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EP REVIEW: HOOLIGAN – ‘Criminal Damage’ (2014)

Guitar driven anthemic Irish punk

HOOLIGAN- Criminal Damage (2014)
Hooligan are the latest in a long line of fast as feck and fantastic punk rock bands out of the Emerald Isle. Formed in Dublin in October 2009 ‘Criminal Damage’  is the bands fourth EP just out this week on the American record label ‘Oi! The Boat’. After the critical success of their previous releases ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’, ‘Prodigal Son’ and ‘Punk Rockers And Hell Raisers’ Hooligans name is on the rise all over Europe.

Having toured all over all the place in the last couple of years, including some memorable London gigs, a Long Player is surely not far off but in the meantime they have given us a 4-track EP to sate our appetites. Recorded in Newcastle and featuring the North-East’s finest punk rock musicians: Decca Wade and Nicky Buck on drums; Tony Van Frater on bass/guitar; and Mond Cowie, together with Decca in the producers chair. Oft time compared to the truly legendary Angelic Upstarts they also share the Upstarts politics too…

“I feel that anti-fascism is integral to the punk movement. The Clash and The Ruts were both active in promoting anti-racist causes; and in today’s punk scene, bands like the Angelic Upstarts have a firm anti-fascist stance. It’s not at all convincing to say that politics don’t belong in punk; and one of punk’s greatest strengths is that it can address political issues in a powerful and meaningful way.”

The comparisons with The Angelic Upstarts are well justified. I haven’t been able to listen to second song ‘Street Punk Hero’ without thinking its gonna be the Upstarts ‘Never Ad Nothin’ but there’s also elements of the UK Subs and Stiff Little Fingers in there too. The title track is the stand out by a smidgen but the quality is spread across the whole record. They don’t just sound like an iconic and classic punk band, Hooligan are quickly becoming an iconic and classic punk band in their own right. Great musicianship and lyrics mean another four great tracks of uplifting punk rock with a message that hit home and only leave us wanting to hear more!

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HOOLIGAN from Dublin play their signature tune dahn the Hope And Anchor on me birthday last year!

news is just in that HOOLIGAN from Dublin have been added to the Mahones and Lagan gig in Camden next month. any of you that are unaware of Hooligan then you should definitely check them out.they play stripped down straightforward punk rock/ Oi! with the odd touch of ska chucked into the mix.
heres the Facebook event page for you to keep right up to date with whats happening-

for more on HOOLIGAN look here-

interview with the boys here-

heres another from last years gig in Islington

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