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EP REVIEW: ALBANNACH- ‘Independence’ (2014)


outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes

Albannach is Scots-Gaelic for “Scottish” or “Scotsman”, and that’s exactly what Albannach are. All born and bred in Scotland and their purpose in life is to share Scotland’s culture, history and heritage with us by means of their music. In a folk scene dominated by pipe and drum bands Albannach are breathing new life into Scot’s music. Their first self titled LP came out in 2005 and has been followed by 2 more studio and 2 more live albums and a handful of EP’s.
AlbannachThe ‘Independence’ EP was first released in 2012 to lend support to the campaign for an independent Scotland.  Albannach are proud supporters of the YES Campaign for Scottish Independence. Something we at London Celtic Punks are totally backing as well. The EP has been re-released as a free download for all supporters of an independent Scotland. Consisting of five of Albannach’s most popular, rousing, and thought provoking tracks  – these songs are guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your pride flowing!
Five tracks clocking up at just over 22 minutes beginning with ‘The Uprising’ a spoken word tribute to William Wallace over a slow daunting orchestral tune. Then begins ‘Scotland Is Her Name’ starting with some expert flute playing and the hardcore nationalist lyrics bely the beauty of the singing and the song. I must say its great to hear such angry pissed off words as Scotland has suffered greatly at the hands of various London governments and surely it must now be time for Scotland to be a independent nation. Third track ‘Kishmuls Galley’ is a traditional instrumental with the bagpipes flowing away over drums. Made famous by 70’s folk band The Corries it’s very tribal and if you close yer eyes and you could imagine it being played into battle against the English! ‘1320’ is another ballad telling the story of the Declaration Of Arbroath in which Scottish bishops, earls and barons declared Robert The Bruce as King and independence from England.
 “Yet, even the same Robert, should he turn aside from the task and yield Scotland or us to the English king or people, him we should cast out as the enemy of us all, and choose another king to defend our freedom; for so long as a hundred of us remain alive, we will yield in no least way to English dominion. For we fight, not for glory nor for riches nor for honour, but only and alone for freedom, which no good man surrenders but with his life.”
The EP ends with ‘Hornpipes’ a live track which demonstrates accurately Albannach’s live sound pretty damn well. More tribal drumming and bag-piping guaranteed to get you bouncing round your living room… check the video at the bottom to see exactly what I mean! It’s over far too quickly but what can you say it is a freebie after all but don’t worry there’s plenty more over at their web-site so support the band by having a wee look!
This EP is FREE to all supporters of an independent Scotland, so don’t forget to share with your friends !  You may download and redistribute the EP (free) as you wish.
Scotland YesContact The Band
Being independent – it is better if decisions about Scotland are taken by the people of Scotland.
Yes Scotland is the all-party and no-party campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum on Scottish independence to be held on 18 September, 2014.
It is an alliance of the Scottish National Party, Scottish Green Party, Scottish Socialist Party and other groups and individuals who believe that it is fundamentally better for all of us if decisions about Scotland’s future are taken by the people who care most about Scotland – that is by the people of Scotland.
vote YES on Thursday 18 September 2014.

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