London Celtic Punks Gig History

This page will always be added to as we trot along!

here’s all the gigs we’ve been involved in since we started up as London Celtic Punks. If you got any photos or anything to add email us at or leave a comment.

Tuesday 4th October 2022

The 40th anniversary of the day that the Pogues first climbed up on a stage was an anniversary that had to be remembered and where better than the very place in dear old London town where they did it. That set Pogue Mahone performed that day would eventually lead to them becoming one of world music’s greatest ever acts and instrumental in changing the lives of untold and unimaginable amounts of people. No matter band to celebrate with than The Pogue Traders who are the world’s #1 Pogues tribute and they delivered a trademark set of classic song after classic song after classic song. Tuesday might be a terrible night to Folk’n’Roll but the busy crowd loved it and danced through the night, Shane’s auld bandmate Mad Dog from The Popes was joined by some friends to open the night musically act but things began with something a wee bit different with author Richard Balls chatting about the book he had just written to tremendous fanfare about the Godfather of Celtic-Punk, Shane MacGowan, himself.


Thursday 4th August 2022

The wife’s birthday saw the welcome return of Italian Celtic-Punks Dirty Artichokes. On their way through to Dorset to play a festival the opportunity for a bit of sight seeing ion the capital arose and they grabbed it. Out first gig at The Birds Nest in deepest Deptford and what a great venue. A few years since I’d been there and the transformation has been amazing with a massive stage and great backline and sound. The night started with a set from our old friend Anto Morra before the Artichokes brought the roof down. The Lagan finished off the night in great form and sent everyone off to the pub up the road for an after hours drink very happy indeed!

Saturday 30th July 2022

Clover’s revenge from Florida were due to travel over pre-Covid but all plans for that went kaput! Not to be put off all was re-arranged and they arrived in town a couple of days after i’d left London to go on holiday. Hiding the keys in my garden the Bhoys made themselves at home, fed the cats and did plenty of sight seeing before heading up to north London for their one and only London show. Not a lot to say as I wasn’t there but they had a wicked time by all accounts and when i got home they’d left me a bottle of Tullamore Dew. Cheers!!



Monday 7th September 2020

This was planned to be the last of our ‘clampdown’ Live Streams but little did we know that the effects of the Covid virus would linger on. For our finale we decided to go out with a bang and so we got in touch with our great mate and sometimes London Celtic Punks contributor Mike and he and his band The Templars Of Doom were up for doing it. All went well and the stream garnered over 2000+ views making it our most viewed stream. Unfortunatly. and in line with all our streams going wrong somehwere!, it was up loaded to the LCP Group instead of the Page but that has been rectified now. So I present an hour + of American-Irish Celtic-Punk from the Templars Of Doom all the way from Ulster County, New York!

Thursday 20th August 2020

For the 7th (seventh!!) in our series of ‘lockdown’ live streams we went with something a little bit different. As mentioned below Tim Holehouse was due to due to do a London Celtic Punks gig back in May with our mutual friend TC Costello. Well the gig went kaput like everything else (by the way it is only postponed not cancelled!) did and so we started up our Live Streams. Tim is an interesting artist that has played all over the world and his usual style is kind of like an alternative Country but his new album Soon plays a bit more like a Folk album and it is this album that featured heavily in his stream.

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Back in May Callum Houston of one of Psychobilly’s top bands The Graveyard Johnnys took part in the 2nd London Celtic Punks live stream. Sadly his performance (see below) though excellent was beset by internet problems from his home in deepest Brittany.  We were desperate for Callum to have another go and at the beginning of August Callum accompanied by Alban on accordion played just over an hour of Dubliners classics from the Ti Devines Irish Bar in Rostrenen in Brittany all in their own inimitable style. Within 24 hours the show had racked up an incredible 1,000+ views.

Thursday 16th July 2020

Streaming live from his Catalonian home the exiled Caledonian Louis Rive has long been a favourite of ours at London Celtic Punks and we have followed him since the release of his excellent 2018 debut album The Cheap Part Of Town. We had been trying to nail him down for a Live Stream and finally we got our man last night. Perfect internet saw the show go swimmingly and a set of old and new originals and a couple of amazing interpretations of classic Shane MacGowan songs before my own personal favourite ‘Cider Al’ saw the curtain come down. By end of show 300+ views and now less than twelve hours later it’s only a handful off 500 and since then over 700 views.

Thursday 25th June 2020

The curse of the London Celtic Punks is over!! Finally we have a Live Stream filmed the right way round and without breaking up. Clover’s Revenge from Florida were supposed to be playing in London as part of their UK tour at the end of July but having had to cancel it we were determined to get them to play. The London date has been postponed till next year but here’s a perfect taster of what we were missing. An hour of rip roaring Irish American Speed Folk performed by John, Zach and Beau of trad Irish covers and plenty of their own compositions too. Many thanks to the Bhoys for putting on such a fantastic show. Soon after the performance it hit 1,000 views and within a week had reached 1,500 and it thoroughly deserved such a great audience.

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

The third in our short series of clampdown Live Streams was a obvious choice. Who else but the London Irish Punk Folker himself Anto Morra. A veteran of plenty of London Celtic Punk gigs and who had already done a couple of live streams on his own page. Looking back we were so lucky to meet up with Anto as he fully embody’s exactly we are about here and on top of that he’s a damn fine fella as well. The curse of the streams continued with the whole thing recorded sideways though it was a wee bit annoying it didn’t detract from the music and the banter. So turn your phone or your laptop sideways and enjoy.

Thursday 28th May 2020

We been fans of Callum’s band The Graveyard Johnnys for a loooooong time and when he started playing a few acoustic gigs we naturally followed what he was up to. We had already put on a London show for Callum when he was winging he way across the country to Wales to play with The Graveyard Johnnys so when he suggested a live stream with him playing a few Pogues covers we eagerly said aye. It was a absolutely fantastic show sadly marred by the atrocious internet over there in Brittany where Callum lives. The stream is split into three sections sadly which disrupted viewing but still at its peak was watched by well over 700 Folk-Punk folk and over 300 battled it through to the end. Watch it in order here SECTION1  SECTION2  SECTION3. We will be doing it all again with Callum soon enough!

Wednesday 20th May 2020

TC Was all due to play for a triumphant return to magnificent The Lamb in South-West London supported by his good friend Tim Holehouse when the ‘clampdown’ began. Tour cancelled and tickets refunded and to say we were disappointed was a understatement. So in the wake of the Dropkick Murphys brilliant St Patrick’s Day Live Stream we thought why can’t we do that as well and checked TC and he was up for it. So plans were set in motion and TC borrowed some gear and we went ahead and done it! It would get nearly 700 views at the time of writing. A few days later we reviewed his new album The Bluebird worth checking out.


Due to the ‘clampdown’ we sadly had to cancel two great gigs that were coming up. TC (detailed above) Costello/ Tim Holehouse and a gig we had pulled out all the stops for. Dutch bands Pyrolysis and The Royal Spuds were heading over with support from Crock Of Bones and Citizen X. We had even hired the infamous Dublin Castle in Camden too. Will it happen again? We are not sure but hopeful.

Friday 22nd November 2020

I only missed a handful of gigs here and this is probably the one I regret missing the most. Crock Of Bones play original Irish traditional music with a few trad covers and I have known the Brothers Bryne for around 20 years and a nicer pair you couldn’t meet. The same goes with The Disinclined again really nice people and excellent musicians. The Oak is a new venue to us based in Kingston, South-West London not far from the train station. A great set up and its always good to fins a new music venue and one that fits nicely along Kingston’s other music venue The Fighting Cocks rather than competing with it. Folky Punky Gypsy tales with clever intelligent lyrics meets Irish traditional Folk with a modern twist with two fiddle players and the debut for their drummer. A great line up and a decent appreciative crowd and a thank you and a “welcome here again anytime” from The Oaks landlord Ermir Kuqali. Sadly since then Emir has since passed away victim of the Covid virus. He ran the pub with his brother, and the pair were strong supporters of the local music scene. Thursdays featured open-mic nights, and bands frequently played there on the weekends. A much-loved and respected figure in the community London Celtic Punks send our commiserations and love to his many family and friends.

