ALBUM REVIEW: SEVEN NATIONS- ‘Tales From the Eighth Nation’ (2014)

you’d be hard pressed to find a more original, unique but accessible group. powerful self-penned tunes and transcendent live shows.
Seven Nations’ day has come
SEVEN NATIONS- 'Tales From The Eigth Nation' (2014)

With over a dozen albums behind them Seven nations are one of the most successful and popular independent celtic-rock bands in the USA today. Formed originally in New York city back in 1993 with the name Clann Na Gael but later that year the process began by adding bagpipes to the sound and so began the evolution to the band as we know it today. 

Seven Nations

As a kid lead singer and founder Kirk McLeod was sent away to Scottish music camp to learn how to play traditional bagpipes. Eventually he assembled a group from friends in his hometown Orlando in Florida.
“We soon introduced bagpipes into the show, and over time the number of songs utilizing bagpipes grew until it became obvious that they were integral to our emerging sound, most of the band members grew up playing celtic music, and we’ve been performing original compositions since we began. Our instrumentation, and bagpipes and fiddle mostly, give us a distinctive sound and that’s what makes us different”
Touring pretty much non-stop during the last decade they’ve clocked up nearly a million miles and gigs all over North America and Europe. Not bad for a band who have stuck defiantly to their independent roots and even go as far as to book their own tours. Totally admirable. Yeah but are they any good I hear you say… well I may be biased but I think they are fecking marvelous!!! 
‘Tales From The Eighth Nation’ relates to America as being the Eighth celtic nation after Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle Of Man and Galicia. For a band with such an amazing back catalogue it never ceases to surprise me that they can come up with such quality songs album after album. On ‘Tales…’ you get sixteen songs and a hours worth of the best celtic-rock band coming out of North America.
Seven Nations
Having been on the verge of a major breakthrough several times in their career and with quality music such as this its only a matter of time before something very major happens for Seven Nations and this album will hopefully provide it. Two songs of instrumentals ‘Pipe Set’ and ‘Fiddle Set’ are simply amazing and as the backbone for Kirk McLeod’ very distinctive soaring vocal style Seven Nations are at their best when taking traditional tunes and stamping them with their own seal. Hard to compare to any current scene bands they truly are out their on their own. ‘Tales…’ starts with ‘Happy That You’re Here’ one of the standout tracks and with the pipes and fiddle flying its typical 7N and when they slow it right down for the next song ‘In Different Company’ its still typical 7N! From there on Seven Nations plough much the same furrow for the rest of the LP but do it with great vocals and with a group of musicians at the top of their game. A couple of the standout track’s are ‘Go Daddy’ and ‘Nostradamus’, all the elements come together perfectly. Barely known outside of North America it’s time you lot got to know Seven Nations it will be well worth the wait.

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