EP REVIEW: BLACK WATER COUNTY- ‘The Fellowship of the Craic’ (2014)

Love The Band Hate The Floor!Black Water County-'Fellowship Of the Craic' (2014)

A fine  addition to the UK celtic punk scene , the Black Water County lads and lass from the England’s south coast bring us their debut release. It’s a boisterous irreverent EP dealing with llife’s major worries , sex and drinking!! Sadly it’s only six tracks but they’re six good ones with tales of a feisty parson’s daughter and an amorous rambling man. I think it’s only fair we get a bunch of us together to visit Redwood to go on the piss, it sounds like an interesting place! There is a fine jig about a leaky barrel, as long as it’s not full of brandy, which has it’s own song of praise. Some fine musicianship and great harmonies and a barrel full of fun! Yes an all round good first disc well worth a listen. I look forward to more and catching them live soon.


1) Roving Man 2)The Parson’s Daughter 3)The Ballad Of Ramblin Johnnny 4)Brandy 5)All The Pubs 6)The Leaky Barrel Jig

here’s the brand spanking new video for ‘The Parson’s Daughter’ which was released only last Sunday on the bands Facebook page.

Contact The Band WebSite  Facebook  YouTube  Twitter  Soundcloud

Buy The EP From The Band

you will be able to catch Black Water County at a few gigs around London in the next couple of months but don’t miss them at our benefit gig for Paul out The Popes on Saturday 29 November. Details here

we reviewed the official release gig for the EP and you can read it here


One thought on “EP REVIEW: BLACK WATER COUNTY- ‘The Fellowship of the Craic’ (2014)

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