Friday 6th December 2020

The 2019 London Celtic Punks Christmas show out in West London at London’s premier Irish bar starring no other than Callum Houston. The last bit of London that is significantly Irish Frostys Bar has in a short period of time become the #1 choice of venue for many London Irish bands and those on tour from Ireland as well as hosting the North West London Celtic Supporters Club. Callum did two sets of Irish covers from the likes of The Pogues and The Dubliners and a few choice originals of his own. A great night.

Saturday 3rd August 2020

We pulled out all the stops for this! Sir Reg doing a short UK tour asked us (Sir Reg asked us!!!!!) to do the London leg and we done them proud. We hired The Dublin Castle one of London’s most historic venues and still a place where music is played seven nights a week. So to go with this great venue we also booked in TC Costollo to open the show with a set of accordion led Folk Punk cabaret followed by Irish/ Country/ Folk crossover band Follow The Crows and Midlands based Celtic-Punk band The Dirty Tales. Sadly The Dirty Tales announced in the run up to the gig it would be their final gig but at least they went out on a bang. Sir Reg are a band that have now played over here numerous times and always entertain and here they went pout and played the best show I have ever seen of theirs. Superb.

Thursday 18th July 2019

American Irish accordion Folk Punk maestro TC was setting off on some more European adventures and needed somewhere to lay his head after he flew into Heathrow so after a few hoyurs kip and a few beers we went off to one of the best pubs around her The Lamb in South-West London to play a gig with Suckin’ Diesel. The brainchild of Brendan from The Lagan they were playing their debut gig and expecting just himself he turned up with a double bass player, Stan (ex- Lagan) on fiddle and Johnny (now plying his trade in Ferocious Dog) on accordion and banjo. A set of Dubliners/ Christy Moore influenced Irish Folk went down tremendously.

Thursday 18th July 2019

One of my favourite local bands The Disinclined and Brendan from The Lagan accompanied with some friends in Suckin’ Diesel. A hot night, and fecking hell was it hot! I don’t know what it is about The Fighting Cocks but when its cold its hot and when its hot its like the Sahara desert. The Disinclined were releasing their debut album Sing And Create tonight and their loyal fans turned out en masse. I’ve never yet seen them play to a small crowd at The Cocks and they surprised us with the addition of a clarinet player tonight. They are looking for a fiddle player if anyone out there in Celtic-Punk land is looking…

Suckin’ Diesel were unsurprisingly great. A real feel for Irish music and a great selection of songs too.

Saturday 4th May 2019

It’s been ten years since that first gig in Tottenham at our auld haunt Mannions. Ten years since Circle J and Ciaran Murphy kicked us off on the long road to where we are now. Venturing out of central London we tried a gig at The Beehive bu Bow station in East London. A bit of a struggle to get to but just by the tube so not too bad. The set up for the night went very well. Loads were coming and then on the night F**KING DISASTER. The tubes down and a twenty minute journey becomes a two hour one. A rather pitiful turn out in the end that misses some absolutely great music. Our old friend Comrade X kicks it off with thirty minutes of urban folk classics followed by The Silk Road down from Sheffield for their London debut and another great set of Celtic-Punk. These lads have been around a while but are now staring to make a real name for themselves.The headline act was Danny Diatribe a long time friend of LCP and a set of Irish immigrant Hip-Hop ending with his monster hit ‘Paddy’s Cure’. Another great night not exactly ruined but a real shame the small crowd F**K YOU TRANSPORT FOR LONDON.

Friday 3rd August 2018

With the UK going through a heat wave the like of which we haven’t seen for thirty years it was not the best weather to be trapped in a room with no windows but hell yes it was worth it!!!! The gig was organised a long time ago and a change of venue moved it to the wonderful Fighting Cocks in Kingston in South-West London. One of London’s hidden gems of a music venue. A brilliant crowd assembled nice and early to catch a solo set from Mr. Peachy which was followed by the first of two sets from the main man Shea, whose birthday it was. An unassuming guy he banned any talk of birthdays on the stage and i even spotted him buying drinks at the bar at one point. You never buy drinks on your birthday!! Anyway his first set was with Refuse/All anarcho-punk with female vocals and his second set with rockers The Disinclined who I have never seen play to a less than packed crowd at the Cocks. All setting the scene nicely for Italian Celtic-Punkers Dirty Artichokes to play. An eight piece band who played a blinding set of nearly a hours worth of Irish influenced punk and rock. Great band great company and they left my house more tidy than when they arrived and left to head to Dorset to wow the crowds at Outcider festival. They will be back!!

Thursday 5th July 2018

So TC was away after The Gunners northward tom play a few gigs with Leicester based folk-rockers The Brandy Thieves. When he was done with them he took off on his own tour and played right the way across Europe and back before heading over to Ireland and then back to England to get his flight home. Well we couldn’t just let him leave so we got him another gig this time in the home of The Good Life. Yeah Surbiton rocks and The Lamb is one of the best bars in the entire region and so it was on a bright evening TC vowed the large crowd with more of the same accordion fun! When he was all done it was the turn of local boy done well Brendan O’Prey to take the stage. Accompanied by ex-Mick O’Toole multi instrumentalist Johnny Edwards it was a rollicking ride with these two charismatic chaps setting us up nicely for headliners Matilda’s Scoundrels who brought down the house with their agro folk! A cracking night in front of a packed crowd that sent everyone off into the night pissed and happy and TC got the bus to Heathrow in the morning and was soon tucked up in his own bed for the first time in near two months!!!

Thursday 17th May 2018


THE GUNNERS  LONDON N5 – TC Costello, Anto Morra, Brendan O’Prey  Despite a poor audience turn out for the gig it was quality not quantity that made the evening so great.   London visits are much more gruelling  for me as I get older and to avoid traffic congestion, parking tickets (or any of the other unjustifyable things they can charge you £60 for 3 days after the event) I have to travel in on public transport from my safe parking base in Woolwich, ironically the gig was in Arsenal / Finsbury Park quite a trek on public transport with instruments, leads & Merch.  I was as usual unfashionably early, the first there but was able to sound check my Bodhran and fill the sound man Andy in on the evenings proceedings.

As the small posse gathered I was reminded how lucky I am to know this motley crew,  a nicer bunch of people you couldn’t wish to meet and it was great to catch up with them again.  Established in 2009 The London Celtic Punks webzine has been putting on gigs, promoting bands and reviewing albums that fit the ever growing Celtic Punk genre.

Since The Pogues in the early 1980’s, Celtic Punk has grown beyond anyone’s expectations with the top names today being the likes of The Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Mahones and The Rumjacks.  The term Celtic is used very loosely I think as a replacement for the ‘Folk’ terminology to distinguish it from those finger in the ear, woolly jumper wearing acts I love so much as there is very little that is Celtic about The Levellers or Ferocious Dog but their names will always crop up when the genre is being analysed.  Three of the best Celtic Punk bands on the London circuit I’ve come across are the Bible Code Sundays, Neck and The Lagan.  Recently The Lagan front man Brendan O’Prey has started to venture out as a solo performer and he was the opening turn this evening and a very fine one it was too, packed with Christy Moore classics but unlike Christy these days performed with personality and passion.

After a bit of insistence he finally gave Me and the Bhoys the classic Lagan song we wanted.

Next up was myself I thought I’d start with my new revised ‘Ballad Of Margaret Thatcher’ and I nearly got through it without fault but still not quite!   As I never write a set list and try to work of the audience TC Costello had told me he had been listening to Gypsy Smile and London Irish a lot, so I thought I’d play that for him until I thought this might be better with a band.

I rattled through a few more including requests from the Merch King Chris Brown and Mr LCP himself- Mark, but slung this bit of Irish Trad in towards the end of my set, sticking to my only performance rule that is to start and finish with my own songs.

