EP REVIEW: FLATFOOT 56/ 6’10 ‘Split EP’ (2015)

Americana Folk meets Celtic Punk

The amazing new EP from Chicago premier league Celtic punkers Flatfoot 56 is a special split EP with front man Tobin Bawinkel’s excellent folk-punk side-project 6’10.

Flatfoot 56 & 6'10 - Split EP

Well we keep hearing winter is coming and we can see the nights closing in, but don’t worry the guys from Flatfoot 56 and 6’10 have brought out a split EP to cheer even the saddest amongst us! It’s 7 tracks long with one new one from Flatfoot 56 and two new ones from 6’10. It kicks off with the old standard ‘Cotton Fields’ but given the punk treatment from the Flatfoot 56 lads.

Next we have a new (or at least un-released) track ‘Picciolini’, it’s an instrumental with a mandolin led Russian flavour to it. Very good it is too! We then have two tracks taken from their last album ‘Toil’, ‘First The Rich The Strong And The Poor’ and then ‘This Time’.

Both excellent, like nearly every track on Toil!

6’10 then bring us a warm up-tempo style ballad called Seeing Light.

They follow this with their take on the standout track (for me!!) from Toil , Winter In Chicago. It’s an acoustic version with a guitar and drum style that has an almost calypso flavour to it. Another cracking track!

Finally we have Protest, a pleasant number although the recorder (or pan pipe, I really don’t know!) solo takes a bit of getting used to. All in all we have an excellent (if a little too short) release, that showcases the power and energy of Flatfoot 56 coupled with the more mellow , thoughtful acoustic sound of 6’10. Well worth getting to brighten up these long dark nights.

01. Flatfoot 56 – Cotton Fields
02. Flatfoot 56 – Picciolini
03. Flatfoot 56 – The Rich, The Strong And The Poor
04. Flatfoot 56 – This Time
05. 6’10 – Seeing Light
06. 6’10 – Winter In Chicago
07. 6’10 – Protest

Released 2015 on Flix Records and limited to only 500 copies.

Buy The EP FlixRecords 

Contact The Band

Flatfoot 56- WebSite  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  6 ’10-  WebSite  Facebook  Bandcamp  YouTube

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