if you’re interested in celtic-punk then you’ve ended up in the right place. here is a page of links to all over the internet. click on the words in green italics to be re-directed. if thre are any links down please leave a comment. we will add you to our list if you add us so leave a comment for that too.

London Calling

first of all check out our comrades at URBANKELT who we work side-by-side with to ensure celtic music and traditions live on in London town.

WebSite Twitter  YouTube  Facebook  Soundcloud


Mersey Celt Punks Scouse not British is the cry!! full site due soon in the meantime

Shite’n’Onions American site named after a song by Neck…

Irish Punk from out of Erin this site covers celtic-punk as well as Irish punk rock

Paddyrock another American site outta Chicago…home of The Tossers, The Fisticuffs and Kevin Flynn!

Celtic Folk Punk And More the number one place for all manner of celtic punk on the web today!

Rocking The Craic new and enthusiastic site from a St Louis Irish-American…

Irish Punk Brazil in Portugese i think…

Fanrealm for fans of celtic, Irish & indie music…

Celtic Crier all manner of celtic stuff here from punk to folklore and inbetween…

Celtic-Rock Music celtic rock & punk fanzine and internet radiostation. In German!

Folk Punk celtic rock and folk punk.another site in German

The Celtic Music Fan all celtic music from traditional to punk

Fenian Exile thoughts, musings, views of an Irish-American fenian!

MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio Germanys No. 1 Celtic Punk web radio station

Folk News in German. covers a bit of everything

Celtic Punk Poland in Polish


we are only going to list bands from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. if you want to be here then let us know

Pirate Copy (Cornwall) celtic-punk rock with added pirates

Black Friday (Cornwall) celtic folk punk band

The Lagan (London) London Irish Celtic Punk

Neck (London) one of the originals and still one of the best. Psycho-Ceilidh!

Bible Code Sundays (London) kings of the London Irish pub scene

The Wolfe Tones -Ireland’s biggest and best ballad band

Derek Warfield And The Young Wolfe Tones – the original leader of The Wolfe Tones and his band

Naymedici (Manchester/County Cork) gypsy licks, Irish reels, punk guitars, thrashing drums

Anto Morra (London) London Irish punk folk singer-songwriter

Hungry Grass (London) modern Irish trad music

Captain Bastard And The Scallywags (Kent) pirate folk punk

The Roughneck Riot (Warrington) folk-punk that punches you right in the face

Hooligan (Dublin) antifa supporting streetpunk/Oi! band

Comrade X (South London) roots’n’rock like Woody Guthrie meets Oi! in a sarf lahndan booza

Band From County Hell (Linconshire) indie celts

Blunderbuster (Derby) celtic folk punk metal

The Jack Ratts (Bournemouth) traditional/ punk / folk / punk/ celtic/ punk

Will Tun And The Wasters  (Bristol) ska-folk-punk 

Black Water County (Bournemouth) celtic, folk rock, punk, ‘pubcore’

The Popes (London) Shane Macgowan’s backing band gone it alone

The Wakes (Glasgow) green’n’white’n’folk’n’roll

Blood Or Whiskey (Dublin) one of the celtic-punk scene’s greats

Folk Grinder (London) sea shanty bordello rock’n’roll

Jamie Clarke’s Perfect (london) folkabilly rock from an ex-Pogues member

Ferocious Dog (Mansfield) English working class celtic-folk punk

The Men They Couldn’t Hang (London) Established 1984 and still giving it plenty

The Brendan Behan Pig And Whistle Band (London) led by the great man himself’s nephew Brendan

The Dolmen (Dorset) pirate celtic folk rock

The Craicheads (London) London Irish trad rock

Steve White And The Protest Family (East London) Orient supporting leftie folk-punkers

