As we celebrate the ninth anniversary of our first post here’s #7 of nine special ‘interview’ type things. We wanted to have people who play a big part in the Celtic-Punk scene so here we go! 

Today we are pleased as punch to have Ray on board for our Q And A. Ray has been around a long time playing in Celtic-Punk bands as well as being the driving force (and only member!) of The Fighting 69th. He is now playing in Celtic band Ravenwalk and in his spare time is the North American correspondent for the London Celtic Punk site.

Name / Nickname : Ray/Raymond

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 31

Status : Engaged

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Buffalo NY. Irish, French, Polish, Scandinavian

Where do you live : Buffalo NY

Occupation : repair tech at a music store

First job : also repair tech at a music store

A job you would have loved to do : musician / producer

What / Who makes you laugh : British humour

Favourite movie star : don’t own a tv by choice

Favourite film / TV show : don’t own a tv by choice. But probably Casablanca

Favourite band/s : depends on the day. Social D is a mainstay

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands :  the perennial Flogging Molly or DKM but there are definitely hidden gems

First and last record you bought : First record-within a mile of home, Latest chili peppers new album

How many instruments can you play : play well? Only a few. But I will learn somewhat anything I can get my hands on

How many bands have you been in : 8? Ish. From pop to Celtic to new wave

Favourite venue / gig attended :  Dkm at town ballroom in Buffalo in 2004

Favourite venue / gig played : the 123 club in Morgantown wv

Describe yourself in 5 words : oh boy…eccentric?

Most embarrassing moment : where to begin…

Favourite song and why : So many favorite songs

Favourite album and why : Favorite albums are usually rockabilly

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: Battle wounds and bragging rights

Team/s supported as a kid : Boston Bruins

Favourite sport : Lacrosse or Hockey

All time hero : Fictional Atticus Finch

Favourite book :Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Best friend : several music friends over the years

Biggest influence on career : Ted Hutt hands down

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given :  everything Atticus finch says

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Probably Britain or Paris

Your five dream dinner guests? : John Locke, edmund Burke, Joe strummer, Ken Casey and John Adan’s.

Your favourite quote: Passionately curious-Einstein

Anything to plug / promote : Plugging Ravenswalk

Thanks Ray. Writer, artist and musician Ray is a credit to the American-Irish community and you can find a wealth of his material available at his Bandcamp site but please check out this overview of Ravenwalk we published in April.

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