ALBUM REVIEW- 6’10 ‘The Humble Beginnings’ (2013)

A bit of a departure from our usual celtic-punk fare with this record. Its basically the side project of Tobin Bawinkle, lead singer of Chicago celtic-punk band FLATFOOT 56, and ex-Flatfoot member Josh Robieson. Those expecting the raucous ‘celtic-oi!’ of F56 are gonna be well disappointed as what you actually get is 6 tracks of thoughtful country tinged Americano folk music. Just yer men with a guitar a mandolin and a voice…


Every part of the record has been hand produced with the production, design and actual manufacture all being done in Tobin’s house. All was painstakingly stamped, written, recorded, stencilled, cut, burned, and numbered to DIY perfection by the band and friends of 6’10.

Which also happens to be Tobin’s height if you’re wondering…

You can listen to all the tracks here before you buy it-

*as a interesting aside it was in fact FLATFOOT 56 that inspired us to do all this. a few year back we heard about some young band of celtic-punkers coming over to play the Hope And Anchor in Islington. we didn’t know much about them but turned up early as we didn’t know what time they were on. well was a good job as they were first band on at 8 and only got 30 minutes. the gig was awesome even though every band after F56 were shit. God knows how much they got paid as the crowd was tiny and we decided then we’d try and offer a alternative to bands coming over rather them leave them in the hands of unscrupulous promoters who don’t give 2 shits for the music!

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One thought on “ALBUM REVIEW- 6’10 ‘The Humble Beginnings’ (2013)

  1. Donny October 1, 2013 at 1:13 pm Reply

    Absolutely love Flatfoot! So much in fact i played the first 2 LP’s on a loop so i can’t bear to hear them anymore!

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