Well the world is in lockdown… or should be. Their are signs the current crisis will bring out the best of people lets just hope so. Salute to those keyworkers who are helping the place to keep running, including my Mammy, sister and my Mrs.

To help ease the pain our mate Gareth in Oz has put together a ‘Special Aussie’ edition of The Celtic Punkcast. An hour of the best and most influential Australian Celtic-Folk-Punk out there!

Follow the link below and stream live or download to listen to later and enjoy!


G’day everyone, look I know we’re all a bit down at the moment, especially the way the world is and us all being in self isolation and social distancing and all that, so I thought a bonus podcast might help us deal with all the shit going down. So what better time than now to do an idea I’ve had for months, an all Australian special! I actually did an all Australian show on Blues & Roots Radio once and have been keen to do a podcast version, so here it is! Lot’s of old favourites, some you haven’t heard before on the show and a BRAND NEW track from The Dead Maggies! Also, please note, all these bands are (or were) based solely in Australia, hence why The Rumjacks and The Cloverhearts missed out despite being awesome bands. Anyway here’s the tracklist:

THE DEAD MAGGIES – ‘Lacey’s Redemption’



ROARING JACK – ‘Destitution Road’

THE BOTTLERS – ‘Hades Way’

THE GO SET – ‘The Rising Tide’

BENNY MAYHEM – ‘Song For Absent Friends’

MEDUSAS WAKE – ‘Hobart Sailor’

SHAMBOLICS – ‘Pogue Mahone (Kiss My Arse)’

THE CURRENCY – ‘Victoria Rose’

CATGUT MARY – ‘Paddys Lantern’

MUTINY – ‘Bligh’

SIBIN – ‘Run Johnny Run’

THE DANGEROUS FOLK – ‘Shipping Up To Brisbane’

THE GOOD SHIP – ‘Seven Seas’

FOX N FIRKIN – ‘Waltzing Matilda’


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Check out the London Celtic Punk interview with Gareth the ‘Podmaster’ here and find out what possessed him to join the #OneBigCelticPunkFamily. Also worth checking out was the special article written by Gareth for people who haven’t yet experienced the joys of Celtic-Punk so find Bring Your Mates To The Hooley: A Starters Guide To Celtic-Punk here. In August they did a Special Edition to celebrate our tenth anniversary with a episode dedicated to the bands here that helped form and shape the London Celtic Punks from 2009-2019.

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