Formed just before the pandemic Italian band Zeckyboys have continued right where they left off with a new single of raucous and rowdy Celtic-Punk with some quality Irish trad thrown in as well for free!

Zeckyboys (there is no ‘The’) get their name from a Swiss term for ‘grass trimmer’. Kind of apt for me seeing as that’s about half my job as a groundsmen! So an unusual name for a Celtic-Punk band that is far from your usual Celtic-Punk band! With plenty of influences alongside Punk and Folk through Heavy Metal and even Classical. It helps of course that the members of the band are all experienced musicians with long histories of touring and playing varied musical styles. Zeckyboys is just a bunch of guys (talented ones though) who play music, drink beer and have fun all in the name of Celtic-Punk.

The Bhoys have a new single out titled ‘Damned Purple Bus’ taking in the life long struggle against the clock and everything that causes you rage and frustration. From the moment your wake up you find yourself in a rush to arrive at work in time. The song tells of one of those days when everything that can go wrong does so. Rain, the last seconds of your favourite song on the radio, a traffic jam and that damned purple bus. It won’t let you pass due to the traffic, the people getting on and off and the bendy road slows you down even more so you can even hear the boss threatening to fire you if you’re late again. Everyday you curse that damned purple bus and curse because it looks like it does it on purpose!

Still got the signs of the pillow on my faceReady to start let’s win the raceGet in the car the music is onFuck that song is already gone.
*Clean my beard from the drool of sleepLay down the glass for a bit of breezeClogged streets and horns thrillingCome on
Time runs faster minutes go aheadYou must be here the boss saidI see it it’s down the roadMany people are getting on board*That damned purple bus
It’s impossibile I can’t passThe boss will kick my assFuck that damned purple bus*Every day it’s always the sameHands up who knows the blameStare at my face deep in my eyesNot looking for trite lies
*I could run on every street
Done the bend I sight itWith that colour it’s down the roadLike a big grand candy world
*Time runs faster minutes go aheadYou must be here the boss saidI see it / it’s down the roadMany people are getting on board*
That damned purple bus
It’s impossible I can’t passThe boss will kick my assFuck that damned purple bus
One of the best of the more recently formed Celtic-Punk bands Zeckyboys play fast as hell Celtic-Punk with the emphasis on the Punk but with the ability to break half way and start throwing out some amazing trad Irish Folk. As above where the song suddenly turns into the ‘Swallowtail Jig’ and I’ve always said to be a top notch Celtic-Punk band no matter how good you’re Punk side is you gotta learn a bit of trad. The video is a collage of the band’s gigs through the last summer and includes some short clips of trips, jokes, the various stages, music and of course a lot of beer and you can almost feel the good time vibes coming out through the screen!
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