My Complete Set List:   Guardian Of The West (Ballad Of Margaret Thatcher). Gypsy Smile. London Irish, Wasted Life (Stiff Little Fingers Cover).  Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (The Jam Cover). Finnegans Wake (Trad). Rocky Road To Dublin (Trad).  Ballad Of Anto Morra.

Finally the star turn all the way from South Carolina and jet lagged from a gig in Brooklyn New York the night before (but you’d never know) a one man Celtic Punk machine….. TC Costello.

(Performing Waxies Dargle, Rose Connolly, Blow The Man Down, Mafia Punk)

To conclude: Brendan O’Prey’s pure Irish passion comes across in a genuine way.  As a solo performer myself I love to hear things stripped bare and hearing him without the band was a real joy.  His vocal style reminded me a little of Jake Burns from Stiff Little Fingers also from the North of Ireland and also with a rasp to die for.

I’m never happier than when I’m in performance mode and so had a thoroughly fun time and to be joined by Brendan and TC was a privilege.  I’ve no more plans to play in London so this may have been my last gig there and if so I’m happy it was a memorable one.

TC Costello is remarkable.  Pure Energy, Pure Punk, Pure Entertainment.  If he comes to a town near you don’t miss him- his warmth and charm is infectious and when he hits those high notes there is a vibrato reminiscent of John Lydon himself.  Let’s never forget John Lydon was the very first London Irish Punk.

Thanks to Anto for the fantastic videos.

Friday 27th April 2018

With Drunken Dolly all set to headline Stage 2 at the Ferocious Dog mega-gig at Rock City in Nottingham we managed to persuade them to stop off in London town on the way up north (or Midlands really) so roping in The Lagan we had a bit of trouble finding a venue but in the end managed to get one of East London’s best Irish pubs The Plough And Harrow in Leytonstone all booked up. So all sorted and under strict instructions not to announce Drunken Dolly yet as the Dogs were trying to keep it as a surprise even though everyone seemed to know all about it. In the run up we made contact with the awesome Johnny Clash Project from Italy. They were on tour in England at the same time but playing in Margate the night of our gig. One phone call and done and dusted The Johnny Clash Project are on board as well. The day of the gig and aye as usual a torrential downpour but didn’t stop the very decent crowd that turned up. Sadly a few days before the gig one of The Lagan members had a bereavement in their family so they had to drop out but lucky for us Brendan the lead singer stepped up to the mic and carried the gig on his broad shoulders with a set of Lagan and Christy Moore inspired folk. Next up The Johnny Clash Project and these guys are set for bigger things I tells you. Johnny Clash Folsom Prison era inspired versions of songs by The Clash. Utterly inspired!! They got the crowd on their feet and set the stage for Drunken Dolly who played a blistering set of over an hour of high energy folk and celtic punk that had the mosh pit full and bodies flying every which where. A great night with ended up with me getting a near concussion at 4am falling over a wheel barrow into a bench in my back garden. Happy daze indeed!!

Saturday 24th February 2018

As is the way for small DIY groups like us we have to be careful when organising things that they don’t clash with anything. At the time of organising this was true but then several things popped up as they have a tendency to do. This is London after all! Still a small but loyal band of celtic-punkers braved the cold to head to The Gunners again for our third visit there. Kicking off the night was our great pal Comrade X who was suppose to go on in the middle but a bad back meant an early night for him. A great set of working class urban folk music played with passion and pride. This geezer needs to get his set nailed down for a live release or something, Its criminal no one has signed him up to do something yet. Next up were Flatcaps & Fisticuffs a band from just up the road near Hemel Hempstead or somewhere. We found out about them just before Christmas so were right looking forward to getting them down and by Christ they were absolutely awesome. So much energy it left jaded feckers like me out of breath just watching them. Man The Lifeboats brought the curtain down and played an excellent set of acoustic folk drenched Americana with plenty of bounce and every song a real foot tapper. Thanks to all and Oona at The Gunners, the best landlady in London.

you don’t get more DIY than Comrade X seen here scribbling down his set-list five minutes he goes on stage. Top man.


Nearly ten years to the day that last graced our shores one of the world’s greatest bands, nevermind Celtic-punk bands, got in touch to see about playing over here. Needless to say we nearly wet ourselves at the prospect and within a couple of months we had greased a few palms and called in a few favours and a tour was set up that would take them to the four corners of England.

Sunday 26th November 2017

Flatfoot 56 arrived at Heathrow about noon and rocked up at mine for a quick chat a nap and some pasta (and a good few Guinnesses too truth be told!) before hightailing it to the Cricketers in Kingston to kick off their England/Scotland tour. The first of their twelve date tour they absolutely stormed it. The night was kicked off by Warshy playing a set of Leadbelly infused solo country-folk-blues that got us all right in the mood for Matilda’s Scoundrels to do what they do best. Kick up a right fecking storm with a set of folk-punk that lent heavily from their new album and their regular Kingston appearances are starting to pay off with more and more people checking them out. The amount of fans wearing their t-shirts grows with every gig. Then it was time for the  local Bhoys and Ghirl The Lagan motoring down from Reading where they playing at London Irish rugby club. Out of breath they arrived in the nick of time sweeping up the stairs at The Cricketers and right onto the stage! The big crowd loved it all and went out in the cold with beaming faces while we all went back to mine and finished off the Baileys! Flatfoot were better than any of us expected. Quite simply the best band I have seen in years!

Monday 27th November 2017

The following day we moved the entire show over to TChances in Tottenham and again they did one hell of an awesome show. Two gigs in one day was too much for poor Brendan from The Lagan and in a very croaky phone call he was apologetic but could barely speak so sadly The Lagan were forced to drop out but this just meant that Warshy, Matilda’s and Flatfoot could all extend their sets. Every grey cloud eh? The excellent venue has been trough a bit of a re-fit and the sound was absolutely superb and with a generous amount of time to play they all killed it with a absolutely brilliant crowd for a fecking Monday before really getting into them. We waved goodbye at the end and they jetted off to continue their tour. Great people all round and we are already looking forward to their next visit.

Wednesday 4th October 2017

On October 4th back in 1982 something happened that would forever change peoples lives forever. A band called POGUE MAHONE took the stage in an iconic old venue in Kings Cross and the rest as they say is history!
That band went onto become THE POGUES and be known and loved throughout the world. With them calling it a day on their live shows where better to spend the anniversary of that day 35 years ago then in the company of the world’s greatest Pogues tribute band THE POGUE TRADERS playing live at the very same venue! Support on the night came from PAUL ‘mad dog’ McGUINNESS (from Shane’s auld band THE POPES) AND FRIENDS. Back and well down the road to recovery Paul played a blinding set of celtic-rock.
London Irish punk folker ANTO MORRA started the night off with a solid set of must be heard straight from the heart acoustic punk folk.

Saturday 16th September 2017

Halfway To St Patrick’s Day!

At the furthest point away from the best party of the year so what better night better than to throw a wild London-Irish ‘Halfway To St Patrick’s Day’ shindig. MICK O’TOOLE
five piece southern cider swilling folk band from the deepest darkest Shire headlined and had our feet tapping and tankard slamming along to a number of Irish classics and some mighty original belters of their own. FOLLOW THE CROWS were a band we trying to get on a gig for a long time and they didnt disappoint either with a cool as feck mix of trad Irish and cool Americana. Not many on the London Irish scene do it as good as these guys. Hailing from South-West London THE DISINCLINED are ageing purveyors of kazoo laden rocking indie-punk. Able to qualify for the Republic Of Ireland football team they kicked off the night with a set of excellent Pixiesesque/post-punk rocking.


