Welcome to the first Celtic Punkcast of 2020! The scene just keeps on getting bigger and better so here’s an hour of the best in Celtic-Punk, Celtic-Rock and Folk-Punk from all over the world including a song that has certainly been making waves over here on both sides of the Irish sea!!

Follow the link below and stream live or download to listen to later and enjoy!

Hi again everyone and I hope your new year has started well. It’s been a busy time for me here but I still managed to get this months show out. I hope you enjoyed the Best Of 2019 special and I’d love to get your thoughts on it, but right now I have a new show with some great music including some brand new tunes and a veteran featured band.     Gareth

THE TOSSERS – ‘The Humors Of Glendart/’ ‘Ingenish’/ ‘On The Fly’


CAPTAIN TRACTOR – ‘London Calling’

JOURNEY NORTH – ‘Raise A Glass’

THE DEADLYS – ‘Work To Be Done’

THE WALKER ROADERS – ‘Lord Randall’s Bastard Son’

BLACK ANEMONE – ‘Straight Back To Hell’



’20 Years Later’ / ‘Loboville’

SHILELAGH LAW – ‘And Then We Drink’

THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY – ‘Broken White Lines’

BRUTUS’ DAUGHTERS – ‘Big Fish And Fisherwomen’

 ‘Brave Yankee Boys’

FLATFOOT 56 – ‘We Grow Stronger’ 

THE MAHONES – ‘Nancy Whiskey’

THE WOLFE TONES – ‘Come Out Ye Black And Tans’

You can listen to the November episode of The Celtic Punkcast at the link below. Simply click for the best Celtic-Punk of the past and the present and remember you can listen to it live or else download to listen at another time.


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Check out the London Celtic Punk interview with Gareth the ‘Podmaster’ here and find out what possessed him to join the #OneBigCelticPunkFamily. Also worth checking out was the special article written by Gareth for people who haven’t yet experienced the joys of Celtic-Punk so find Bring Your Mates To The Hooley: A Starters Guide To Celtic-Punk here. In August they did a Special Edition to celebrate our tenth anniversary with a episode dedicated to the bands here that helped form and shape the London Celtic Punks from 2009-2019.

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