Third in our short series of Q And A’s with the charming fellas from Ferocious Dog. Responsible for taking Celtic-Punk back in the UK album charts after 30 odd years be sure to check out latest album The Hope and see them near you on tour.

Having recently joined the band on guitar Kyle has got stuck straight in and here’s a few things about him that may come in handy for the DHSS!

Name / Nickname : Kyle

Age (Estimate allowed!) : 31

Status : Guitarist

Where do you live : Nottingham

First job : Granulating waste plastic

A job you would have loved to do : Anything but granulating plastic

Favourite band/s : The Clash, Green Day , Frank Carter

Favourite venue / gig attended : Has to be Rock City..  when I was a kid I got kicked in the head by the bassist from The God Awfuls as he was swinging from some scaffolding in the basement during a song called the kyle song !  

Favourite gig : Seeing Green Day on their American idiot tour at Nottingham arena

Describe yourself in 5 words : Charming, handsome, courageous, outstanding, modest

Favourite song and why : Scrapper Blackwell’s nobody knows you when your down and out . its just raw emotion and probably has the best chord progression ever

Favourite album and why : Green Day’s American Idiot, the entire album from start to finish is really enjoyable and seems to sums up the human condition perfectly

Favourite song you’ve been involved in: I enjoyed writing Pocket Of Madness, it’s was a first for me writing for the band so I looked forward to hearing how it was going to turn out.

Team/s supported as a kid : Newcastle, my dads side are Geordie

Favourite book : Waking Up by Sam Harris

Biggest influence on career : I still to this day think Green Day’s American Idiot is a masterpiece

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be : We recently made a stop in Menorca, it cured my hangover pretty well so probably there .

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Who would you the readers like to see featured in the future????

Any questions you’d like to see added for future Q And A’s?



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