Sandy Row 2016. Photo- Ruairí

I know we say this every year but once again it’s been another absolutely fantastic year for both the celtic-punk scene in general and for us personally.  The amount of visits to the site exceeding last year by a whopping 15% and with a reduced amount of posts too! This is far and above anything we could have ever imagined. Once again we have been told by several bands that our reviews have a positive effect on music sales and things like Facebook Likes have shot up after we have posted on our site so we’re even more grateful that you seem to be listening and acting upon our recommendations.


(2014/2015 in brackets)

1. United Kingdom (!) (1/1)

2. USA  (2/2)

3. Germany  (3/3)

4.  Ireland  (7/4)

5. France  (5/5)

6. Australia  (4/8)

7. Spain  (8/6)

8.Canada  (6/7)

9. Italy  (9/10)

10.Netherlands  (11/11)

We know from regular checks on our WordPress stats page that we have regular readers from all over the world and a big shout out to our fan in the Ivory Coast. We would love to see the Celtic nations listed separately as well as Catalonia and the Basque country as well as Sardinia and Corsica (all countries we have regulas viewers from) but until they gain independence they continue to be listed under the counties that occupy them. Not for much longer we hope…

(click to read)
So there you have it. Not particularly interesting to anyone but me but maybe there’s someone else out there who gives a feck!!! The next week will see the unveiling of the London Celtic Punks Best Of 2015 lists so be sure to check back and find out who rocked our boat the last twelve months.
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* 2014 THE STATISTICS here
* 2015 THE STATISTICS here

2 thoughts on “2016…THE STATISTICS!

  1. musichomeworkimw January 3, 2017 at 4:13 pm Reply

    Congrats! Happy New Year!

    • LondonCelticPunks January 3, 2017 at 4:21 pm Reply

      hello anthony. hope you well. see you at Mickey Rickshaw this weekend? some of your Irish-American clan!

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