The Dead Maggies Sing About Dead People
Stories of tragic Tasmanian folklore set to upbeat toe-tapping and thigh-slapping cowpunk and folk punk 

THE DEAD MAGGIESWe are stoked (a suitable Aussie word learnt from years of watching Prisoner Cell Block H) to have this great band washing up in London town. Yeah we know its a bloody Monday but it’s gonna be a good while before they manage to scrape the money up to come back so move heaven and earth not to miss this opportunity. The live music starts at 8pm and will finish dead on 11pm so you’ll be easily able to make it to Seven Sisters tube station and get back to pretty much anywhere! There’ll be a DJ playing celtpunk paddyrock and trad Irish for anyone who wants to hang about after that and anyone who knows the venue TChances will know when the beers flowing its awful hard to leave. We’ve also roped in Steve White And The Protest Family who will be arriving on the tube from Walthamstow to play their fantastic brand of folk punk without a drummer and Anto Morra will be giving us a acoustic solo set of London Irish anthems that hit you firmly in the heart and the head.

Facebook event page for the gig is here.

Tasmania (aka Van Diemen’s Land) is the southern island state of Australia. It was settled as a penal colony, where prisoners of the failing British Empire were sent to labour in harsh conditions, indistinguishable from slavery. Around the same time an atrocious, and nearly successful, genocide of the indigenous population known as ‘The Black Wars’ took place…

That was all almost 200 years ago now.

THE DEAD MAGGIES/ STEVE WHITE London Gig 2014The Dead Maggies are from Tasmania and they bring the old folklore, histories and tragedies to life. They sing stories which weave Tasmania’s dark and oppressive history (Featuring; bushrangers, convicts, settlers, murders and suicides) – but set them to toe-tapping, foot-stomping, heart-racing upbeat hoedowns of celtic folk punk and cow punk that will make you dance, yell and folk till you punk. They have been heralded as the creators of a new genre ‘Convict-Punk’ by local radio stations.

The Dead Maggies formed in Hobart on the day of Margaret Thatcher’s death when a mix of punk and folk musicians started jamming songs that they’d been writing in a community garden – among the setting of organic wood fired pizza’s and home brewed beer. It was not long after that and they were up on stage playing with some of the biggest names in Australian celtic-punk music.

After touring around Australia to packed out venues, they now spread their wings and set off on an international tour to Europe. Taking in Scotland, Wales, England, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria and France it’s going to be well worth knackering yourself out for the rest of the week to see this amazing band.

Some people say folk is dead… but death is only the beginning.

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