A long long time ago (or so it seemed but it was actually only three years!) we put on a fantastic folk-punk band from deepest darkest Tasmania called The Dead Maggies. It was a very hot and sweaty night at TChance in Tottenham in north London and pretty much all I remember of the night was how much fun I and the others around had. Well we must have done something good as they trusted to help organise their tour inbetween dates at Outcider festival and the Boomtown Fair. We booked them two dates in Kingston, sorta south London and Hackney in north London. Ensuring that the two notoriously difficult factions of London folk-punk would not have to meet! Spotting that Matilda’s Scoundrels were due to play both fests with the Maggies we roped them in as support on both dates and then Benny Mayhem fell into our laps. We had done a review of hie excellent EP (go check it out on the main page now) and he mentioned he would be touring England after Rebellion fest and hey presto a bit of juggling and he was in on both dates. We just had to hope that “we put it on they will come”…

With the gigs being absolutely right slap bang in the middle of festival season the gigs were about finding something to do inbetween the main events though crowds on both dates were bigger than I expected. Thanks to all the bands, both venues and their friendly and helpful staff and their soundmen. Thanks also to the loyal London Celtic Punks crowd for turning out and for the rain for stopping for at least two dates at the height of summer!.

Friday 11th August 2017

Thursday 10th August 2017

Friday 16th June 2017

Sinful Maggie were due to play their debut gig at TChances in Tottenham on the Saturday so we gave them a buzz and suggested a gig the night before in Kingston. We booked up The Cricketers a great place and with a fantastic PA person (hello Laura if you watching) and hooked up with two great support bands. The Disinclined are mostly local to Kingston and always been great friends of London Celtic Punks. Hard to pigeonhole I’m always fond of saying that as a a band they could qualify for Ireland under Jack Charlton! They play a solid set of Pixies inspired indie rock with both light and heavy touches. A bunch of chaps playing for the love of it and this spills over it their music. A real joy to watch. The Babes are a band we been following for a while. Three members. A drummer, a bassist and a bagpiper from Colombia. What a glorious racket they produce. Disorder-ish anarcho-punk thats great fun to

watch and easy to get into. This left Sinful Maggie and their first gig outside Dorset for these accordion punk rock and rollers! Not quite a celtic-punk band we going tom claim them anyway they a relatively new band and with some great catchy punk tunes and a great attitude one to watch out for.

Saturday 4th February 2017


Review by Chris Brown

Saturday night I was treated to some of London’s finest Irish Punk/folk music by many of the friends I’ve made over the last few years, and some more recent friends. The venue was The Gunners in Highbury, more familiar with Gooners than with the London Irish Punk scene (and it was full many of them drowning their sorrows after losing to Chelsea when I arrived).

I was on the door on behalf of London Celtic Punks ( of which I am a recent member of) who ably assisted in ensuring I didn’t get hung, drawn and quartered by any Gooners I tried to charge them for coming into their pub of choice lol.

Soundchecks were running late so first act on was the talented acoustic London Punk Folkster Anto Morra (a recent friend on Facebook and fellow lover of The Regency Café) actually started his set about five minutes before it was due to end. Luckily he was given more than 5 minutes to play and his songs were a joy to listen to, as was his acoustic cover version of Stiff Little Fingers’ classic song Wasted Life. We chatted both before and after his set and I was given a vinyl copy of one of his excellent albums. Definitely a man I will be seeing and listening to a lot more of, including meeting up with him for a slap-up meal at The Regency some time soon.

Next up were a band that I’ve not come across before and to be honest I’m still not sure what to make of them. They’re called Schadegeddon. A strange mix of Theatre, Cabaret, Celtic Punk, Ska, Rock and (apparently) Morris Dancing. I need to see them a few times more before I can give an opinion of them. They have bagpipes though, so there’s a good chance they will grow on me.

And now the night started getting really interesting. Two of my favourite London Irish Punk bands playing together on stage for the first time in many years. First up were The Lagan (a band very popular with the Hellhounds and festival-goers at Dogfest, Deerstock and especially Rockstock And Barrel). They played a blinding, if short set full of many of my favourite songs. I would have loved to have been stage front but as I was working it wasn’t really possible. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed the set.


The Lagan

Next up, the headlining band Neck. Again another blinding, if short set full of many of my favourite songs. Leeson dedicated ‘Always Upsettin’ Somebody’ as he knew it’s my favourite (I’ve even told him that if I leave this mortal coil before me, I want him to play it at my funeral). This was also the band’s chance to show off their newest drummer Tom (Charlie is going travelling the world for a few years) and he did remarkably well. I’ve got to admit I’m gonna miss Charlie’s ‘cum-face’ as he drums. It always amused me watching his face while he was demolishing the drum kit one beat at a time. All in all an amazing night with my only real complaint being that the sets were not long enough. Neck are playing at The Oval in Croydon this Friday and it’s gonna be Charlie’s last gig with Neck, so it’s gonna be sort of a farewell gig for him. Would be nice if the place got packed to wish him fair travels and fine times.



Monday 8th January 2017


With one day left and the problem of transport it was decided to give Woking a go. The wifey is mates with Elaine from Phoenix Chroi who runs a small intimate folk venue in Woking who gave us the thumbs up to go ahead. Sadly Brendan’s cold meant he couldn’t go on so it was left to our man Comrade X to open proceedings and having rushed straight from appearing on the FA Cup draw with his beloved Sutton United he launched into a 40 minute set of punk rock and Irish classics. Ever the gent he didn’t even take his fee of a bottle of Dragon Stout! Mickey Rickshaw played the best part of an hour and then hot and sweaty came back to mine to sit up half the night drinking whiskey mac’s and eating scrambled eggs. Left for work in the morning at 6am like a zombie and when i got back they had left to head to Ireland to finish their tour. They say they are coming back with the full band so watch this space. It will be something not to be missed!

Sunday 8th January 2017

lcp-kingstonWith the Rickshaw bhoys transport-less it was decided to head to South-West London for their second date and Kingston was the venue with The Cricketers the venue. A great place that isn’t used enough and the sound was fantastic with Laura doing a great job tonight. Kingston has a quality music venue in the The Fighting Cocks but no backline so The Cricketers it was. The night started with Brendan from The Lagan doing a solo set of mostly Christy Moore classics on acoustic guitar and sometimes bodhran despite having a stinking cold. He was followed by Phoenix Chroi who played a set of Souxsie influenced new wave punk and then Matilda’s Scoundrels who get better and better with every gig. A fantastic crowd, especially for a Sunday, and Mickey Rickshaw again played a blinding set with the crowd in their pockets. A lengthy set squeezing every last drop of energy out of them!

Saturday 7th January 2017

rickshaw-stagshead The lads rolled into London the day before the gig after arriving through customs on a wing and a prayer and settled into their Camden hostel. They spent the following day sight-seeing around London after all who doesn’t go to Buckingham Place! Turning up at The Stags Head expecting a handful of hardcore folkies and the London Celtic Punks admins we all got a shock as you couldn’t literally move inside. Great set from Refuse/All of female fronted anarcho-punk followed by LCP favourites Matilda’s Scoundrels giving us some hardcore folkie punk that got the crowd in the mood for Mickey Rickshaw to riase the roof with a hour long set of their celtic punk set folked up along with a few choice covers from Billy Bragg to the Wolfe Tones. 

Interview with Mickey Rickshaw presented by Bunney from Urbankelt outside The Stags Head while Refuse/All played inside!

Friday 30th September 2016


Saturday 3rd September 2016

CundeezVegBarColour (2)

Fresh from their triumphant London debut at the Gunners in Finsbury Park on Friday, Saturday finds the Cundeez saarf ov ver rivver at the Veg Bar in sunny Brixton as guests of the London Celtic Punks.
The Veg Bar is a vegan restaurant on Tulse Hill, just up from Brixton station. It’s a quiet, unassuming place and certainly not the sort of establishment generally considered home to the kind of mayhem and shenanigans associated with punk rock. However, there is a cellar bar. And that’s where the chaos ensues…

There’s other bands tonight, all of whom are good at what they do and some more to my taste than others. The stand outs for me were Comrade X, who always delivers the goods, and Black Water County, whose punk-infused folk may invite some obvious comparisons, but they play with enough talent and conviction to mark themselves out as contenders in their own right. I’d definitely be up for seeing them again.


