SINGLE REVIEW: THE CUNDEEZ- ‘Rebellion’ (2016)

Unashamedly Dundonian working class band promotin Scots culture an havin a laugh!

Cundeez- Rebellion 7"

Been following these boys for a while and was meaning to review their album ‘Sehturday Night Weaver’ from last year from the moment I first heard it. In the end I had to sneak it in with the end of the year round-ups (here) sadly denying it the chance to get the full-on London Celtic Punks style review. Luckily they have just released this 3-track single so here’s a good chance to introduce them to you.

The Cundeez were formed back in 2010 in Scotland’s fourth largest city in Dundee. Interestingly Dundee during the defeated Referendum Vote in 2014 had the highest Yes vote for any local authority in the whole of Scotland leading Dundee to be christened ‘Yes City’ and The Cundeez are no exception to their fellow Dundonians! The city has two professional football clubs, Dundee who were founded in 1893 and Dundee United who came a little later in 1909, originally as Dundee Hibernian. They both (at the moment!) play in the top division of Scottish football and the real ‘pub fact’ is that their respective grounds are only 100 metres apart. Not sure which team the band follow but on this season’s performances I hope for their sakes its Dundee!

The Cundeez band

The Cundeez have released four albums with each one better than the previous one and this progression shows no signs of stopping with this release. The title song, ‘Rebellion’, kicks off the single and its mixing up their own unique style of punk rock with Highland bag pipes that gives them bit extra. Beware though the faint hearted. They are not The Real McKenzies and neither are they trying to be. Fast, punchy and catchy as hell punk rock with shouty vocals delivered in a raw Dundee dialect. Following this is ‘Roota’, the single’s best song with energy dripping right out of it. This time adding ska into the mixer and some great guitar work keeping it chugging along.

The single’s final track is ‘Jist A Number’ and its more straight up political punk rock that this time reminds me a bit like what fellow Scots punkers Toxic Ephex would have sounded like if they could have got their guitar’s sounding better.

Sadly for all you youngsters out there the single is available only on vinyl. Yes only vinyl. You don’t hear that much these days and not only that but is limited to only 300 copies so get your skates on if you want a copy from Urinal Vinyl Records. We will be hooking up with The Cundeez to get them all the way down from Dundee for a gig in London later this year on Saturday 3rd September. Details are yet to be finalised but keep an eye here or check out the Events section at our Facebook page here but keep the date free it is guaranteed to be something special.

Buy The Single

UrinalVinyl (only 300 copies on yellow vinyl)

Contact The Band

Facebook  ReverbNation  Soundcloud  Twitter  YouTube

Urinal Vinyl Records here



One thought on “SINGLE REVIEW: THE CUNDEEZ- ‘Rebellion’ (2016)

  1. John Jock Castle January 16, 2016 at 11:49 am Reply

    Brilliant write up

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