English working class Celtic-Folk-Punk. The Levellers meets Billy Bragg meets The Pogues.

One of the most down to earth bands you are ever likely to encounter Ferocious Dog are the band most likely to break out of the scene and go onto bigger things. That they have achieved it all without any sort of backing and all on their own merits is simply incredible and their journey continues to bigger and better things and we are all invited along for the ride. Strap yourselves in!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Ferocious Dog with two long time members with guitarist Les Carter and the multi talented John Leonard (who played an array of instruments like the 5-String banjo, tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar (of course!), bouzouki, tin-whistle, uilleann pipes and accordion!) both announcing they would be leaving the band in the same week. No doubt it was the Dogs ferocious touring schedule that helped contribute and I find it incredible the amount of gigs they play. It truly takes some dedication and a hell of a lot of energy to keep up with them. Not the best news but they have been here before and with the right replacements the band should be able to continue where they left off. As ever with FD they love to keep their fans involved and no sooner had Les and John said they were off then the guys who were coming in were announced. Ryan Brooks joining on electric guitar as well as our good friend, and a man who has featured on these pages several times, Johnny Edwards joining on the several instruments he plays.

You?! is the first track to be released off their forthcoming new studio album due in early 2020. Released on 11th November 2019 the song peaked at #7 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts and almost made the Top 100 in the overall charts too. The video for the song explains the close relationship between the band and their fans and it is true that no matter how often you see them (and i have seen them a lot!) they put their all into every show. All the elements that make the band special are here with fast and furious fiddle thrashy guitars and a solid folk base while Ken’s lyrics are incendiary and as ever on point politically. About staying true to your beliefs and standing up for what you believe in! If you have never seen or heard this band then leave your cave and check them out on either record or live. They are that rare breed where they capture their live sound perfectly on disc.

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Discography  Ferocious Dog (2013) * Ferocious Dog 3 Piece Acoustic (2014) * From Without (2015) * From Without Acoustic (2017) * Red (2017) * Fake News And Propaganda (2019) *

Pivotal to the ethos and drive of Ferocious Dog is the sad fate of Ken’s son Lee. Lee served in Afghanistan from the age of 18, and upon rejoining civilian life took his own life in 2012 at the age of just 24, unable to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from seeing one of his friends being shot dead by a sniper. Lee is commemorated in the Ferocious Dog songs ‘The Glass’, ‘Lee’s Tune’ and ‘A Verse For Lee’. This gave rise to The Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund which raises money and awareness for various causes close to the bands heart. Lee’s story was featured in a BBC documentary Broken By Battle in 2013. It was Lee that actually named the band as a child.

Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund  Facebook

One thought on “SINGLE REVIEW: FEROCIOUS DOG- ‘You?!’ (2019)

  1. Alexzander Graham November 17, 2019 at 6:21 pm Reply

    Good review, the single I’d awesome
    Was at Newcastle last week gig was amazing as they always area

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