by Spider Mahone

The Mahones
So the time is nearly upon us, the 11th Feb is approaching fast, what’s so special about this date I hear you ask. Well it’s the official release date of the latest offering from THE MAHONES. ‘A Great Night On The Lash’ Live in Italy.

The MahonesRecorded in the summer of 2013 at Rock Im Ring, Arena Ritten, Bolzano, Italy in front of a sell out crowd of over 5000 people. It will be a festival I will never forget, for 2 reasons. The Mahones were headlining the Arena and Finny McConnell said to me ” Spider, your going to DJ for an hour or so before THE MAHONES go on stage ” “Ok happy days ” was my reply. It then dawned on me I would be spinning Irish Punk tunes to a crowd of over 5000 people who were mainly into heavy rock. Oh feck what the hell do I play to get them into the party spirit. Was I nervous, I think everyone in the building could smell how nervous I was . So when I took my position at the side of this huge stage and looked out over that vast sea of faces, to say I was a wee bit worried would be an understatement, so with trembling fingers I flipped the switch on my mixer unit and let the sound of Londons Calling by The Clash, fill the airways, to my amazement, the crowd went loco and were dancing like maniac’s, happy days indeed, I was lucky enough for the crowd to continue in the same way for the next 80 minutes. I think that was the night that I came of age as a DJ.

The Mahones

The second reason is that The Mahones, were headlining that night and Finny McConnell decided to record the show live, something he failed to mention to the rest of the band. Now the problem with live albums is do they live up to a bands recording abilities in the studio, as sometimes a band will fall short live, well with this album, not only does it match anything that the band have done in the studio, but it also captures the energy and passion that The Mahones are known for when playing live.

This album is going to leave you in a sweat drenched daze and begging for more.
This is possibly one of the best live albums I have ever heard and for me personally brings back some fantastic memories.
From the opening bars of ‘A Great Night On The Lash’ to the closing chords of ‘Drunken Lazy Bastard’, you will feel as though you are in the mosh pit at a Mahones gig. The passion and the energy of this recording just grabs you by the scruff of the neck and refuses to let go.
The album catches the band at the top of their game and with an adoring crowd hanging on every lyric sung and every note played, it all adds up to a very special piece of work indeed. And with three extra tracks included that were recorded with the legendary Belfast punk group THE DEFECTS, it really is an album that you need to get into your music collection sooner then later.
It is an outstanding piece of work, so all you boys and girls out there in Paddy Punk land, my advice to you is to grab yourself a copy as soon as possible, get the beers in, lock the doors, crank up the volume and enjoy A Great Night On The Lash.

Let me introduce myself, my name is spider mahone aka the whiskey devil, I am the mahones touring dj, and have been lucky enough to have toured Europe, uk and Canada over the last 7 months or so, I also do a wee bit of tour management and have been lucky enough to work with The Urban Voodoo Machine, Louise Distras and The Movement in the last couple of months. I also am known to write the odd lyric or two and in the new year there are four bands who will be releasing albums with my lyrics on them. I am also available for private parties, birthdays, festivals as one is known in Germany as the only dj who spins the old shamrock n roll.
email is spider0135@msn.com or Facebook here

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