By the time the Cundeez fire up, it’s hot in that little cellar bar. Damn hot. And there’s a pissed-up bunch of good natured yobbos and n’er do wells more than ready for them. The choice of London Calling as an opener is superb. It’s The Cundeez saying hello to their southern friends, and it’s an acknowledgement that wherever we’re from, we share similar tastes, backgrounds and experiences. And that’s what matters.


Black Water County

A Cundeez gig is a thing of great joy. Like a cross between a benevolent riot and the greatest party you’ve ever been invited to. Every song they play represents what’s great about punk rock when it’s done properly: energy, excitement, anger and humour are all present, wrapped up in killer tunes that hit you full-on and take no prisoners. What marks the Cundeez out from so many of their peers is that even when they are angry (“Austerity,” “Mr Politician” or the magnificently vitriolic “Yer Talkin’ Shite”), there is a sense of positivity and energy that’s sadly missing in so many other bands who generally seem content to just moan and wallow in it. There’s no room for negativity or despondency when the Cundeez are playing because you’re too busy having a bloody good time. Just watch them performing “Roota” and I defy you not to end up grinning from ear to ear and at the very least, tapping your foot.
Cun10Tonight’s crowd need no second bidding to get stuck in and show their appreciation by leaping around like a bunch of loons. The sweltering heat means “taps aaf” is pretty much obligatory. New single, “Rebellion” sounds incredible, and is a definite highlight in a flawless set. The Buzzcocks’ classic “Ever Fallen in Love…” is given a grand shake up, and by the time they hit “Night Boat to Cairo” everybody in the crowd is going ballistic. The energy and excitement this friendly bunch of Dundonians generate in one gig would be enough to power a small town.
cundeezAnd so the Cundeez came to London and it would be no exaggeration to say that they absolutely smashed it on both nights. For me personally, it meant I got to support a band I’ve been raving about for the last year, and see them twice in one weekend. That’s pretty good going as far as I’m concerned. Not only are they an amazing live band, but they’re also some of the nicest, most decent folk I’ve met on the punk scene. Gary, Stevie, Trotsky and Tez, you’re welcome back anytime. London loves the Cundeez. Keep it Oary!

London Celtic Punks Gig Review here

Thursday 17th March 2016

Pogues at WR

WEll sad to say but me and the fellow founding member of London Celtic Punks went on a proper all day bender taking in pretty much every Irish pub in County Holloway (road) and finishing in the 12 Pins in Finsbury Park before tubing it up to Kings Cross. As a result I don’t remember much at all of the gig except it was pretty good, pretty packed and more drink was taken!

cheers to THE POGUE TRADERS, THE HOMING, PerKELT and ANTO MORRA who performed and next time I promise more sobriety!!!


Sunday 13th December 2015

Pogue TradersSo two gigs in three days. Would it be too much? Well for a start it was too much for my mobile which somehow went missing on the way home from Hennessey’s! Sunday rolls in and we not knowing exactly what to expect. The venue looks fantastic after its refurbishment. Gone is the spit and sawdust of this iconic venue and its all dolled up with posh menus and craft beers. The gig kicks off with a smallish crowd watching the great ANTO MORRA kick off the night. A great set but sad that not too many there to see it. He is followed of course by the also great COMRADE X and once again there doesn’t seem to be much action through the door. The front of the pub is packed but I’m doing the door and starting to get worried. Comrade finishes his set and the mighty POGUE TRADERS take the stage just as I go for a pint and all of a sudden the door is packed with people. I can’t get back to help the Mrs who does a brilliant job on her own till i force my way back to help her. Five minutes late and the front of the pub is empty and the venue is nicely full.

They are a great band and authentic as feck and within a couple of minutes the crowd is swaying and singing along and leaping about. In the venue where it all started for The Pogues all them years ago we can remember what a great band they are. News came out in the week previous that The Pogues would not be performing live any more so the night had extra meaning.

Heather wrote a great review of the night for us which can be read here.

Friday 11th December 2015

Palestine GigDay one of our ‘Irish Punk Weekend’  saw us putting on a benefit gig for Voice Of Gaza an educational charity in Palestine helping students.  A very worthy cause. ANTO MORRA took the stage just after 8pm and played an rip roaring set of his Gaelic tinged songs plus a brilliant cover of SLF’s ‘Wasted Life’ and a Christmas medley! THE BIBLE CODE SUNDAYS came on after Anto and showed why they are #1 in the Irish scene in London. A hours worth of the catchiest celtic-rock played by anyone. Joined on stage at one point by Brendan, the frontman of fellow London Irish rockers THE LAGAN. Headlining tonight were NECK and and as usual their set was perfectly played and whipped the crowd into a right frenzy. The first time they’ve shared a stage with BCS in nearly a decade since a glorious night at the legendary Galtymore (R.I.P!) in Kilburn. Tonight was truly the best that the London Irish could offer and everyone went home happy I am sure. A great crowd packed out Hennessey’s Bar in deepest South Harrow and raised a decent amount of cash (just under £800) to support the work that Voice Of Gaza do. We loved doing this so will be holding another soon so if you’re interested in playing contact us.

Wednesday 28th October 2015

Continental NeckWith Continental in London site seeing for a couple of days we decided to hook them up with another gig, this time with London Irish celtic-punk legends Neck in The Good Ship in the London Irish heartland of Kilburn. Well it may still be the heartland but gentrification has nearly stolen its heart and with pubs being closed left right and centre the most obvious feature of the Irish community is disappearing to provide badly need housing for rich yuppie scum new Kilburn residents. The bad news was that sadly Neck had to pull out of the gig a couple of days beforehand but the gig was still a blast and although not particularly busy on the night both Continental and Celtic FFR put on great extended performances for those lucky enough to be there. More like a ‘Meet And Greet’ as Rick and the boys drank with and chatted to their fans. Great band with a great down to earth attitude.

Monday 26th October 2015


After some initial drama at customs everything finally sorted itself out and anyway it wouldn’t be a London Celtic Punks gig without something to worry about! A decent enough crowd for a Monday but deserved to be much much bigger as all the bands pulled out the stops for a great night. COMRADE X played a fantastic set with a couple of songs I never heard him play before. FFR CELTIC FIESTA came over from France and were pretty much unknown to me but cor blimey they were good. Only a 4 piece but did they kick up a storm or what. I find myself saying it a lot but again THE LAGAN surpassed themselves. The great sound in The Garage really suits them. Finally CONTINENTAL blew us away. On their Euro tour they played a blinding set and was lucky to have a quick chat with the guys after and what a nice bunch of fella’s they are.



Gig Review from The Morning Star 28th October 2015 (here)

Sparks Fly As Celts Rev Up At The Garage
The only English-language socialist daily newspaper in the world, published six days a week.

Comrade X + FFR Celtic Fiesta + The Lagan + Continental
The Garage, London N1

Comrade X lashes up his guitar and revs up the motor before launching this London Celtic Punks/Urbankelt night at the Garage.

Sounding like Woody Guthrie Clashing with Oi, his three-chord cover set bristles and aches with enthusiasm, politics and passion. “This is a song about a political prisoner,” he thunders as Janie Jones’s opening line: “He’s in love with rock’n’roll woaahh,” sums up a rousing performance.

Over from France, FFR Celtic Fiesta say being on stage is being alive and they certainly show why.

Dressed in kilts, this Belfort four-piece’s sound is based around the brilliant Marie on electric violin, whose Gallic joie de vivre layered on top of a heavy and tight rhythm section brings the crowd alive.

Infectious and engaging, the songs sung in English, French and Spanish are a perfect kaleidoscope of Celtic culture at is best.

London Irish Celtic punks The Lagan have a pure riotous energy which marks them out as one of the best young bands on the scene today.

Charismatic front man Brendan leads a line-up of guitar, tin whistles, mandolins, fiddle, bass and drums and the songs from debut album Where’s Your Messiah Now? burn with a fire born of working-class politics and drinking.

There’s a new number about anti-racism which shows a maturing quality in the songwriting but it’s crowd pleaser Same Shite Different Night that’s the stand-out as it chronicles all the morons we have to put up with after too many beers.

