The Angry Brians

Hopefully not the start of a new trend but another fine celtic-punk band has decided to change their name with 1916 from California becoming The Angry Brians. Only last year Enter The Haggis became Jubilee Riots (article here) but it’s a bit understandable with 1916 also the name of another fine celtic-punk band from New York so now there will be no confusion.  An announcement on Facebook stated

“1916 officially changed their name to ‘The Angry Brians’ on 01/01/15 due to many legal and creative reasons, but the band, the music, and their message remained, to this day, resolute”

So The Angry Brians are set to continue pumping out the high voltage celtic rock’n’roll that they are famous for, for a good time to come yet.

“A few months ago, while wrapping up recording, we came to the conclusion that it would be in our best interests if we changed the name of the group… for many legal and creative reasons… and for medical reasons because, frankly, 1916 was just giving us all headaches.
So, without further ado… we would like to raise our glasses in solidarity for one last farewell to ‘1916’… as we welcome the new year with a new name. It’s been a long road, but one hell of a great ride! Here’s to many more as we continue our journey where ‘1916’ left off… and ‘The Angry Brians’ have come to clean up the mess. Hope you all have a happy new year… now get the hell out of our way!!!”

The Angry BriansThe Angry Brians have a new album that came out on New Years Day called ‘We Came To Fight’ and is available from Amazon and somewhere on iTunes. Ten tracks of mostly self-penned, bagpipe led, celtic-punk’n’roll. Must admit I did like the old name but I guess a lot of other people did too hence its popularity for just about anything and everything! Anyway the very best of good luck to The Angry Brians. You can find them on Facebook here so head over there and give them a like.

Left to right is: Walter Baldwin (Drums), Chelsea Joy (Highland Pipes, Whistles, Vocals), Douglas Kirk (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Rich Cheney (Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals).

Left to right is: Walter Baldwin (Drums), Chelsea Joy (Highland Pipes, Whistles, Vocals), Douglas Kirk (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Rich Cheney (Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals).

keep an eye out on these pages for a review of ‘We Came To Fight’ to be posted shortly.


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