The PoguestrA is back again this time with the perfect Christmas party song.
A group of musicians from across the world united by a love of The Pogues playing together remotely. Listen on as they continue their quest to cover all our favourite Pogues songs!

The PoguestrA continue their quest to cover everyone’s favourite Pogues song and their latest release is a song that has always been able to get the festivities going. Usually live it signaled the end, and if not the end then very near, of their gigs so it is also remembered with a tinge of sadness. Still, a grand choice of song, especially considering the time of year and also for us as it comes sandwiched perfectly between a review, by The Celtic Punk Author, of the new Shane McGowan biography, A Furious Devotion, last weekend and an interview with the books author Richard Balls coming next weekend.

Jem Finer and Shane MacGowan

‘Fiesta’ first appeared on the 1988 album If I Should Fall From Grace With God before being released as a single. It was the last time The Pogues with Shane at the helm would break into the top thirty and reached a respectable #24 in the UK charts. The rowdy video for the song was directed by Young One’s star and comic actor Ade Edmondson and filmed in Barcelona. The song itself comes from the time the Bhoys found themselves in Almeria in southern Spain as guests of cult film director Alex Cox. The film was a low-budget spaghetti Western called Straight To Hell, and also starred the likes of Joe Strummer and Courtney Love. It’s definitely no Fistful Of Dollars and at the time I wasn’t alone in thinking it an indulgent mess but I have warmed to it more as the years have passed. The last few years have seen the film being released as director’s cut and also a half decent soundtrack too.

In the words of Pogues guitarist Phillip Chevron

“‘Fiesta’ actually came out from our time in Spain. We had peculiar hours. We would get up at 6 in the morning and drive to the set, which was about 25 miles from the hotel. This meant that we had to get to bed relatively early, which was difficult enough for The Pogues. The actual hotel in the film is the one we stayed in. Typically we would get back at 8 O’clock, have a bite to eat and a few drinks to unwind and then go to bed. We were filming at Fiesta time, and the Spanish take their Fiestas very seriously. The problem with the Fiesta is that they start at sun down and continue to sun up. That wouldn’t be too bad except the noise of the fiesta is something else. All through the time we were in Almeria there was two tunes that kept playing, they came like Chinese water torture. It would stop for five minutes and then start again. The first tune was what we made the main tune in ‘Fiesta’ and the other one was coming from the doll-selling stall. You know the line ‘will you kindly kill a doll for me!'”

Appropriately the last line of the song reads “the shouts outside of the houses.”

Fiesta performed by The PoguestrA

Written by Jem Finer and Shane MacGowan

I am Francisco Vasquez Garcia
I am welcome to Almeria
We have sin gas and con leche
We have fiesta and feria
We have the song of the chochona
We have brandy and half corona
And Leonardo and his accordione
And calamari and macaroni
Come all you rambling boys of pleasure
And ladies of easy leisure
We must say Adios! until we see
Almeria once again
There is a minstrel, there you see,
And he stoppeth one in three
He whispers in this one’s ear
“Will you kindly kill that doll for me”
Now he has won chochona in the bingo
All the town has watched this crazy gringo
As he pulls off the doll’s head laughing
And ­miraldo! throws its body in the sea
El vienticinco de agosto
Abrio sus ojos Jaime Fearnley
Pero el bebe cinquante Gin-campari
Y se tendio para cerrarlos
Y Costello el rey del America
Y suntuosa Cait O Riordan
Non rompere mes colliones
Los gritos fuera de las casas
PoguestrA credits
Cisco: Vocals (Italy) / Yuri Lemeshev: Accordion (New York) / Nandu Popu: Harmonica, Vocals (Salento) / Daniel Al-Ayoubi: Mandolin (Germany) / Brandon Caylor: Mando-Guitar (California) / Giacomo Chiaramonte: BanjoBass (Italy) / Helena Cooke: Tenor Sax (England) / Tanis de Simón: Guitar (Almería, Spain) / John Dunne: Trumpet, Vocals (England) / Mark Hamilton: Accordion (Alberta, Canada) / Kaelin Harding: Banjo (Wyoming, USA) / Elizabeth Harman: Fiddle (California) / Robin Hiermer: Vocals (Germany) / Marc Hoper: Vocals (Germany) / Jez Ingarfield: Vocals (England) / Mattia Malusardi: Bouzouki (Italy) / Vince Martini: Bass (California) / Eddie ‘Hernandez’ Moss: Saxophone (UK) / Nick Neale: Drums (Canary Islands) / Rick Nuttall: Vocals (England) / Moisés Álvarez Rodríguez: Ukulele (Spain) / Daniele Rubertelli: Accordion (Italy) / Ron Spee: Banjo (The Netherlands) / Daniele Tristano: Guitar (Matera, Italy) / Geert van Beek: Drums (The Netherlands) / Marcel van Bergen: Guitar (The Netherlands) / Tim van den Hombergh: Tin Whistles, Piano (The Netherlands) / Paddy Vervoort: Vocals (The Netherlands) / MeLinda Wright: Alto Sax (Austin, Texas) / Zac: Vocals (Italy).
Audio & Video editing by Tim van den Hombergh

If you are interested in joining the PoguestrA for future songs then get in touch with the gang viaYouTube orFacebook

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