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Yes I know it only seems like five minutes since the last one but it’s that time of year again when we give you, for what it’s worth, our opinion on who made the best music in the celtic-punk scene over 2016. It’s been another outstanding year for the music that we all love and some truly fantastic records came out in the last twelve months. So read on to find out who came #1! Remember though this is only our opinion and these twenty-five album’s are only the tip of the iceberg of what was released last year. Feel free to comment, slag off or dissect our lists. We don’t pretend to be the final word as that my friends is for you…



1. THE RUMJACKS (Australia)-‘Sleepin’Rough’  Review

2. THE NARROWBACKS (New York)- ‘Arrogance & Ignorance’  Review

3. THE CLOVES AND THE TOBACCO (Indonesia)- ‘Across The Horizon’  Review

4. MICKEY RICKSHAW (Boston)- ‘Behind The Eight Ball’  Review

5. THE WAKES (Glasgow)- ‘Venceremos!’  Review 

Absolutely no surprise here at all. For the first time we had an unanimous vote from all the admin’s that sees The Rumjacks sail away with the #1 spot for the second year running. It’s been an outstanding year for the Bhoys and with an American tour on the horizon they about to take another giant step in their campaign of world domination! Other notables were NYC’s Narrowbacks whose second album really showed the depth of their songwriting and could just have easily won the folk/trad best of too! The Cloves And The Tobacco deserve plaudits galore in another fantastic year for Indonesian celtic punk bands while Mickey Rickshaw could probably be said to have won the ‘unified title’ across all the various celtic-punk sites. In all we have twenty five bands from fourteen countries including USA x 6, Australia x 3, Indonesia x2, Germany x2, Netherlands x2, Catalonia x 2, Scotland, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia and Belarus with The Wakes being the only Celtic country based band which goes to show how international the scene has become.

6. THE CLAN (Italy)- ‘All In The Name Of Folk’  Review

7. HOIST THE COLORS (USA)- ‘Mourners’  Review

8. SIR REG (Sweden)- ‘Modern Day Disgrace’  Review

9. FOX n FIRKIN (Australia)- ‘No Vacancy’  Review

10. FIDDLER’S GREEN (Germany)- ‘Devil’s Dozen’  Review

11. LUGH (Brazil)- ‘Histórias Do Mar’  Review

12. JAY WARS AND THE HOWARD YOUTH (Australia)- ‘Love In The Time Of Fear’  Review

13. BUNCH OF BASTARDS (Netherlands)- ‘My Drinkin’ Ain’t Done’  Review

14. SIGELPA (Catalonia)- ‘Rabant Original’  Review

15. TENHOLES (Indonesia)- ‘Loyalty’  Review

16. THE O’REILLYS AND THE PADDYHATS (Germany)- ‘Seven Hearts One Soul’  Review

17. 13KRAUSS (Spain)- TheEnd Is Nigh’  Review

18. DRINK HUNTERS (Catalonia)- ‘Shameless’  Review

19. PIRATES OF THE PUBS (Czech Republic)- ‘Drunken Forever’  Review

20. THE MUCKERS (USA)- ‘The Muckers’  Review

21. LQR (Netherlands)- ’10 Pinter’  Review

22. THE Пауки/THE PAUKI (Russia)- ‘La Isla Del Muerto’  Review

23. Всё CRAZY (Belarus)- ‘По Морям’  Review

24. RUSTY NAIL (USA)- ‘Bitter Ale, Bitter Heart’  Review

25. THE LANGER’S BALL (USA)- ‘Whiskey Outlaws’  Review

A special mention here to the ever prolific and always a pleasurable experience The Mahones who released a greatest hits entitled The Very Best: 25 Years Of Irish Punk which couldn’t be included in the Top 25 but if it did would have given The Rumjacks a run for their money!


1. MICK O’TOOLE (England)- ‘A Working Class Battalion’  Review

2. THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY (Australia)- ‘Whitewashed Graves’  Review

3. DRUNKEN FAIRY TALES (Russia) – ‘Пьяные Сказки’  Review

With The Rumjacks returning a year later to sweep the Album Of The Year it’s no surprise then that Wiltshire lads Mick O’Toole follow up last year’s win in the EP Of The Year awards to do the same thing. A great year for them that has seen them play less and less within the celtic-punk scene and really start to make waves outside of it. A foreign tour and more support slots to various punk rock legends than most bands play in a lifetime and all in the space of twelve months. The Ramshackle Army EP got lost in the post leaving us to do a rush-job review and given time I’m sure they may have given the O’Toole’s a run for their money. Drunken Fairy Tales impressed everyone and Matilda’s vinyl only release deserve a mention as well Mick O’Toole grabbing the 5th spot too.