Wildly catchy, the crowd love it and belt out the chorus with the band.

Continental are the latest band of Rick Barton, the Boston-based and charismatic ex-guitarist of the Dropkick Murphys.

This is Granite City rock, played by four superb musicians whose vocals are as tight as the rhythm section is hard.

There’s a definite hint of the Stones rolling along under these tunes but they blend in all their influences from punk, country, folk and blues to create a soundscape as big as the States.

Barton is a talented songwriter and his blue-collar stories recount tales of love, loss, searching and redemption.

A brilliant performance by extremely talented musicians to end a quality night.

Review by Bob Oram

Saturday 29th August 2015

wakes cock

Well not much flows smoothly in the world of London Celtic Punk I tell you. Booked The Water Rats months in advance and then began organising the gig only to hear three weeks before the gig that The Rats would be closed for a refurb and wouldn’t be open in time. We flew into action and managed to book the gig to be at The Cock Tavern just down the road, in Euston, from The Water Rats. The Cock is home of the Underground CSC and we settled into watch the Celtic game in the afternoon and then afterwards shove the pool table to one side and make some room for the music.

The room was already pretty packed when BUCKETS OF COURAGE took the floor and gave us a set of Anti-Nowhere League style hardcore punk that had half the crowd running out the door covering their ears and the other half enthralled.

London Celtic Punk favourite ANTO MORRA was up next and did a few solo songs and then halfway through his set was joined by CAROL ANDERSON on fiddle.

Then the main band who everyone had come to see but not many had actually seen before. THE WAKES all the way from Glasgow and set off on a fantastic 90 minute set that had the crowd singing along with them when they knew the words and punching the air when they didn’t. The boys were great. A hot and very sweaty night and not a single person left the building without a grin. Anti-fascist folk’n’roll… you bet!

After THE WAKES had done and with the crowd reluctant to move Anto and Carol got back up and sang a few more songs to send us all off in the night.

Thanks as usual to the bands for playing and Sheila at The Cock Tavern for hosting us.

If you are on Facebook then check out the Photo Album of the gig here.

Saturday 15th August 2015

RUM Flyer

Was a bit of indecision over this gig but when we decided to go for it we really did go for it. THE RUMJACKS, yes the best celtic-punk band in the world were coming to England and wanted us to do the gig. Well we could hardly say no could we? Joining up with our friends at URBANKELT to do it together was a great idea as they managed to book The Garage in Highbury. Yeah it had its faults like first band on at 6-30pm and the whole thing had to finish at 9-45pm (i know I know!!!) but the place was packed and the sweat was dripping down the walls and the crowd went wild as soon as the y hit the stage.


Andy Lagan and Frankie Rumjack

London Welsh glam punkers FEATHERZ were first band on and at an unGodly time too. Still they did a great set appreciated by all the early birds and did go down well.

Next up was THE LAGAN our very own London Irish Celtic Punk band and with a fantastic PA they rattled off a perfect set of classic celtic-punk.

Finally THE RUMJACKS. Been a big fan of these for a long time and they did not disappoint. Absolutely-fecking-marvellous and a couple of people there have said it is the best gig they have ever been. Unbelievably good and we cannot wait to get them back to London next year. Quite simply the reason we do all this hit is for nights like this.

With the gig over and not even 10pm we all retired to the bar downstairs and sure enough the Rumjacks came down and had a mingle with us and a few drinks and showed themselves to be the generous, down to earth and humble people I had suspected them to be.

Hats off to the bands again and especially to URBANKELT for helping pull this off.

If you are on facebook then have a look at the Photo Album here.

Friday 5th to Sunday 6th June 2015


yes its the MICK O’TOOLE and MATILDA’S SCOUNDRELS tour. Not quite a full on UK thing but Hastings, Camden and Kinston aint too bad is it?

All the gigs went very well starting with Hastings on Friday night. COMRADE X supported and resisted the urge to get too pissed on the train up there!

A packed out Dev!

A packed out Dev!

The Devonshire Arms in Camden again on the Saturday and a supposed 10pm curfew didnt happen as The Lagan played well into the night. A packed pub gave it plenty of oompf and all went home extremely sweaty and tired out.

On the Sunday it was time for The Fighting Cocks and all the bands again put in a fantastic show that sadly wasnt greatly attended till The Lagan took the stage but still looked and sounded the absolute bollocks! Ironically it turns out that if we’d have had the crowd from The Dev with the sound from The Fighting Cocks it would have been just about the best gig any of us would have seen this year!

Friday 29th May 2015

The Devonshire ArmsHeld at The Devonshire Arms in Camden and FREE entry!! Sound problems galore tonight held up the gig and truth be told quite rightly annoyed Bryan a wee bit but what a performance the Boston Irish folk-punk singer songwriter put on. First ever gig in London and we can’t wait to get him back in town. Luckily someone recorded a good chunk of the show so have a look and be full of regret you never made it! There’s some great banter with the crowd and hopefully we helped cheer him up after the earlier sound problems!


Louise Distras headlined and performed for the first time with her band. Great show all round.

Saturday 4th April 2015

Connolly Association Benefit Gig

A benefit gig to kick start the beginning of preperations for the 100th anniversary of the 1916 uprising in Ireland when a small band of Irish rebels rose against an Empire. Supported by the RMT trade union, Urbankelt, the Connolly Asociation and ourselves we returned to the legendary music venue The Water Rats, A stones throw from Kings Cross the spiritual home of London Celtic Punk where The Pogues first took the stage proved again to be an excellent venue.

ANTO MORRA was a late addition to the bill and played what was for me the best set I have ever seen him do. All his classics were included plus a couple of extra songs relevant to the gig. His version of ‘The Foggy Dew’ was superb.

COMRADE X again went down a storm. A celtic tinged set of acoustic punk. folk and trad classics including a breathtaking version of ‘James Connolly’.

BLACK WATER COUNTY tons of ability, good humour and boundless energy they certainly whipped the crowd up and had the whole place bouncing about.

NECK played their usual great set. Snook in a new song that sounded brilliant and had the whole place on th danceflor by the time they belted out the ‘Fields Of Athenry’.

it was also a privelige to have the General Secretary of the RMT, Mick Cash, speak a few words inbetween bands. As a child of Irish immigrants himself he warned of the dangers of scapegoating immigrants at the expense of the people who are really ruining this country. The rich and the elite.

A great night and a rake of money raised for the Connolly Asociation and plans laid to work together soon.

Special thanks to Comrade X for organising this great event as well as Urbankelt Cainéal and their friendly crew over at The Water Rats.

Here’s a great video put together by Urbankelt showing all the highlights of the night!

Saturday 21st March 2015

Celtic Punk InvasionWe have always wanted to do a pre-gig afternoon show when one of the celtic-punk powerhouses come to town and with the Celtic Punk Invasion hitting Brixton Academy on a Saturday with the Dropkick Murphys, The Mahones and Blood Or Whiskey in tow it was too good a chance to miss. After a bit of discussion we found an absolutely brilliant venue in The Hootananny just a few minutes walk from the Academy and waited till the day. Well what a day. A massive crowd of you all turned up and made the day the best yet in the London Celtic Punks short history.

COMRADE X played a blinding opening set to get the crowd singing along and get the Guinness flowing. Fast becoming a permanent fixture for us and we love it and long may it continue.

BLACK WATER COUNTY drove up from Dorset despite having their London gig cancelled the night before and took us all by storm. Fast, energetic and joyful celtic-punk which had The Lagan bhoys raving about them for days. The crowd took to them and danced round like eejits me included!

