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EP REVIEW: THE CARDINAL SINS – Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner (2022)


New 4 track EP from Irish based Celtic Punk / Rock Band The Cardinal Sins.

I had to check right back through the London Celtic Punks index to find The Cardinal Sins previous appearance on these pages and its from way back in December, 2017. Aye almost five years since we featured their new single ‘Straight Left, Right Hook’ of a which a new version stars on this EP.

Formed in 2013 around the counties of from Laois and Offaly in Ireland they have always played a combination of high energy covers and originals with a passing nod to the Celtic-Punk ‘Holy Trinity’ of Pogues / Dropkicks/ Mollys. Success at home led to a multitude of festival appearances followed by several European tours of Italy, Denmark and one famous trip to Germany to co-headline the Volmarstein Folk Festival with Irish music legends De Danann. I may be out of the loop with the band but we’ve not heard much since the single so great to see them again. They have become very popular in Germany (good taste them Germans) which has led to MacSlons Irish Pub Radio releasing a collection of new merchandise for the band.

So Hate The Sin Love The Sinner begins with a newly re-recorded version of that 2017 single ‘Straight Left, Right Hook’ dedicated to local bhoy the Portalington MMA fighter Philip ‘the honey badger‘ Mulpeter and ‘Straight Left Right Hook’ became his walk on tune. It’s a bit rough for this gentle soul and Philip has by the looks of it retired but the song lives on. An usually thing here is that the vocals for each song are shared with guitarist Wayne taking the lead on song one, a riotous romp pitched halfway between simple Irish folk and pounding fist in the air punky rock music. Bass player Steve takes on the vocals for ‘Ferryland Sealer’ which again takes a hard Rock approach but with the trad Folk shoved up in your face giving the impression that they are more Folk than Rock. Quite an achievement. It’s another single that came out first a couple of years ago. Only four songs so we’re halfway through when ‘Maggie May’ comes on. Now this was always been a cool song but I remember as a kid getting the Pogues ‘White City’ 12″ and they had a live version on the B-side that literally blew me away. I must have played it a 100 times in a row. Here banjo player John sings vocals and the Cardinal Sins version is much closer to that than the original Rod Stewart one but what a song it is! The curtain comes down for the EP with ‘Devil Spoke’ and they concentrate on the Folk to see us out. A lovely song that though obviously different from the rest of the EP fits in well. It has a certain Mumford And Sons feel to it and while some snobs purists may see that as an insult I bloody loved their first album which is where I can hear ‘Devil Spoke’ with it’s almost tribal drums and great vocals from mandolin player Bernadette.

The EP has been produced by Stephen Youster at Echo & Wave Studio in Kildare, Ireland. I get the feeling that the kind of music we are all here for is getting more and more popular at home in Ireland and it has always been big in Germany so with just those two options the future looks bright for the Cardinal Sins.

(You can stream / download Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner via the Bandcamp player)

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THE CARDINAL SINS- ‘Straight Left Right Hook’ (2018)

It may sound a bit strange that over the years we have only featured a handful of ‘Irish’ Irish bands on this site but for whatever reason Celtic-Punk in Ireland has never seemed to take off band wise. So with that in mind we love it when a new band from the auld country appears and even though The Cardinal Sins have been going a few years we are sure they are new to most of us over this side of the water and hopefully it won’t be long before we get to see them in the raw!


Write him off at peril, he’ll dance around at god’s free will
Rolling through the town like a steam train running late
He’ll settle all and put em down, take any man that glanced a frown
Line em up 1 to 10 and let them have their go
Straight left down he go’s (hey Ho!)
Right hook down he go’s (the crowd began to shout!)
Straight left down he go’s (man Down!)
Right Hook down he go’s (he knocked the fucker out!)
Jimmy said he’d give a try he’s 7ft tall and just as wide
The crowd were looking for a cheer so they took it to the square
In and out they danced about, and from the sides they bawled and shout
The honey-badger threw his fist, Jimmy’s on his ear
It was hard to see if he’d get back on his feet,
But jimmy bowed his head, he was taken by the best
And in the disbelief well the crowd took to their feet
And then they start to shout

The Cardinal Sins are a Celtic Rock group from Laois and Offaly in Ireland that formed in 2013 with six members making up the Holy Synod. The band come with a high pace, high tempo list of contemporary , traditional and original songs played in their high energy style with influences including The Pogues, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s to name a few. Over the years The Cardinal Sins have enjoyed success at home which saw the band release their debut EP, release several music videos, play at various festivals in Europe as well as becoming a regular on the Irish festival circuit. 2016 saw their first ambitious tour, outside Ireland, of Italy taking in Milan, Bologna, Parma, Cuneo and Pesaro. The same year also saw concerts in Copenhagen along with trips to Germany to co-headline the Volmarstein Folk Festival with Irish music legends De Danann. Last year saw The Cardinal Sins concentrate on the Irish festival circuit and to start to write some original material that will see the light as an EP later this year. The lead single to this EP “’Straight Left Right Hook’ is out now and available on iTunes and Google.

Cardinal Sins left to right: Trisha Mulraney- Fiddle / Whistles * Stephen Murphy- Bass / Vocals * Wayne Brereton- Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar * John Tobin- Banjo / Mandolin / Vocals * Reece Wardrop- Drums / Percussion * Darren Cahill- Accordion / Vocals.

The song itself is a riotous romp pitched somewhere between the simple Irish folk of our childhoods and uplifting pounding fist in the air punky rock music. A tonne of passion and plenty of pride The Cardinal Sins have nailed it here and we look forward to hearing that EP when it lands. In the spirit of the Dropkick Murphys ‘Shipping Up’ being played at every rugby match everywhere The Cardinal Sins have adopted their very own sports star in local Portalington MMA fighter Philip ‘the honey badger‘ Mulpeter and Straight Left Right Hook has become his walk on tune. Its all a bit rough for this gentle soul but you can check out this up and coming Irish fighter here

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