4. MATILDA’S SCOUNDRELS (England)- ‘Crowleys Curse’  Review

5. MICK O’TOOLE (England)- ‘False Flag Collapse’  Review

6. BAY STREET BASTARDS (Canada)- ‘Small Batch’  Review

7. LEXINGTON FIELD (USA)- ‘Redwood’  Review

8. HANDSOME YOUNG STRANGERS (Australia)- ‘Battle Of Broken Hill’  Review

9. MATILDA’S SCOUNDRELS (England)- ‘The Organworks Recordings Session’  Review

10.  BALSALL HEATHENS (England)- ‘Life’s Too Short’  Review


1. ANTO MORRA (London)-’16’  Review

2. THE LOGUES (Ireland)- ‘Comin’ Of Age’  Review

3. MICKEY RICKSHAW (Boston)- ‘Wild Atlantic’  Review

Possibly the hardest Best Of List of them all to do is this one as so many releases cross over the genres between rock and punk and folk and trad but our good friend Anto Morra, the ‘London Irish folk-punker’, just edging it from The Logues with his superb tribute to the 1916 Easter Rising. Mickey Rickshaw swept to third with their specially recorded acoustic EP that came out for their European tour and ShamRocks put out an album of high quality and original Irish folk with imagination galore. A special mention for Blackwater Banshee whose EP came out later in the year and shows enormous promise and one or two original songs would have seen a much higher position I am sure.

4. ShamRocks (Ukraine)- ‘Captain’s Log’  Review

5. LARKIN (USA)- ‘A Toast To St. Jude’  Review

6. FOLK THE SYSTEM (England)- Unrest In The Wolds’  Review

7. SHAMBOLICS (Australia)- ‘Riot On Race Day’  Review

8. CLEAR THE BATTLE FIELD (USA)- ‘Set Me Free’  Review

9. SOLAS (USA)- ‘All These Years’  Review

10. BLACKWATER BANSHEE (Bristol)- ‘Blackwater Banshee’  Review


Now this has over the years become the Celtic Folk Punk And More Top Celtic Punk Web-Site award so often has that esteemed site walked away with the top spot but there’s a new kid on the block and this year we are happy to award top spot to our good mates over at Mersey Celt Punks. They only kicked off the site a few months ago but super regular postings on all manner of celtic-punkness has seen them triumphant. You can join their fun over at Twitter and Facebook and we heartily recommend you do. A special mention here also for Viva La XV another new kid on the block which looks amazing but sadly as none of us can read Spanish we can’t tell if it’s as good as it looks! We’re sure it is and you can check it out for yourselves at the Blog or over on Facebook.


Right now the details. The Best Of lists were cajoled and bullied out of the four admins on the London Celtic Punks Facebook page. The various scraps of crumpled paper were received and then tallied up over several pints of Guinness in Mannions in north London while watching the football on the telly.

We are now in our fourth year of doing these Best Of lists so if you would like to have a look at the previous years best in celtic-punk then click the link below the relevant year.

all the major players in celtic-punk do Best Of lists so click below to check out what they thought





remember any views or comments we would love to hear them…

Only one more thing to mention about 2016 and that is to remember here Erik Petersen the lead singer of the influential folk-punk band Mischief Brew who sadly passed away earlier this year. I still find it hard to believe that he has gone but he will always be commemorated.

“So tattoo our arms and raise our glasses, call out your name at New Year’s Eve, maybe next time we kneel at a casket, we can say at least the story’s complete”

Read our obituary for Erik here and raise a glass the next time you get the chance to.

 Rest In Peace comrade.

 Sláinte, The London Celtic Punks Crew- January, 2017

ALBUM REVIEW: Всё CRAZY- ‘По Морям’ (2016)

no nonsense no frills just straight up fantastic celtic-punk from Belarus.

Bce Crazy

Well here we go and I am well out of my comfort zone here so apologies to the band if I don’t do them the justice they deserve for this fantastic album. I first came across Всё Crazy only a month or so ago on the Tribute To The Pogues compilation that we reviewed back at the end of March. The album was mostly bands from eastern Europe and one of those bands was Всё Crazy performing a rarely heard track ‘My Babys Gone’, off the first post-Shane LP Waiting For Herb, and boy in an album full of great tracks it just jumped right out at me. Chasing them up afterwards it seems they had also recently released an album and here it is.

Всё Crazy hail from Belarus which up until 1991 was part of the Soviet Union and their name (pronounced ‘vsio crazy’) translates as ‘All crazy’ and after one listen to ‘По Морям’ I think they may be right… but in a good way! Officially the Republic of Belarus, it is bordered by Russia to the north east, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the north west. They come from the capital city Minsk and amazingly in this day and age over 40% of Belarus 207,600 square km is forest. During WWII Belarus was devastated losing about a third of its population and more than half of its economic resources. With such a history of tragedy and oppression then it is perhaps no surprise that the celtic-punk scene is booming and along with Всё Crazy keep an eye out for the long established Dzieciuki and newcomers Dohodyaggi.


Всё CRAZY left to right: Aliaksandr ‘Petrovich’ Hliakau – Bass, Backing Vocals* Mikalai ‘Kondrat’ Kavalikhin – Drums* Liudmila ‘Barrakuda’ Navakouskaya – Mandolin* Aliaksandra ‘Shunya’ Halkouskaya – Vocals* Sergey ‘Sailor’ Lesnevsky – Accordion* Yauhen ‘Horny’ Rakhanski – Guitars* Anton ‘Sir’ Sirotin – Vocals, Guitars* Aleksei ‘Verik’ Voryvodski – Live Sound.

