NEW SINGLE: THE GO-SET – West Into The Sun

Twenty years down the line and The Go Set still sound as fierce, as vital, as the first day they set foot on a stage.

Big guitars, big beats and irresistible choruses, while retaining the timeless spirit of the band’s Celtic roots.

Here we go again I bet your saying. It’s an Australian Celtic-Punk band so any minute now he’s going to start banging on about how Aussie Celtic-Punk is the best in the world and how the Aussie bands envisage all the bold and noble values that make Celtic-Punk what it is. The Go-Set are as perfect an example of all that as any of them. 50% responsible (with Flatfoot 56 the other 50%) for the existence of London Celtic Punks they will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

The Geelong-based band has always squeezed out the sparks from the place where rock’n’roll collides with the spirit of Celtic Folk. Now they bring all those forces together in the studio for an release that celebrates those years together, their eighth album, The Warriors Beneath Us is an album with big guitars, big beats and irresistible choruses, while retaining the timeless spirit of the band’s Celtic roots.

Press gangs, Press gangs rolling on the rocks 
In the streets and alleyways, down onto the docks 
Dance upon the sails, howl unto the moon
And sleep when we are dead, for the days are coming soon 
Here we are, we sail under stars 
Here we go, waiting for tomorrow 
Roll on, Roll on, West into the Sun 
It’s a tale of a young man in 1851, 
Rolling on the high seas west into the sun, 
A soldier of the King full of whiskey beer and rum 
The battle flags are up and the red blood runs 
Cannonballs cannonballs, powder in the hole 
The fury and the fire, have come to take your soul 
Poor men fight, and poor men fall 
Vagabonds and thieves, answering the call
Going on the basis of ‘West Into The Sun’ the album is set to be an absolute monster hit. This is the first single off The Warriors Beneath Us and is set for release on St Patricks Day. The song is available to stream or download now and you can pre-order the album here

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