ALBUM REVIEW: THE SUNDAY PUNCHERS –’High Tides and B-Sides 2010 – 2013′ (2013)


must be pretty lonely when you’re the only celtic-punk band in your town or even your country but what about being the only one in your continent!?!?

The Sunday Punchers- 'High Tides And B-Sides' (2013)

The Sunday Punchers have that exact problem! Hailing from Johannesburg in South Africa they are indeed the continents only celtic folk punk rock and roll muck up!

Traditional Irish music, as well as deep rooted South African folk have a lot in common in terms of music styles. A couple of guys, some from Irish/Scottish heritage and others from their deep rooted Afrikaans heritage decided to do away with their noisy punk rock riffs and look a little deeper into their roots. 

The Sunday Punchers

The Sunday Punchers first set sail on their journey in mid 2010, with only two members, Shaun Hillary and Francois Mostert, who were then joined by Jose Mostert on drums, Michiel Kruger on electric guitar, Ankia Van Der Merve on Violin, Genedior Clarke on bass guitar and Clinton Hattingh on harmonica they were later joined by new drummer Quintin Koekamoer and began to ply their trade around ‘Jo’ wherever they could play.

Their first year was not smooth sailing, the waters of the South African music industry for a new band were not the easiest to navigate and with financial problems and commitment issues a few members where lost.
In early 2011, the original Punchers knew that they needed some new crew. This was when they added Darryn Small on the drums, Gavin Sadler on bass guitar and Brandon Ramnath on Keyboard/accordian.
The winds were changing for the Sunday Punchers and the sails were full! 

The Sunday PunchersThey were being invited to play some of the greatest shows of their musical careers! But once again, some of the members studies and personal lives had to take priority.
In late 2012, some new crew was recruited! Sails still FULL the Sunday Punchers were now set for the perfect journey.
Equipped with a serious, committed crew they are now ready to sail across the sunset and up into the stars…

The band have released a compilation of their early stuff and have put it out for free download so do yourselves a massive favour and click the link below to go direct to the download page…


Contact The Band

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One thought on “ALBUM REVIEW: THE SUNDAY PUNCHERS –’High Tides and B-Sides 2010 – 2013′ (2013)

  1. The Sunday Punchers‏ May 1, 2014 at 7:35 pm Reply

    Thanks guys. We could use all the exposure we can get. Its tough down here in the deep dark continent . Slainte! Cheers!

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