ALBUM REVIEW: THE PROVOS – We Left It As It Was (2021)

With so much new Celtic-Punk to review we very very rarely go back in time for releases we missed the first time round but we are making an exception today for Costa Mesa, Californian Celtic-Punk band The Provos debut album. 

With their follow up album already recorded and due out very soon Shane O’Neill gets a taste for The Provos !

At the London Celtic Punks Headquarters we do tend to get a bit over excited when we discover a new band or one we haven’t heard before. Recently we stumbled across a band called The Provos which immediately grabbed our attention. Immediately the research department was mobilised and tasked with reporting back with their findings. True to their name, it was difficult to find much information on the band initially, so we had to reach out through some underground contacts wearing sunglasses to find The Provos hiding out in a safe house in Orange County, California in the United States.

The Provos left to right: Tommy Di Ilio – Bouzouki * Jacob Morgan- Banjo * Cara O’Mahony – Tin Whistle * Darby O’Mahony – Bass * Ben Jordan – Vocals / Guitar * Holden Hodges – Mandolin * Miles Janasin – Percussion *

The Provos have been established since 2020 taking their inspiration from The Waterboys, The Pogues and the Wolfe Tones. They have been playing the scene in Costa Mesa, CA bringing their brand of Irish Punk to the local crowd. They are making an appearance at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas this year along supporting The Bar Stool Preachers, The Rumjacks and Booze & Glory – That’ll be one hell of a gig!!!

In 2021, The Provos released their debut album & We Left It As It Was and we have only recently had a listen. The album is a fusion of classic Irish tunes with a fusion of punk attitude. The album has 9 songs and is just under half hour long. They do excellent covers of Leaving Liverpool, Whiskey in the Jar, Dirty Old Town and one of my favourite tunes Poor Paddy. This is blended with a few of their own tunes. This is an excellent album for their debut. We understand that they have another album almost ready for release and I’m sure it will be a big hit.

The Provos are a band to keep an eye out for. I have no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from them very soon. As our auld pal Big Gerry once said “They haven’t gone away ya know…” UP THE PROVOS !!!

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Contact The Provos  Instagram  YouTube

(A full live performance from The Provos in their home town in January, 2023)


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