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EP REVIEW: PIRATE COPY- ‘The Shape Of Piracy To Come’ (2014)

rum, wenches, grog, rum, treasure, pillage, rum, gold, rum, sailin’, cannons, fightin’, rum, rum and rum.
the missing link between The Ramones and Captain Blood

Pirate Copy

Some proper authentic celtic-punk like from the ancient celtic nation of Kernow! Formed in Portreath, a fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall, which is the spiritual home of smuggling and piracy and all that malarkey! Coming with that sort of heritage its no suprise that Pirate Copy play stripped down punk rock with a folk twist. The folk instrumentation is just the ukelele and its melodic punk rock that rules here but the whole thing does have a celtic-punk feel to it.Pirate Copy
These are sea shanties you’d not want your Nanna to hear! Singalonga choruses give it that celtic touch and while lyrics about the sea and piracy are themes hardly unknown to the celtic-punk scene coming from a band with that history in their blood makes Pirate Copy something special.
The five track EP starts with ‘The Crew’ and with a slow mouth organ bit before erupting into great old style punk rock
“you don’t fuck with pirates from the Kernow shore”


Growling vocals over slowish mid paced punk rock hits the spot squarely in the jaw. ‘Sail For Adventure’ follows much the same route with more talk of rum and treasure and wenches over a chugging punk rock tune and a chorus reminiscent of The Ramones at one point. ‘#bringtherum’ is another as catchy as anything number, and i’m sorry if again i end up using the word catchy far too much in this review. The band sound like their having great craic playing this and its fantastic feel good music thats simply impossible not to have your toes atappin’ and your head abobbin’ within the first few seconds. ‘Yarrr!’ is, you guessed it, catchy as well and is a very well and clearly recorded live track. More pirate talk and even a wee guitar solo playing away for you.
Pirate Copy
The last track brings the uke out a bit more and ‘Walk The Plank’ is Pirate Copy at their acoustic best. Great way to end the EP and leaves you simply gagging for them to record an album as soon as possible. Sure it would have been nice to have heard an accordion in there but that’s hardly a complaint when Pirate Copy have got it nailed and play such uplifting fun punk rock music.
There’s a whole host of really great celtic/folk punk bands, The Jack Ratts and Black water County to name just two, down there on the English south coast…AND Cornwall! They unfortunately don’t seem to get away much, must be something to do with that sea air!, but Pirate Copy are crossing the border into England next Friday on June 13th and are heading to London to play a gig at The Enterprise in Camden town. Facebook event details here
so be sure to get yerself down chug back a rum and be prepared for a great night out…
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This is Pirate Copy debut EP ‘The Shape Of Piracy To Come’ –  and even though the boys and gal have made it available for free, if you can afford to chuck em a wee bit of change for it then I’m certain that it’d be greatly appreciated. But as the band say getting it out there is much more important to them, so go right ahead if you’re a bit skint! All you need to do is enter £0.00 when you choose how much to pay!
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