THE LAGAN well these lot certainly not lost any of their pip and they blasted through near an hours worth of hardcore celtic-punk. Tight as owt and just as powerful they were joined by Finny and Dom from The Mahones for the end of their set.

a joyous occasion and when the bucket went round for donations to pay the PA you outdone yourselves and all the bands went home with plenty of cash. we even forced Comrade X to take some which he said he would spend on a curry…

here is the entire set from the legendary Comrade X

Hootananny 1

assorted London Celtic Punks, Laganites, Black Water Countyers, Matilda’s Scoundrels from Hastings and a Comrade X!

the Celtic Punk Invasion gig afterwards was fucking brilliant too…

Saturday 29th November 2014

Saturday 29th November 2014with London celtic-punk legend Paul ‘Mad Dog’ McGuinness still suffering after being knocked over in a car accident last year we teamed up with the Urbankelt crowd again to do another ‘Give A Dog A Bone’ gig. With this in the planning stage I was contacted by Anto Morra who was bringing out a new EP and wanted us to host the rElease Show. well we were chuffed to say yes and we began to get weaving.

Unfortunately both The Irish World and The Irish Post chose to completely ignore the gig and didn’t list it despite me sending them both several emails as well as facebook messages. The gig was fairly well attended but we wanted to get Paul a decent wedge and the £100 we got him won’t last long.

Anyhow ROBERT ALLWOOD kicked off the night with some folky Spanish songs some a bit saucy and some anti-fascist anthems.

DEREK, a mate of Anto’s, came on next and did a couple followed by the acoustic punk bashings of COMRADE X who played yet another blinding set of mostly celtic influenced punk.

ANTO MORRA came on and did a short set of solo acoustic numbers including a fantastic version of probably Mad Dog’s most popular song ‘Holloway Boulevard’

He was followed on by THE LAGAN who were a late addition to the night but more than welcome. A few new songs and some well worn classics got the crowd going. Absolutely brilliant is how I can only describe them.

ANTO MORRA AND THE FOLK PUNKERS took the stage and played a long set of classic folk-punk. Mostly songs from Anto’s solo records with great backing.

Bringing the night to a close and with the place filling up with Polish punks preferring our gig to their own in the front bar BLACK WATER COUNTY broke their north London cherry and played a fast and furious set of trad celtic-punk with a few covers chucked in that had the whole place bouncing about.

Thanks to all the usual suspects as usual, especially Rik for the PA and God speed Paul and here’s to a quick recovery!

gig photos by Nessa

Monday 1st September 2014

the dead maggiesback to TChances in Tottenham after our Water Rats ‘experience’ and a timely reminder of why we keep coming back to this wonderful place. Penny and Kyle really care about the bands and the music and look after everyone so well we just wish we could give them a medal!

Five months after the initial planning and Tasmanian convict punks THE DEAD MAGGIES are playing in front of me. had me doubts it would happen but all goes very well and for a Monday night I doubt we could have got a better crowd. Lively and enthusiastic the audience lap it up and everyone goes streaming out the door with bags of Dead Maggies merch!

STEVE WHITE AND THE PROTEST FAMILY- second time we had them to play and they raise the roof with anti-fascist socialist working class anthems and piss a few Spurs fans off in their own backyard too!!

ANTO MORRA- went on first and wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but pure brilliance. Anto’s a very funny man with a great voice and a whole lot of great songs.

So the night showcased everything that celtic/folk-punk has got to offer and was one of the best nights I have ever put together. Thanks to everyone who braved the thunderstorm and came out on a school night!

The Dead Maggies

The Dead Maggies

Friday 8th August 2014

Gigwe united with Urbankelt to co-promote this gig and were as lucky as anything to get The Water Rats, a great and famous venue in Kings Cross. well they fucked us about no end right up to the bands setting foot on stage so we’ll not be heading there again!

The PA guy was sound and did a brilliant job but didn’t catch his name in the excitement.

THE GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS- only their second London visit in their 20th anniversary year. they were magnificent and got to play for nearly a hour which was great as well.

THE CRAICHEADS- first time for us and also great.

CITIZEN X- fucked over by the venue Citizen went on and done a pissed off set of acoustic punk and never had he been better.

photos of  The Greenland Whalefishers by Gosia O’Hooligan

Saturday 1st February 2014


Soon as we heard Paul the singer from The Popes had been in some sort of car accident we flew into action and announced this benefit gig. we managed to raise £200 and have a brilliant time in the process.

Rik stepped in to do the PA at short notice and the gig was at TChances in Tottenham.

THE LAGAN- acoustic set but not that you’d know as they blasted through their set and had us all lepping about.

FOLK GRINDER- fantastic band fantastic set of gothic sea shanties.

THE BRENDAN BEHAN PIG AND WHISTLE BAND- fronted by the man himselves nephew they played a lengthy set of classic Irish songs with audience participation set to push them off the stage at one point.

CITIZEN X- his first gig for us and he’s gone on to be a firm favourite and a friend as well.

Tuesday 15th October 2013


Jay from Australian celtic-punk band Between The Wars was over on family business so he done a few gigs up and done the country and we did the London leg.

PA was by Leeson and the gig was at TChances in Tottenham in North London.

JAY- A lovely solo set of BTW songs plus some of his own plus a couple of other notables including my old mate John McCullagh’s song ‘I’ll Dance On Your Grave Maggie Thatcher’ in which I was dragged onto the stage but lasted only till the second verse before my bottle went.

THE LAGAN- Band trouble with it being a midweek gig but the Lagan lads still gave it plenty of oompf.

LEESON O’KEEFE- Leeson, vocalist from Neck, opened the gig and also did PA duties. Good man himself!

Sunday 22nd September 2013


The North London Punx Picnic was held the two previous days in TChances so I was approached by the organisers to put something on a bit folky for the Sunday afternoon as a wind down session . We got celtic-punk legends Neck to play an acoustic set and a huge crowd turned up for the gig which also played as, good friend of ours, Brians 50th birthday party.

Saturday 16th March 2013


we didn’t organise it but helped promote it. unfortunately later on we were to have our fingers burnt by Beerbelly Promotions and vowed never to work with them again!

was all a bit pricey at £7 and the promised drink promotions never materialised meaning we were the only people in London watching Irish music paying £4 a pint for the Guinness!

NECK- hard to remember… but rest assured they were as bloody good as you woud expect them to be on a Paddy’s Day night.

CAPTAIN BASTARD AND THE SCALLYWAGS- the whole London Celtic Punks gang missed what turned out to be Captain Bastard’s  last ever London gig as we were getting pissed in Liverpool street Wetherspoons!

Saturday 23rd February 2013

Basque Gig

We got together with some Basque mates of ours to do this Basque/Irish solidarity night down at TChances in Tottenham. We had the bib big backroom for a change and bloody hell didn’t we fill it. Always been a lot of friendship between us and was great to see everyone dancing away and having lots of fun. All the money raised went to groups representing prisoners in the occupied 6 counties and basque country.

NECK- great headlining set that went down a storm with all.

BOTTLEJOB- Irish/Basque Oi! band based in London.

NO HOPE- these Basque lads came over specifically to play the gig .

STEVE WHITE AND THE PROTEST FAMILY- these lot came from Walthamstow!

wee bit of fisticuffs before the gig even had started was all sorted out but had us on the door worrying about a repeat that never materialised. to be honest was a good thing they’d have been battered!!

Saturday 12th May 2012


one of the best nights we ever had at Mannions and certainly one of the best line-ups. a benefit for the North London Punx Picnic and raised a fair amount from what I can remember.

the gig started well late, the usual hic-ups, and went on into the early hours which no one seemed to mind.

NECK- leeson was on fire tonight racing round Mannions playing guitar solo’s. class!

CAPTAIN BASTARD AND THE SCALLYWAGS- was to be the last time we saw the boys play sadly.

REFUSE/ALL- Kev the vocalist was outed at the gig as a rangers fan…a Queens Park rangers fan he was very quick to add.

have you spotted the flyer cock-up?

aye I got Captain Bastard And The Scallywags name mixed up and didn’t notice till I had 400 sheets of flyers in me hand. whoops!

GigSaturday 17th December 2011

after the success of the last Ceilidh we helped out to do it all again. Not as busy but if memory serves me well it was bastard freezing that night!

