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Scally Cap Brats

For the last couple of months Canadian celtic-punkers The Scally Cap Brats have been working on a new album called ‘Our Storied Past’ and will hopefully be released in October through their own label Take A Shot Records.

“We’ve put our blood, sweat, and tears into this one and I truly believe it is the best work we’ve done to date. It’s a more mature, heartfelt effort than our previous album and is something I desperately want to share with the world”

Now, the band is going to need your help to make that happen. They’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund the release of the album in both CD and vinyl format. All the typical perks you would find in such a campaign plus some cool unique ones. Any little bit helps and it would mean the world to the band if you could contribute. And if you can’t share this link on their facebook, twitter, instagram, etc…

Over the next 30 days of the campaign, we’ll be releasing more details like the song titles, and artwork so stay tuned for that as well. So here’s your chance to help out one of the best bands in the scene and give yourself a nice warm feeling of helping others!

Scally Cap Brats


Scally Cap BratsThe Scally Cap Brats formed in the summer of 2010 out of a chance meeting between Mike Pusiak and Mike Franey. They quickly discovered a mutual love for Punk, Oi! and Celtic music which led to talk about starting a band. The original lineup was then solidified by the fall, with Kevin Grace on Drums and Katherine Maziec on bass. Soon after, a set list was completed. This set would include traditional folk songs, aggressive folk punk, and many songs with an Oi! Influence. It was soon time for the first show, in Ottawa, at Maverick’s bar. No one was sure what to expect beforehand but the band took to the stage with a vengeance, making an immediate impression on the attendees. The Scally Cap Brats tore through their set, bursting with energy and excitement that had the crowd clapping and dancing along all night. After the first show The Scally Cap Brats went on to celebrate St. Patrick’s day by playing two nights at Zaphod’s Beeblebrox. The first night, March 16th, saw the Brats opening up for Celtic Punk legends The Mahones; The second night, March 17th, saw them honour St. Patrick alongside local Oi! juggernauts, the Rookers. It was the beginning of a momentous start for the Scally Cap Brats as they quickly began making a name for themselves throughout the city and beyond.
Scally Cap BratsWith 2012 came several lineup changes Danny DeVille (The Matadors, Sick Sick Sicks) joined the band on bass for a brief period before moving behind the drum kit, while Collin Hanes of Murder State agreed to fill in on Bass. Just one month after Danny’s arrival, The Brats entered the studio to record their debut album, “Let us Drink, For We Must Die”. A 12 track effort featuring catchy celtic riffs, pounding bass, and sing along choruses. You can hear the influence of bands such as Dropkick Murphys, Street Dogs, Stiff Littler Fingers, The Dubliners, and Stan Rogers, yet also hear the band’s own unique voice coming through. The release of this album was celebrated on September 14th, 2012 alongside their good friends, Machine Gun Dolly. The show turned out to be the most raucous, beer soaked show to date for the band, yet it is still just the beginning. Since their first show in February of 2011 The Scally Cap Brats have shared the stage with bands such as The Mahones, Matadors, Koffin Kats, 3tards, The Dreadnoughts, The Oppressed, Prowlers, Planet Smashers, Razors in the Night, Bishops Green and King Size Braces.
Scally Cap Brats2014 will see the release of the band’s second studio album, to go along with their previous 3 EP’s and debut full length. The band’s expanded sound will be showcased, bringing to light a harder edge and mature undertones which will make the album a unique experience that builds on their first but also outshines it in every way. In order to do this, and to bring that same feeling to their live shows, the band also welcomed Christian Rapley this year, on rhythm guitar, to fill out their sound.
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