One Islander, one Newfoundlander, two Miramichiers and one party just waiting to happen!

There’s not too many places where Irish culture has left such an indelible mark as Canada’s New Brunswick. Such a place where Celtic music is already thriving throws up another great band and though new to us Raglan Road have already established themselves in the hearts of the provinces Celtic music fraternity. Here they release the first single from their forthcoming new album.

New Brunswick is located on the eastern coast of Canada. It is bordered on one side by Maine in the United States and on the other Quebec and has more than sixty lighthouses would you believe. Don’t be surprised to find a fellow Celtic-Punker if you’re ever visiting as about 42 per cent of New Brunswickers can trace their heritage to Celtic origins. This includes both francophones and anglophones, with ancestors hailing from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany. Those immigrants washed up on Canada’s shores escaping hardships and oppression mainly during An Gorta Mór (The Great Hunger) in 19th century. The ‘famine’ of 1847, in particular, drove one of the largest waves of immigration into the province’s history. The undeniable spirit and resilience of the Celtic people allowed them to establish strong roots in their adopted home, and the culture is still alive and thriving today.

Raglan Road from left to right: Corey MacDonald – Drums * Jason Martell – Rhythm Guitar / Vocals * Jamie Craig – Bass / Keyboards / Vocals * Gary Gosse – Lead Guitar / Mandolin / Vocals *

With members from Prince Edward island, Newfoundland and Miramichi city Raglan Road have supported many of the scene’s biggest and favourite bands that have passed through their region and have become one of the most talked about acts in eastern Canada. Starting off as a duo with Jason Martell and Gary Gosse they were joined by Corey MacDonald and Jamie Craig of The Durty Nellys and soon released their thirteen track self titled debut album to much critical acclaim. A winning mixture of Country influenced Celtic-Rock originals and traditional’s as well as a couple more modern Irish rockers.

Rollin’ out on Saturday

The lads just called, they’re on their way

We’re getting’ on the go tonight it seems


No fancy drinks or pricey grub

We’re headin’ down to the Irish Pub

Tonight my dear we’re blowin’ off some steam


We saddled up boy to the bar

The lassie sets a row of jars

Says “What’s your poison?” like she doesn’t know


No wine or shots and nothing pink

There’s only one choice for the drink

The only thing to get us on the go


Pour it black! (Pour it black!)

Pour it black! (Pour it black!)

Ahh from St. James Gate right to my hand

Pour it black! (Pour it black!)

Pour it black! (Pour it black!)

Well a pint of plain is your only man

A pint of plain is your only man


It’s clear this evening won’t be cheap

The boys already six pints deep

And not a sign that they’ll be slowin’ down

Out in the streets they watch the fights

But back inside the band is tight

We might just drink this pub into the ground


Two more hours its getting hazy

MacDonald’s eyes are getting lazy

He always seems to get a second wind

Another round and then one more

I think they wanna lock the door

We might commit all seven deadly sins

(You can stream / download the debut album from Raglan Road via Bandcamp below) 

Contact Raglan Road  Facebook  Twitter


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