Swedish Celtic-Punk Rockers Finnegan’s Hell are back with another taster from their upcoming new album. If it’s half as good as the songs they’ve already released it’s a winner!!

Today, Friday, October 28th, sees the release of the new Finnegan’s Hell single ‘What Have You Got In The End’ along with a accompanying music video. The song is a tribute to the workshy Celtic-Punk rockers Finnegan’s Hell who question the benefits of working hard. Fans of the band’s critically acclaimed album ‘Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class’ (#3 Celtic-Punk album of 2020) will not be disappointed. ‘What Have You Got In The End?’ is the opening track of the long-awaited new album ‘One Finger Salute’, which is released November 25th. Its title track appeared as a single a few weeks ago and received rave reviews all over Europe as well as in the US and Canada. Back home in Sweden, Finnegan’s Hell are often labelled ‘The Swedish Pogues’ by the press even though Finnegan’s Hell have cranked up the volume and the tempo. Sadly it is something that will always happen to Celtic-Punk bands to be compared to The Pogues but at least Finnegan’s Hell share the same kind of infectious melody and straightforward lyrics that was the trademark of Mr. MacGowan and his men.

Finnegan’s Hell left to right: Reverend Mick Finnegan * Pabs Finnegan * Old Roxy * Ace Finnegan * Cozy Finnegan * San Finnegan *

The video for ‘What Have You Got In The End?’ was directed by Michael Ek, who dug deep into the Swedish National Archives to find suitable images of Swedish life to illustrate the message behind the song. As per usual with Finnegan’s Hell the level of care and attention to detail is incredible. Yeah they got the gimmicks but they also have the great songs to go with them.

(Video produced and directed by Michael Ek)

My father worked until he died 
A struggle all the way 
He would never catch his breath 
Until his dying day 
My mother tried to raise us
Doing odd jobs on the side 
They treated her like dirt In the end she lost her pride 

You scrape to get by 
And you will till you die 
But what have you got in the end? 
Yeah, you scrape to get by 
And you will till you die 
Tell me what have you got in the end? 
Can’t take nothin’ with you, my friend 
My brother’s working overtime 
To pay all his bills 
His house, car, tuition fees, 
His wife’s prescription pills 
According to statistics 
He’s happier than most I saw him just the other day 
The man looked like a ghost 

 So whatcha gonna do 
With all your hopes and dreams? 
There ain’t no use in crying for help 
Cause no one hears your screams 
I try to stay away from work 
I do the best I can In order not to turn into 
A wreck like my old man
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