EP REVIEW: MATILDA’S SCOUNDRELS- ‘Beasts In Disguise’ (2015)

six drunken folk punks from the smugglers coast of Hastings!

Matilda's Sounrels- 'Beasts In Disguise' (2015)

Matilda’s Scoundrels formed less than a year ago in the English seaside town of Hastings on the south-coast. The amount of good bands down that way is beyond belief whereas London has only a small handful of bands playing celtic-folk-punk the south coast of England seems to throw up another excellent band every few months. This is the bands first release and is available for ‘Pay What You Want’ so you can have a listen and then decide yourself…no pressure! Though I’d hope that you will be generous as the band deserve it for this great wee EP.

Matilda's Soundrels

(top left to right) James Baughurst, Jason Stirling (bottom left to right:) Dan Flanagan, Jon Gosling, Thomas Quinn, Jens Jensen

Just four songs and clocking in at eleven minutes and available for download from Bandcamp. The great thing about that site is that it allows bands to get their music out to people without having to worry about getting an album’s worth out. A bands progression is a slow process but by the sound of Matilda’s Scoundrels they are pretty much there already! The music is not yer traditional celtic-punk fare, even though the instruments are all there with accordion, tin whistle and mandolin all blaring out loud, as this is definitly on the more punkier side of what we like. The production is great as all those trad instruments are clearly heard and the thrashy guitars and raspy vocals don’t drown each other out and the whole thing flows very smoothly.

Matilda's Soundrels

The EP’s title track begins with acoustic guitar before some thundering bass and chugging guitar steer it off. No love songs here I’m afraid and no songs about guinness either. Angry pissed off folk-punk that will have you shaking your fist as well as tapping your feet. ‘Beasts In Disguise’ sets the tone for the rest of the EP and drives along at a fair old speed while next song, ‘Feed The Machine’ follows a similar pattern with a solo accordion introductiom before a stark story of capitalism and the profit margin. The vocals tuneful and as punk as owt suit the music perfectly. The bands photos would give the impression to some of some sort of ramshackle army but I cannot find a single fault with ‘Beasts In Disguise’. From beginning to end I simply loved it. ‘Our Wake’ is my favourite track as it has a certain celtic-punk feel to it and though not quite with both its feet in celtic-punk  territory the story of the sea definitly is and with the tin whistle and mando its not far away. The last track sees Matilda’s Scoundrels go apeshit and ‘Folk Shit Up’ does just that. Fast and furious it brings the EP to an end and all over far too soon. For a band only together for a few months the band have done a superb job and have a very solid set of songs to start from (that album can’t be too far behind I hope?). Probably not for your folk purists I’d put this in the same sort of category as Middle Class Bastards (winners of our Best EP release 2014 here) in that they are most certainly a punk band at heart. That being said everyone should have at least a listen to them and hear some well decent traditional instruments being played even if the music isn’t that traditonal itself!!

(to listen to the whole EP press play below)

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