Czech Republicans Foggy Dude keep the music coming with a song about everyone’s favourite lady companion that’s as Celtic-Punk as can be. 

With a couple of solid releases behind them (check out their last EP More Ain’t Less especially) Foggy Dude have bounced back after the pandemic as if it never happened. Already gigging and recording, ‘Dirty Kelly’ their latest single comes hot on the heels of another recent single ‘Ode To Flying Spaghetti Monster’. Formed in 2017 by a bunch of Czech Technical University friends in Strahov in the Czech Republic capital of Prague. They have fully embraced a varied Celtic-Punk sound and have for me become one of the freshest sounding bands in the scene.

Foggy Dude left to right: Joe – Acoustic Guitar * Pe’ta – Drums * Caba – Mandolin * Ilia – Violin * Jirka – Tin Whistle / Accordion * Max – the new bass player*

Sometimes in the past Foggy Dude have enjoyed singing a traditional Folk song like ‘Tell Me Ma’ but with risque lyrics and that gave them the idea for ‘Dirty Kelly’. So putting together some standard Irish tropes, some not-so-subtle lyrics, a catchy happy melody and then in the middle a craic-ing Irish jig and finally a sprinkle of some Foggy Dude magic they came up with this brilliant song. The video was filmed at the Žižkovšiška Club so go check them out if you’re in town. Thanks to Nikola Lizlerova for acting out Dirty Kelly even though she arrived on set direct from Pub 10 with a massive hangover that lasted until they had the hair of the dog (a beer and a shot)!

Dirty Kelly busty Kelly
You’re my favourite type of jelly
Dirty Kelly you’re so sweet
Best kind of a treat

Englishman took all my sheep
Bloody bastard
But you keep me on my feet
Dirty Kelly

The sweetest peach with the most tender peel
Stopper of a speech and reel
Best you’ll ever see

Scotsman stole my fucking horse
Bloody bastard
But without you it’d be worse
Dirty Kelly

The longest legs that do excite
Fancy afterwork delight
She will do you right

Dirty Kelly lusty Kelly
You’d be a muse of Boticelli
Dirty Kelly, finest art
Keeper of my heart

Leprechaun has fucked my wife
Bloody bastard
Now you’re the flower of my life
Dirty Kelly

The greatest fear of the brides
Lures away even the righteous guys
Revered more than anything

MUSIC: Recorded by Kryštof Skřipec and Ondřej Skřivan * Mix and master by Kryštof Skřipec * Produced by Foggy Dude

VIDEO: Camera and editing by Lukáš Nesvadba * Artwork by Drunken Joe

Download Dirty Kelly

Contact Foggy Dude  Facebook  YouTube  Instagram


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