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at a beach in Donegal

It’s been a great year for us with the amount of visits to the site above and beyond our wildest dreams. We have also been told by several bands that music sales have shot up after a review has been posted on the site so we’re even more grateful that you seem to be listening to our recommendations.
1. UK 28%
2. USA 20%
3. Germany 8%
4. Australia 6.5%
5. France 5.2%
6. Canada 3.8%
7. Ireland 3.8%
8. Spain 2.5%
9. Italy 2.5%
10. Brazil 2%
we know we have regular readers as all through the year we have had multiple views from Botswana so hello to our fan over there. Also we were looking forward to having Scotland represented in this list rather than as part of the UK but the cowardice of the 55% put paid to that. Sod them all…
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One thought on “2014…THE STATISTICS!

  1. timmons anthony January 10, 2015 at 2:21 am Reply

    How did you get these stats?- I’m gonna make a wordpress site for my trip to Greece. Hope youre New Years is already the best! Anthony

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