Paul McGuinness

recent photo of Paul

The great news is that Paul was eventually discharged  from Homerton Hospital in North London and continues to make great progress with his physical strength and mobility improving daily and also his cognitive skills. He has moved into a self contained flat and is well on the road to recovery.

To those who hadn’t heard Paul was sadly involved in a serious car accident late last year and was hospitalised for quite a long time afterwards so serious were his injuries. Paul is the singer from The Popes, best known as Shane MacGowans backing band but also a God damn brilliant celtic rock/punk band in their own right and the loss of them, while Paul recovers, to the scene in London has been immense.

Ian Bramble (The Popes), Will Morrison (The Popes), Paul 'Mad Dog' McGuinness, Charles (Popes Web Design)

Ian Bramble (The Popes), Will Morrison (The Popes), Paul ‘Mad Dog’ McGuinness, Charles (Popes Web Design)

Paul would like to thank everyone for their support and best wishes over the last few months, and looks forward to seeing everyone again before too long. He thanks everyone from London Celtic Punks for writing and said thanks for our giant get well card you all signed at the benefit gig we put on for Paul. As Dave said on visiting him last weekend

“He was in great form, and looking really well”

We all at London Celtic Punks wish Paul all the very best and our thoughts are with him. It will be a long process and we’ve another another benefit gig for Paul shortly but in the meantime you can send a donation to Paul via PayPal here

click here and then scroll down the page to find the PayPal logo

So keep Paul in your prayers for a swift and speedy recovery and please send whatever you can to help.

we are holding a benefit gig for Paul on Saturday 29th November in London. theres gonna be a shitload of Irish music with bands and artists galore going on into the early hours and every penny going to Paul. we’re privileged to be chosen to do the official release show for Anto Morra’s new EP ‘The Patriot’ (more on Anto here and here). so join the facebook event page and keep up with all the updates going on.

facebook event for Paul McGuinness here

Contact The Band

WebSite  Facebook

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  1. Colleen O'Brien Smet October 4, 2014 at 7:45 pm Reply

    Thank you for giving us this great news about Paul. I wish him all the best.

  2. Haydyn M D Williams October 5, 2014 at 1:23 pm Reply

    That’s brilliant news.He’s a great feller sure!

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