EP REVIEW: CHRISTOPHER JAMES SHERIDAN- ‘Old Fashioned Pound Notes’ (2014)

Christopher James Sheridan- 'Old Fashioned Pound Notes' (2014)

This is the debut solo record from Christopher James Sheridan, who spends the majority of his time playing the harmonica and guitar for the fantastic Glasgow Irish celtic-rockers The Wakes. Obviously influenced by the American and British folk scenes of the 50′s & 60′s, Christopher has been writing and performing his own material since 2003. This four track, 15 minute EP kicks off with the simple yet beautiful self titled track of uncomplicated nostalgia. ‘The Devil And Dying Men’ continues in the same stark way but with the addition of harmonica and country slide guitar in a bleak story of drug addition and suicide. ‘A Deeper Shade Of Blue’ is another sad song and most Dylanesque of the EP. Last song ‘She Cries Herself To Sleep’ continues the dour themes with just a voice and the piano. All together its a sublimely melancholic and emotional trip and as far away from The Wakes pumping anti-fascist terrace anthems as is possible. The Wakes are a great band and with talents like this within them they’re destined for bigger and better things. Christopher’s tunes are simple, without being easy, and sweet despite the sometimes sad lyrics and hopefully there will be plenty more to come.

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we reviewed the excellent album ‘The Red And Green’ from The Wakes here. it was also voted 4th best celtic-punk album of the year by the London Celtic Punks crew here.

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One thought on “EP REVIEW: CHRISTOPHER JAMES SHERIDAN- ‘Old Fashioned Pound Notes’ (2014)

  1. Garaidh Ó Cearnaigh June 24, 2014 at 5:59 pm Reply

    great EP.

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