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I know we say this every fecking time we do this but once again it’s been another absolutely fantastic year for both the celtic-punk scene in general and for us personally.  The amount of views, article likes and comments has shot up more than we could have imagined. We have also exceeded views on the previous year every single year we have been doing this! Once again we have been told by several bands that our reviews have a positive effect on music sales and things like Facebook Likes so we’re even more grateful that you seem to be listening and acting upon our recommendations.


(2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 in brackets)

1. United Kingdom (1/1/1/1/1/1)

2. USA  (2/2/2/2/2/2)

3. Germany  (7/3/3/3/3/3)

4. Ireland  (4/7/4/4/5/4)

5.Canada  (6/6/7/8/9/5)

6. Australia  (5/4/8/6/7/7)

7. France  (3/5/5/5/4/6)

8. Spain  (8/8/6/7/6/8)

9. Italy  (9/10/9/8/9)

10. Belgium (21/23/20/23/17)

11. Indonesia  12. Netherlands  13. Sweden  14. Switzerland  15. Poland 16. Brazil 17. Czech Republic 18. Norway 19. Japan 20. Finland

So no real changes with the top six remaining exactly the same but the gap closing between the top two for the third year running. The only new country is Belgium who take over from Hungary and jumped into the #10 spot who dropped to #24 so obviously a quiet year for the Hungarian Celtic-Punk scene.

We know from regular checks on our WordPress stats page that we have regular readers from all over the world and a big shout out to our fan in the Ivory Coast. We look forward to seeing Catalonia listed separately soon along with all the Celtic nations as well as the Basque country, Sardinia and Corsica (all countries we have regular viewers from). Until they gain independence they continue to be listed under the counties that occupy them. Not for much longer we hope…

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No question here with our Best Of 2018 romping home but the battle for 2nd place much more interesting withe the fascinating article about the Irish abroad written by Mike from The Templars Of Doom eventually moving clear in the last few days of the year. Special mention to the legendary Nic Burbridge who took the time out to write a brilliant Top Ten for us and also to the family of Glenn Dixon. I hope our help was useful if only in a little way. Rest in peace Glenn.


Way out in front the debut album from Celtic-Punk supergroup The Walker Roaders and a great review by Irish singer/songwriter Callum Houston. London Irish artist and LCP favourite Anto Morra wrote 2 of the Top Ten (4 and 7) and Raise Your Pints was a big success and they are already taking pre-orders for Volume 5 which sounds like the best one yet!!!
So there you have it. Not particularly interesting to anyone but me but maybe there’s someone else out there who gives a feck!!! The next couple of weeks will see the unveiling of the London Celtic Punks Best Of 2018 list so be sure to check back and find out who rocked our odd boat the last twelve months. So only left to wish you a peaceful and happy new year and to see us out here’s a brilliant song from one of the best Celtic-Punks bands in Eastern Europe, Всё Crazy from faraway Belarus titled ‘In Vileyka…’ telling of spending New Year in the city of Vileya.

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