Always wonderful news to hear that Celtic-Punk is thriving in the Celtic nations. This time in Galizia with the amazing Tecor Societário preparing for the release of a new album.

Tecor Societário were founded in 2017 in the capital of Galizia, Compostela. From the start the band played a mixture of both Punk and Folk with the emphasis on performing their own songs and popular traditional Galician tunes. A well trodden path for many Celtic-Punk bands from across the world. Their first release came a year later with the three track EP Velhos Contos in 2018. This was followed the next year with their debut album Caça Maior. So with the delay suffered by the Covid pandemic it has taken them till now to follow it up with the new single ‘Vai por Vós’ which signals the release of their follow up album due late in the year. The new video for ‘Vai por Vós’ has been produced by the well known Galician producer Pixelinphoto and includes original material, recorded by the news organisation Galiza Contrainfo, that gives context to some of the social conflicts the band wish to help publicise.

Tecor Societário left to Right: Ares – Drums * Marcos – Electric Guitar * Xabi – Acoustic Guitar / Vocals * Roi – Accordion * Iago – Bagpipes * Cipri – Bass *

Celtic-Punk is where traditional and modern music meet. The sounds and melodies of the past brought up to date but always with respect and gratitude to those who kept the music alive so that we can tinker with it today. Sung in Galician, the language is the most widely spoken in the city. Galizia is an ancient Celtic nation similar to our own going back as early as 600BC. The country is currently part of occupied by Spain and is situated in the north-east directly above Portugal. A very interesting tourist article is Five reasons why Galicia is Spain’s version of Ireland which shows the many similarities between the two nations and not only the weather!

(Translated from the Galician. A huge thank you to Roi)

This one is for youThere is nothing to explainIt has been a long timeToo long for change nowYou have been hitIt doesn’t matterIt’s time to begin againBecause there is always a reasonAnd this one is for youBecause you are always thereFeeling the same painWilling to continueDespite control, penalty’s and prisonDreaming without asking permissionAnd without asking for forgivenessGo on, build a new optionOld values but new illusionsFriendship, heart,lots of throats, but just one voiceSome people will never understand itThis one is for youFor you still botheringThis one is for youFor you creating and fightingAnd this one is for youAnd this one is for youYou against everyone else

Vai por Vós is the first single of their forthcoming new album, which will be released at the end of 2023. The band will be spacing out various single releases from the album throughout the year to build momentum for the official release date. Vai por Vós will be a tribute to the people that, in spite of everything thrown at them by the Spanish state, continue, year after year, to show that Galizia is not a conquered country and people.

Contact Tecor Societário  Facebook  Instagram  YouTube


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