EP REVIEW: O’HAMSTERS- ‘Celtic Crew’ (2013)


A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the new LP from A Pint Of Stout and now here’s the latest recordings from the Ukraine’s only other celtic-punk band and big Celtic supporters O’Hamsters. Coming from the capital Kiev they’ve so far released one studio, one mini-album and one live album and now this their new 3-track EP ‘Celtic Crew’.

O'Hamsters6The first track is ‘Celtic Crew’ and starts off with a sample of that wee lad leading the singing at Celtic Park before  flying off into fast as feck manic Irish folk punk. The croaky vocals and drumming give it a proper punk feel but accordion and tin whistle keep it firmly in celtic-punk. The lyrics are sung in Ukrainian so anyone out there who can translate them please do… though I’m 100% certain their complimentary!

The following tracks (that I can’t pronounce) are all in the same vein so no disappointments here!

O'Hamsters5You can download the EP from Soundcloud here for as little as a quid so get on it and have a listen to their other records too while you’re there. Just like Pint Of Stout they have made their previous releases free to download so get them all but remember to chuck them at least a pound for the new one. you’ll not be regret it!

Check Out O’Hamsters:

Facebook  Soundcloud  You-Tube  Last FM


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