Creeds Cross- Third Light (2014)

Regular readers will remember back in June that we reviewed the new album from the latest addition to the London celtic-rock/punk scene, Creeds Cross. We were to put it simply, quite blown away! As good a debut album as you’ll find anywhere. You can read our review of ‘Gods And Fighting Men’ here where you can also find out all about the band, the band members and have a listen to a few songs and even find links to buy/download the album.

War ChildOfficially released on November 7th ‘ Third Light’ is a harrowing tale of life in the trenches during World War One. The story being that the third man to light a cigarette from the same match would be shot by a sniper. Highlighting the horror of war and the innocent lives it ruins the band have decided to donate all sales of the single to the charity War Child. They work to help improve the lives of children affected by war. They currently work with children affected by war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Syria.

Creeds Cross certainly continue their rise to the top with this number too. Highly charged and emotional lyrics atop a soaring track with all of the bands instruments combining together brilliantly. The best celtic-punk bands continue the celtic tradition of story telling and that is one of the things Creeds Cross excel at.

” First light, a second, then third it’s man down

From an enemy sniper across no mans ground

And the silence that followed, was a deafening sound

And the curse of the Third Light goes on…..”

We’ve been gagging to see if they can deliver the goods live and we’ll get our chance later this year in Camden on November 16. Event page for the gig is here. It’s going to be a corker so see you down the front.

So dig deep Celtic Punkers and get yer money out -its less than a quid!- for a superb track but also for a great charity.

Creeds Cross

Contact The Band

Facebook  Reverbnation  WebSite  Twitter  E-Mail  Soundcloud

Contact The Charity

War Child UK

Facebook  WebSite

now Buy The Single!

iTunes  Amazon



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