Всё Crazy formed way back in 2002 playing music of various genres, from reggae to blues rock. The core of the band settled down in 2006 following multiple line up changes. In 2012 they released a CD called ‘Телипыч’ (‘Telipych’) which compiled the best of the band from these days but it became a turning point for the band and straight after that Всё Crazy changed course and became a celtic-punk band going on to release an EP titled ‘St Patrick’s Day’ in 2014. As Alex the vocalist says

“We began celebrating St. Patrick’s day in our country about 10 years ago, it was a new experience for us. We found that Irish people have a lot in common with Belarusians, for instance, drinking a lot and eating potatoes! The same similarity we found between celtic and slavic folk tunes. Altogether, it resulted in the music we play today”

‘По Морям’ (pronounced: Po Moryam) translates into English as ‘over the seas’ which is apt as the album is dedicated to countries, like Belarus, that are land locked and live without a sea. Not that that has put them off singing about celtic-punks most popular subject and the album is peppered with sea faring songs. The album was produced by Siarhiej ‘Szloma’ Łabandziewski and the band’s frontman Anton ‘Sir’ Sirotin and

“The starry heavens above me and the moral law within me”

was the guide for Всё Crazy while composing and recording the album but those of a nervous disposition be careful of the sometimes colourful language (mind you unless you speak Russian that won’t matter much). All the songs are sung in Russian, the main language of Belarus but you’d have to be an absolute idiot if you’d let that put you off hearing this fantastic LP.

Bce 2

Now obviously I can’t tell you much about the song subjects but you can get a pretty good idea from the translations of the song titles. We don’t give a shit that that they don’t sing in English as from chatting to Alex from the band its obvious that they could but why should they? Kicking off with ‘Песня рыбака’ (The Fisherman’s Song) and straight away you know you are in for a good time. All your favourite celtic instruments are here as well as a good thrashy rock’n’roll guitar before shouty gang vocals start up and I know that I am going to enjoy the next forty odd minutes. This is followed by ‘Невеста’ (The Bride) with some beautiful female vocals and ‘Домой’ (Coming Home) slows it down a bit but I’m getting a good vibe here.

This is good time music and even though I am sure they are better to see live they have done a great job in transferring their sound. It sounds to be like they added some of their homelands folk music into the mix and it certainly works for me. The vocals are of the raspy, hoarse kind of metally way of ‘singing’ but in a genre not famed for its crooning that should be the least of anyone’s worries! It’s not all breakneck speed and the band prove they can turn their hand to fast and slow as well as fast’n’slow in the same song too. Next is the album title track ‘По морям’ (Over the Seas) an accordion led and a jolly good romp it is too sounding sort of like a eastern European Flogging Molly!

 ‘Ботинок в жопе’ (The Shoe in the Ass) has a sort of funky ceilidh type of thing going on and is the sort of track you could see breaking through. Maybe they should enter it into the Eurovision Song Contest for Belarus! We are half way through and its all proving that their track on The Pogues comp was no fluke as Всё Crazy rattle along very nicely with ‘Завязал’ (I Quit Drinking) up next and the diversity on this album is what is standing out here for me. По Морям flows together seamlessly even though they change style and tradition from song to song (and sometimes mid song like here) but it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the album at all. Никогда (Never) is the shortest song on the album and strays into country territory somehow. More dual male/female vocals top it off grand and if I did have the tiniest tiniest wee quibble it would be that they could maybe have turned the electric guitar up a wee bit but that is very much a personal thing I’d agree. The album’s sole ballad follows and ‘Потомки правой руки’ (Descendants of the Right Hand) is not quite Poguesy but almost as it builds up and up becoming one of those swirling around the dance floor pints in the air kind of songs. They save the best for last and speed it up for ‘Частушки матросские’ (Sailor’s Limericks) before final song  ‘Д.С.П.’ (St. Patrick’s Day) brings the curtain down on this super album.

So ten songs with no covers and over forty minutes of quality celtic-punk music that demands to be heard from all with a interest in celtic music. They have taken celtic music and added their take on it and made something really interesting. We have waxed lyrically before about how wonderful we find it that celtic-punk has gone international over the last few years. Gone are the days when celtic-punk was solely played in the places where the Irish or other Celts settled and these days some of the best bands in the scene are not only from Canada or Australia or the USA but place like Belarus or Indonesia or Brazil. They deserve a fair hearing and we really hope you give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

(listen to the whole album by pressing play on the Soundcloud player below)

Bce 1Buy The Album

iTunes  Google  or  Here  or  Here

Contact The Band

WebSite  Facebook  Soundcloud  Vk

you can get a free download of the Tribute To The Pogues compilation album starring Всё Crazy here. Twenty seven bands from over a dozen countries and near ninety minutes of the best celtic-punk from some of the best celtic-punk bands in the scene today and yes you read that right it’s all for FREE!

Bce 3

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