As we celebrate the ninth birthday of our first post our special feature continues. Based on the feature that use to appear in the football magazines of my youth it’s just a short series of questions about stuff’n’nonsense as me auld Nan would have said.

The second last of our short series and kind of apt to have Justin Keenan from Aussie Celtic-Punks The Go-Set as they were instrumental in the setting up of London Celtic Punks. After seeing how badly treated they were by a promoter in London a couple of us thought we can do this better and really look after them. A few years later we even put The Go-Set on in a sweat box in Brixton and they were truly amazing.

Name / Nickname : Justin Keenan – ‘Keeno’

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 40s

Status : Married

Birthplace / Nationality / Ancestry : Born in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia from Australian and Irish ancestry

Where do you live : Clifton Springs

Occupation : Teacher/musician

First job : Pulling beers at a dodgy pub

A job you would have loved to do : Have always wanted to be a sports reporter, or a travel writer

What / Who makes you laugh : Jim Jeffries and Doug Stanhope

Favourite movie star : Katheryn Winnick

Favourite film / TV show : At the moment I’m getting through Peaky Blinders, which I’m loving.

Favourite band/s : Lot’s of them. At the moment I’m digging The Menzingers, and I’ve circled back onto Alkaline Trio and the Lawrence Arms.

Favourite Celtic-Punk bands : Flogging Molly hands down for musicianship and dynamic.

Up and coming Celtic-Punk band to watch : Not really up and coming, but there seems to be a big movement of folk/punk type acts that are coming out of the US midwest at the moment. It’s an interesting and less traditional version of the folk punk blend

First and last record you bought : Just got the new Dave Hause

How many instruments can you play : Almost one.

How many bands have you been in : Only two full time.

Favourite venue attended : SO36 in Berlin

Favourite gig attended : When we played at Mighty Sounds in Czech a few years ago

Describe yourself in 5 words : Hmm….outdoors, curious, busy, family, laughter

Most embarrassing moment : Crowd surfing and getting dropped onto the bar, knocking over everyones beers and concussing myself

Favourite song and why : Jeez…. depends on the moment. Most beautiful song that I never grow tired of would be Fairytale of New York

Favourite album and why : Probably have to say Rancid ‘And out come the Wolves’ or The Pogues ‘If I should Fall from Grace with God’

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: We did a cover of Billy Bragg’s ‘Waiting for the Great Leap Forward’ as a fundraiser for a homeless mission. That was a fun project.

Team/s supported as a kid : Collingwood. Always and forever

Favourite sportsperson : Probably Shane Warne

Favourite sport : Cricket

All time hero : Ricky Ponting

Favourite book : Co. Aytch – memoirs of the American Civil War by Samuel Watkins

Best friend : I’m lucky to have a few.

Biggest influence on career : My family

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given : Always move forward.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : Australia is my home. I love Europe for short periods, particularly Germany, but I love my home.

Your five dream dinner guests : Jim Jeffries, Shane McGowan, Harry Shearer, Seth McFarlane, and GG Allin.

Your favourite quote: Hunter S Thompson’s quote about getting to the end of life like a beat up, worn out car, coming to screaching halt.

Anything to plug / promote : YES! The Go Set has a new album coming out in the early part of next year!

Here’s the live set from the sweaty basement of a Vegan restaurant in Brixton, south London. As filmed by Flat Cap Productions. The sound quality is not the best but you can feel the excitement of the night through the video. Is anyone out there able to help clean up the sound?


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