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German Celtic rockers Muirsheen Durkin release ‘Riot’ as a tribute to old school indestructible Punk-Rock legend Charlie Harper of the UK Subs.

“Closing down our club for no good reason” A wake-up call after the forced Corona break!

Having known each other for some thirty years it was only a few years back in 2009 that the idea to start something new came up. Wanting a band with its feet based firmly in traditional Irish music and with an emphasis on emigration songs Muirsheen Durkin & Friends was born. Their feet may be in trad music with mandolin, banjo, tin whistle, accordion and two pipers but the addition of classic rock and Punk sees Muirsheen Durkin as one of the leading lights in the German Celtic-punk scene.

Their latest single is a pretty damn good cover of the UK Subs ‘Riot’. Released in 1997 on the album of the same name which was the first in decades to re-unite original members Nicky Garrett and Alvin Gibbs back together with the Peter Pan of Punk Charlie Harper. Formed in 1976 the UK Subs were one of the original bands in the first wave of Punk in the UK. Famous outside of Punk for their album releases starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet from Another Kind Of Blues in 1979 to Ziezo in 2016. Since then this most prolific of bands have added another two albums and a EP. Born in Hackney and now aged an incredible 77 years old Charlie Harper has been the mainstay of the band throughout the years. Still energetically performing at up to 200 UK Subs gigs a year he is an inspiration to us all.

Inner City life
Is getting me down
Police and gang wars
All over town
Closing down our clubs
For no good reason
Hassle us on the street
Take away our freedoms
Oh, oh, we want a riot
Oh, oh, so sick and tired
Here come the riot squad
They’re closing in
Guns and riot shields
And gas grenades
They see us standing there
All in a line
Black and white unite
Confrontations high
Oh, oh, we want a riot
Oh, oh, we’re sick and tired
Oh, oh, leave us alone
They have a justice bill
That’s what they say
Now, they have the power now
To put us away
There were four of us
Minding our own
We’re a riotous assembly
Walking down the road
Oh, oh, we want a riot
Oh, oh, so sick and tired
Oh, oh, we wanna riot
Oh, oh, leave us alone
The song is available on the MacSlon’s Irish Pub Radio compilation album Raise Your Pints #6 – Coronoa Sessions which features twenty bands from eleven countries celebrating (might be the wrong word- editor) the virus lockdowns in Celtic-Folk-Punk style. Every variation of Celtic-Punk is covered from trad to Hardcore and is available from the link below.


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SINGLE REVIEW: MICK O’TOOLE- ‘False Flag Collapse’ (2016)

No egos, no divas just working class men having a good time.
Back in 2012 in the deepest darkest Shire, Wiltshire in a town called Calne a bunch of mates came together and feeling bored with heavy metal decided to get a celtic punk band together. They called themselves Mick O’Toole. Named from a character in a song from fellow celtic-punk local legends The Boys Of County Hell who have been the major inspiration for the band along with likes of The Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello and The Pogues not to mention many other great punk bands such as The Clash, The Sex Pistols,The Adverts and Rancid. Mick O’Toole’s great sound comes from combining the ethos of punk with traditional folk music. With their first EP ‘Deep In Cider’ they set the benchmark sky high but managed to outdo even that with the release last year of ‘1665 Pitchfork Rebellion’ and it has shaken the celtic-punk world. Going on to claim EP of the year at both Celtic Folk Punk And More (here) and us as well (here) in our ‘Best Of 2015’ list. With hundreds of gigs behind them including blowing down the house at the London Celtic Punks New Years Eve bash in Camden the bhoys have but one goal. To keep making music that brings people together for a good ole knees up and a grand old sing along. They showcased this new single at that gig and it went down super well. Have a listen via the Bandcamp player below or the YouTube video above and I’m sure you will agree. Fast, furious, folky punky fun with a serious message of unity. The story goes that the inspiration for the song was hearing Johnny Rotten sticking it to the man while being interviewed by Jon Snow for the Channel 4 news programme.
‘Vile, nonsense, stupidity, lying and deceit. Modern politicians right now are uneducated morons and over privileged. Really bloody learn to love each other properly cause you only get one go at it”
-John Lydon

“Come gather round people politicians are preaching
The white Collars heating the fire of fearing
To scare us to war to fight for meaning
That wide open eyes have trouble in seeing
So black out your senses and all of your feelings
Let hatred immerse leave sympathy hidden
Yeah you boys and girls and people of ages
Hate on our neighbours for different agendas
We will go to war We will kill them all
It makes no sense at all But we still go to war
So why don’t we question what we’re told
When we fall like trees to the authorities
They’ll take what they want They’ll use all they need
Cut us wide open for their pleasure and greed
They abuse us, they use us, they tear us apart
Turn the lights off so we can’t see in the dark
We’re pawns in their games they use us to shield their comfortable lives as we die in the fields
We’re all brothers and sisters, we’re daughters and sons, fathers and mothers we all come from one
So why aren’t we all at peace
It’s time to take back the world that is ours
Let’s parade through the street and party all hours
Let’s refuse to conform to the hierarchy of old
We’re all this together no more us against the world
Load up guns and sharpen knives Strap bombs to yourself your kids and your wives
The powers have spoken and we have forgotten
That we’re here to love not for death and destruction”
100 Club

Mick O’Toole at The 100 Club, January 2016

Special guest vocals on the track are supplied by the Jamie Oliver of the UK Subs and was recorded, mixed and mastered by George Lever at G1 Production. Extra instruments and writing credits go to ex-O’Toole and all round top fella Johnny ‘Reprobate’ Edwards. Yet another great track from Mick O’Toole and the news we have all been wanting to hear from them is that they will be hitting the recording studio again soon and with several of the celtic-punk scene’s most favoured bands set to have 2016 album releases I am certain Mick O’Tooles will rival any of them for the Best Of 2016!

Contact The Band

Facebook  Bandcamp  ReverbNation  YouTube  Twitter

Buy The EP

FromTheBand– only £1!!!

you can watch this interview we done with the O’Toole lads a while back here.

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