Friday 28th October 2011

unfortunately some of our mates that we did the benefit for back in July 2010 were jailed so we helped organise a Ceilidh Night at The Victoria in Dalston. lots of fun and lots of money was raised and NONE of the London Celtic Punks crew danced!!

all done very proper with callers and demonstrations of the dances.


we organised a 3 day tour for BASTARDS ON PARADE and THE LAGAN. wouldn’t say it was a resounding success but ended with a great night in Brixton.

Sunday 1st May 2011


the last night at The Grosvenor in Brixton. great venue and decent crowd. Unfortunatly the night was spoiled somewhat by comments made by a member of Smokey Bastard that resulted in London Celtic Punks having to release a statement stating that we would be boycotting them in future.

The Lagan didn’t play the gig as the previous two nights had wrecked them and Brendan the singer had lost his voice. Not for the first time Leeson saved the night!

BASTARDS ON PARADE- superb and lengthy set from this authentic celtic-punk band from Galicia. Ended the night with some brilliant punked up Irish rebel songs and no one gave a fuck.


LEESON O’KEEFE- as already mentioned he saved the day and the highlight of his set was ‘Blood On The Streets’. Quite possibly the best song in celtic-punk.

Saturday 30th April 2011

Somewhere in Bristol



Friday 29th April 2011

Gig at The Cobblers Thumb in Brighton




Saturday 19th March 2011


Risky business putting on anything around St Patricks Day and this was our (one and) only ever effort. A poor turnout due to all tube links to Tottenham being down at very short notice. People were still arriving after Pipes’n’Pints were half way through their set despite leaving  home at 7pm. Still a good enough crowd did make it and for the first and only time we had crowd surfing in Mannions!

PA by Rik at Mannions Prince Arthur.

PIPES’N’PINTS- Over from Prague in the Czech republic for the first time and rocked Mannions into the early hours.  Fast and heavy punk rock with quality bagpipes.

DRUNKEN BALORDI- Great band but missed their set.

POISONED LEGACY- solid punk rock band from up the road.

i also learnt to be careful not to have too much going on in the flyer as you couldn’t hardly read the bloody thing!

Friday 25th February 2011


this has to be the biggest pain in the arse of a gig I ever organised in my life. First off the people organising The Dreadnoughts tour bombarded me with unreasonable request after unreasonable request despite me informing them of exactly what we could and couldn’t do and then Smokey Bastard after agreeing to play and lend all backline pulled out at very short notice putting the gig in complete jeopardy until The Lagan stepped in and saved the day.

I missed this due to be being on holiday and by all accounts was a fantastic night.

THE DREADNOUGHTS- hard touring band and absolutely amazing live but need to reel in their booking agents a bit.

THE LAGAN- great band and first time they played directly for us. we been bugging them ever since.

WILL TUN AND THE WASTERS- supposedly from Bristol they arrived from all corners of England for the gig and were for many the highlight of the night.

…and Brendan from The Lagan ate all the The Dreadnoughts rider!

Monday 27th December 2010

Christmas celtic-punk bash down County Holloway. Packed to the gills this gig full of people looking for a reason to get merry…

was at the sadly missed venue The Gaff. really was a home from home and when Costa-fucking-Coffee took it over it took a long time for the scene to recover in North London.

NECK- on top form from my hazy recollections of the night.

CAPTAIN BASTARD AND THE SCALLYWAGS- a young celtic punk band from Canterbury who rocked like hell but only lasted a couple of years before they all went off to join other bands or went away to university.

THE LAGAN- first time I saw these boys and although I missed most of their set was suitably impressed to spend the next month stalking them.

Thursday 12th August 2010

GigThe Greenlands were over for some festival appearance so we got the chance to put on their debut London show. Not brilliantly attended as there were no less than three other punk gigs that night in town with famous American bands playing. Nevertheless wherever celtic punk is a good time will be found and it was a cracking night.

PA guy ? at The Gaff on Holloway Road, County Holloway.

THE GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS- class band never fail to put on an amazing show.

CALICO STREET RIOTS- Kent keltic punkers.

POISONED LEGACY- my mate Bruce from Longfords band. good bunch with solid songs.

Oiz 2 MEN- surprised me with how good they were. daft name though.

Saturday 31st July 2010


day of the Celtic v Lyon game at Arsenal. Just two tube stops to Seven Sisters and Mannions. the gig was a benefit for some friends of ours who were arrested due to their anti-fascist ‘activities’…

Packed to the gills with Celt’s from all over the place who had come down for the game. A drunken and rowdy affair this was.

NECK- possibly the best set I ever saw them do. tons and tons of energy tonight.

CIARAN MURPHY- enough to say Ciaran’s fingers bled like a bastard after his set. cannot say enough what a revelation he was. such a huge pity he gave up singing.

SMOKEY BASTARD- they didnt enjoy this gig much I think…

JENNYWOOI PROJECT- female Canadian acoustic singer-songwriter but none of yer wimpy shit. best described as acoustic Oi!

Glasnevin pulled out of the gig the night before.

Sunday 23rd May 2010

The opening day of the North London Punx Picnic festival was held at Mannions (where else of course) and was absolutely packed. Mannions have certainly never seen the like of it running out of bottled beers and even the Guinness was in short supply by the end of the night. Local Bhoys NECK headlined into the night leaving the stage well after midnight. Supports were a varied bunch with Essex Ska band THE NEWTOWN KINGS, London Irish hardcore punkers DEF CON ZERO and REFUSE/ALL playing stormers. There were a few other bands but I don’t really remember them sadly as I was kept busy having to go outside to clean the pile of empty cans the foreign Punks kept drinking and leaving outside. Highlight of the night was Seamus falling on a table and smashing about fifty beer glasses. It must have been a good night as Mick the landlord simply laughed it off!!!! A night to go down in London Celtic Punk history.

Saturday 24th April 2010 


having seen The Roughnecks supporting The Mahones not long before we were desperate to get them down again to do a headline show. All came together well plenty of people came and drank plenty of Mr Mannions top quality and cheap Guinness.

THE ROUGHNECK RIOT- played for absolutely ages and ened up doing a medley of Pogues covers as they ran out of their own songs.

INTENSIVE CARE- singer Brendan had recently moved to Belfast so these cockney rockers (3/4’s Irish) were looking for a London gig and we were happy to help.


REFUSE/ALL- classic sounding anarcho-punk from these humble and hard working punk ego’s no ridiculous demands no pain in the arse just DIY as feck.

highlight of the gig must have been watching most of The Roughnecks sleeping right next to the massive PA speaker.

Saturday 30th January 2010


NECK had to pull out of the gig for some reason which is why the flyers a bit messy. Was a great gig packed out and went well past the supposed curfew!

PA by Rik at Mannions Prince Arthur.

UNDER THE GUN- one time Hackney based punk folkers their now spread all over England but still gigging occasionally. massive in Poland and the pub was chockablock with Poles on the night.

CALICO STREET RIOTS- Gravesend celtic-punk band sadly now defunct. left behind only one EP but it is great!

ACTIVE SLAUGHTER- North London anarcho-punk band who didn’t like farmers.

CHESTER- Stoke Newington pop-punkers. great mates of mine who were always up for playing.

Saturday 8th August 2009

Saturday 8th August 2009Our first ever solo outing as LONDON CELTIC PUNKS. Frustrated at the lack of opportunities and promotion for celtic punk bands we took our own advice and did it ourselves.

PA done by Rik at Mannions in Tottenham.

CIRCLE J- debut London gig and played a blinder. memory a bit vague but remember the floor in Mannions bouncing!

CIARAN MURPHY- Ciaran came over from Belfast for his first ever gig in England and played an amazing set of modern day Irish rebel and protest songs. Went down a storm!

SMOKEY BASTARD- less said about these the better…

THE HACKNEY MARSHINS- local celtic punk band who split up couple of weeks before the gig and didn’t play!

a pretty good crowd turned up and drank and jigged away into the early hours. Mick from the pub hadn’t seen it so busy in ages and said anytime we wanted to use the pub we were welcome so the London Celtic Punks gig collective was born!


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