welcome back and a happy new year to us all!


In all of the celtic nations, music serves a much larger role than simply entertainment, but in Ireland especially it has had significant historical, social and economic implications that have shaped the nation’s identity. Storytelling truly embodies Irish music. Songs that not only focus on the political and social issues of the day, but are also used to tell of the nation’s history. The Irish have faced many challenges in their past, most notably the so-called ‘famine’ and the resulting emigration that still plagues Ireland to this day as well as the oppression that comes with colonization. As a result of hardships like these, many Irish citizens were forced to leave their land and loved ones behind. However, they never forgot their origins or their culture, and music was a perfect means of preserving and showing pride in their Irish roots. So on this day can we wish you all a great 2015 and may it result in health and happiness to us and in the words of an old Irish proverb may our enemies turn their ankles so we may know them by their limping.

keep an eye out for our famous Best Of 2014 polls due any day… soon as some lazy buggers can get there lists in!! we have lots and lots happening in the upcoming months so keep an eye on the Facebook page and here.

keeping the celtic traditions alive in the belly of the beast!

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