts on a pirate ship where a bunch of pirates have a party and bully a witch who curses the pirates to wake up in the present. They try to understand the modern world which leads to very funny situations. The song is a typical Paddy And The Rats party song – causing the urge to dance in everyone who listens to the catchy melody.”

The first single from the album was ‘After The Rain’. It’s a song we featured on release as it was a moving tribute to their friend and comrade Bernie. ‘Northern Lights’ takes in some thrashy Metal along the way adding some Scandinavian touches too by way of the lyrics, like Northern Lights or the girl with the shiny green hair.. Never afraid to try something different ‘Matadora’ sees some Mariachi-style trumpets while the haunting ‘Standing In The Storm’ slows things down. While we expect the unexpected from Paddy And The Rats ‘Everybody Get Up’ was still a bit of a shock with it’s fiddle intro and then straight into some Hip Hop ala Beastie Boys or Run DMC but still with the irreverent lyrics we do expect!

We wanted to visualise it, so we are wearing absolute different style clothing in the clip, summoning the New York hip hop and hardcore bands outfit of the 80’s. We made a very cool and funny mood video that can’t be taken serious, at all. So many bad things happened to us recently that we needed some happiness, at last. So we took our teenage ourselves out again and were just fooling around.”

‘Hometown Kid’ sees the lads channelling Green Day while lamenting the auld days as better. Which they were obviously. ‘Heartbreaker’ is pretty straight forward Hard Rock but with fiddle while ‘Rumble Outta Here’ plays like old old Paddy And The Rats. The lyrics tell of a long relationship, where you’ve been humiliated and leave and realise what you really need is your friends and a good drink in your favourite pub. They save the best for last and I bloody loved ‘The Last Hunt’. A great fast tune with the whole band giving it plenty in the chorus. The album ends, of course, with ‘Wonderland’ and appropriately enough a ballad. 2022 has not been a great year for them but hopefully they can put the first half of the year to bed now.

Comparisons to Alestorm are inevitable I suppose (the artwork designed by Jill Colbert, who also works with Alestorm, doesn’t help!) but these guys were at this a long time before Alestorm. They show enough here to prove they could blow Alestorm away in front of their own audience but still keep both feet in the Celtic-Punk camp. All of a sudden it feels like the Hungarian scene is back with a bang and the worldwide Celtic-Punk scene is all the better for it.
(Listen to selected tracks and download the album via the Bandcamp player)