A great week for Celtic-Punk fans with four new singles from four bands that are both well spread out geographically as well as musically showing that the scene is more diverse than ever before. Saying that the most ‘Poguest’ of all Celtic-Punk band Greenland Whalefishers knock it out the park once again with their new single. 

Now well into their 28th year Greenland Whalefishers have steadily become one of the most famous and respected and well loved bands in the Celtic-Punk scene. You would be right too to think that coming from Norway didn’t help in a scene where Celtic roots are sometimes given too much importance. The hard working band have toured just about every corner of the globe from their home in Bergen. Around long before the Murphys and the Mollys they have always been compared favourably with the kings of Celtic-Punk – The Pogues. They may have an unmistakable Poguesy sound (think first three albums) but they are in no way a covers band. They may sound ‘more like The Pogues than The Pogues are’ but with their constantly developing sound every album (of which their have been many) sounds fresh and innovative.

So how did we end up here again ?
Didn’t history teach us anything ’bout all the fucked up shit back then ?
Once again we’re killing each other, sister and brother, cannon fodder !
Another nation crying out for help in vain
So let’s drink to the brave and pray for the poor, and cry for those who lost a daughter or a son.
Let’s fight this war and let music be our gun !
In the end it doesn’t matter what words I say, what I think, what I feel or what chords I play.
It doesn’t really matter if I’m sober or drunk, ’cause after all… this is Celtic Punk !
So how can stand aside and just look?
When we were warned about it in all the history books !
Once again we’re bombing each other, father and mother, dead in the gutter !
 Another nation counting all the lives they took

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Check back in a couple days for more new music!


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