EP REVIEW: THE SHAMBOLICS- ‘Pogue Mahone’ (2014)

raucous roots music, with tunes from Dublin Bay to Vladivostokk
The Shambolics- 'Pogue Mahone' (2014)

Are you getting sick of us banging on about how good Aussie celtic-punk bands are? Well turn away now as here’s another bloody one! The Shambolics hail from Adelaide, the capital city of south Australia, and play good auld rollicking Irish celtic’n’roll tunes. Formed out of the ashes of previous celtic-punk band The Gartloney Rats they’ve just recorded and released their first EP titled ‘Pogue Mahone’ (in gaelic ‘póg mo thóin’)  which is, of course, the Irish for Kiss my Arse and also the name The Pogues began with till the Brit media realised what it meant and made them change it! Six tracks and twenty five minutes means it could also pass as an album but this gang of Irish-Adelaidean’s have called it a EP so that’s that.

The Shambolics

The opening track is ‘Pogue Mahone’ and sets the standard for all that follows. Accordion, mandolin, bagpipes, bodhran, tin whistles, banjo plus yer usual instruments kick up a storm in a Poguesy tale of a loser who dont give a shit.
“If my Pogue Mahone offends you…Pogue Mahone”
While the bands sense of humour is quite evident on the EP The Shambolics prove they can tell a decent story too with ‘Halfway Inn’ about the pros and cons of gigging in purgatory. Third track ‘Only You’ can best be described as a kinda bitter Irish reggae love song. I really love the sound of the harmonica in celtic-punk and The Shambolics use it well on all the tracks‘Seven Seas’ begins with the tune of ‘Rattlin Bog’ and shows these bhoys can certainly play their instruments. A story of sailing and drinking, close yer eyes and it could be the Pogues until Jim’s Aussie accent starts up. On first listen to ‘Why Try To Change Me?’, with the accordion to the fore, it could almost be one of them Irish showband’s yer Mam likes but last song ‘Filfee Feevin Bastards’ soon pops along and reminds ya never to let her hear this CD if she has delicate ears!
“They’re scurrilous rapscallions and unscrupulous to boot
they leave a tale of destruction and think its just a hoot
To get you into bed they’d pretend to forever stay
They’re filthy thieving bastards
and they’ll steal your heart away”
Comes in a real nice CD package with a 8-page booklet with all the lyrics included and a wicked drawing of the band on the back in which they look like they going to kick someone’s arse! Completely unpolished and a thousand times better for it. Instead you get a crystal clear recording with all the instruments combining together and nothing overpowering each other. The Shambolics play Pogues inspired celtic-folk punk and are no doubt an absolute blast to catch live while they aint too shabby on CD either. Gigging relentlessly around their home state their honing their playing skills so a long player ought to be along soon but in the meantime we’re happy enough, for now, to make do with this mini one.
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3 thoughts on “EP REVIEW: THE SHAMBOLICS- ‘Pogue Mahone’ (2014)

  1. Shane O'Neill June 29, 2014 at 10:57 am Reply

    Sounds good !

  2. Pat June 29, 2015 at 5:47 am Reply

    These guys are the worlds best kept secret,5 stars lads,cant wait for the next album

  3. […] Rats they featured on these pages once before back in June, 2014 when we reviewed their debut EP (here) titled ‘Pogue Mahone’ (in gaelic ‘póg mo thóin’)  which is, of course, the Irish for […]

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