Medicine (Essex) Irish-pub-celtic-rock 

Creeds Cross (London) they call it paddyrock

Headsticks (Stoke-On-Trent) folk-punk…roots-punk….agit-folk….acoustic-Punk

The Bad Rats (West Midlands) traditional Irish jig’s and celtic punk

3 Daft Monkeys (Cornwall) celtic-folk punk 

Trongate Rum Riots (Glasgow) speed folk † glam shanty † rock’n’rolla

Mick O’Toole (Wiltshire) west country cider punk

Matildas Scoundrels (Hastings) folk-punk

PerKelt (London) Celtic Medieval Speed Folk

Jack Of All (Midlands) folk-punk

Under A Banner (Midlands) folk-punk

The Hydropaths (Leeds) 2nd generation Yorkshire-Irish celtic punk

The Mysterious Wheels (London) Andrew from The Pogues great rock’n’soul band

The Pogue Traders (London) UK’s #1 Pogues tribute act

Sinful Maggie (Bournemouth) Accordion punk’n’roll

Folk The System (Banbury) Raw punk/folk band

Isamos (London) Celtic-Folk-Metal

The Whipjacks (Worcester) Alternative Speed Folk

Blackwater Banshee  (Bristol) Trad and Folk and Punk


there is a separate page ‘Celtic Pubs, Clubs & CSC’s In London’ you should click on here

Wimbledon CSC

West London CSC

Underground CSC

Camden Bhoys

Ramsgate Emerald

London Celtic Supporters

Hayes Bhoys

Spirit of ’67

Brighton CSC

Essex Celts

Worthing Spirit Of 67

London North West CSC

Maidenhead CSC

London NWCSC  North-West London


Green Brigade the Bhoys!

The Shamrock retro fanzine that aims to celebrate and explore the club’s incredible unbroken history

Celtic Bars the ultimate guide to Celtic bars around the world

Tiocfaidh Ar La Celtic and Ireland fanzine now on the web

On Fields Of Green

The Celtic Network promoting Celtic fans independent media

Celts From The South Glasgow eastender now live on the south coast of England

The Celtic Blog

Scotzine the home of Scottish football

Celtic Badges badges, badges, badges

Celtic Bars


London Celtic Punks

Celtic Punk/ Irish Folk Hungary

Zaragoza Celtic Punks

Indonesian Celtic Punks

Celtic Punk Scandinavia

Celtic Punk Denmark

Irish/Folk/Celtic Punk Italia!

Celtic Rock France

Irish Punk Brazil- Page

Irish Punk Brazil- Group

Irish Folk, Celtic Rock, Celtic Punk – Deutschland

Bretagne Celtic Punk

Celtic Punk Polska

Celtic Punk Rock Colombia

Celticpunkrockers Paris

Irish, Scottish, Celtic – Folk, Rock Punk – Switzerland

Celtic Punk Folk · Spain

Australian Folk Punk Scene

Celtic Folk Rock Music Czech Republic


St.Pauli-London supporters club of everyones favourite German footy team

London Irish Unity towards a new Ireland

London Easter 1916 Centenary Committee next year is the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. Let us remember them with pride.

St Paul’s Celtic FC for anyone with the energy the London’s Celtic supporters football team

Celtic Dawn jewellery, arts and craft shop in Camden

Craic-It Aspires to be a London Irish Time-Out

YES London for Scottish Independence Facebook group for the 45%

YES London for Scottish Independence


Rock’n’Reel quality folk music magazine

An Sionnach Fionn defending the Irish language

Tocasaid Scots nationalism, gaelic and anarcho-punk…

The Celtic League defending the celtic nations from colonial bastards!


Metal Ireland metal music sometimes with a celtic twist

Folk-Metal metal that crosses over into both celtic and punk

The Living Tradition

This Drinking Life a world of alcohol and fun!

Zero G Sound brilliant reviews and free downloads of classic left side folk and more

Connolly Association campaigning in Britain for a free and independent Ireland

Celtic Vital Signs free downloads of records, books and all sorts of celtic stuff

107 Cowgate named after Hibs fan James Connolly’s birthplace. an excellent political site

London Celtic Punks


CFPAM – Celtic Folk Punk Radio – Spain

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  1. Maty Tustian November 30, 2015 at 10:14 pm Reply

    Fancy reviewing Folk The System’s Debut album Unrest In The Wolds?
    find us at or

  2. Mao Holiday January 11, 2017 at 5:04 pm Reply

    Hello there!
    We are a London based Celtic Punk band and we just released our first videoclip / single, so I was wondering if you would like to play our music for your followers.
    Thanks for your attention and feel free to get in touch with us!

    You can see our video on Facebook here:

    On YouTube:


    Mao Holiday

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