It can’t be much joy being Finland’s only Celtic flavoured Punk Rock but Loretta Problem have been kicking and screaming since 1991 and are still going strong.

Loretta Problem may have been together for 31 years but its only in the last few that they have really come into their own with a handful of singles coming out including what I called a masterpiece back in 2019 and my views haven’t changed much since. It was without a doubt my favourite song of the year and one that I still play regularly. So here’s a band that can do the business and have a pedigree that makes them among the elders of the Celtic-Punk scene. Their sound has developed and changed over the years and only got better as they have gone along.

So the day after my birthday on the 11th the anti-war ‘Green ‘n Gray’ came out on Spotify (link below). The video for the single came out a few days later and we are delighted to bring it to you today. An absolutely amazing video accompanies the song that packs a solid punch reflecting the situation the world finds itself in and the emotions it brings out of us in the middle of it all. The song is backed with ‘So I Drink’ a cheeky swirling Irish ballad made by Finnish drinkers to fellow Irish drinkers. A three minutes that is the perfect B-side to Green ‘n Gray’.

Directed by: H. Viinamäki and E. Jussila * Cinematography / Editing: Esa Jussila

Early in the morn’ I heard the beating of the drum
The flags are waving, restless. The shield of night is gone.
We all trusted blindly in the bible and the gun
I knew we’d have to pay some day for all that we have done

Early in the morning the rain has just begun.
I’m standing in the front line waiting for the kingdom come
My feet are stuck in mud but my heart begs me to run
We should’ve never followed the beating of the drum

The beating of the drum
The beating of the drum
The beating of the drum

I will find my way
Through green and gray
I will find my way to you

Trough green and gray
I will find my way
I will find my way to you

Early in the morning, farewell my dear, goodbye
By the train I kissed away a teardrop from your eye
I’m lying on the battlefield until the kingdom come
The tattoo never ends the pipes will always hum

The beating of the drum
The beating of the drum
The beating of the drum

Download Green ‘n Gray  Apple  Spotify

Contact Loretta Problem  WebSite  Facebook  YouTube


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